I am just a normal guy with a simple life with a very dark mind. I have been a lover of Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy erotic stories and media for years. Ever since I was a kid watching “Skin-a-max” when I was a teen I was always drawn to some really powerful crazy dreams of odd erotica being fantasy.

For example some of my favorite scenes in movies has been:

“Faust: Love of the Damned” where his assistant gets turned into just a pair of tits and ass.

“Leprechaun 3” when the woman gets her lips, breasts, and ass inflated. (Not into the explosion part LOL)

“Willy Wonka” old and new seeing Violet being inflated

And there is more but I really cant think right now.

I began writing stories as a teen in High School, mostly fantasy but nothing erotic just your good old short stories and at one time I wanted to be a story writer, I even won a Creative Writing award in my old high school. But turns out my love for writing was over shadowed by other endeavors.

In the past year I began writing stories for other boards mostly smut and now I do my best to write smut with a story and people seem to be enjoying them.

I do get asked a lot about my fetishes about women, like do I have a specific type? And I would say no, I will admit I do keep these thoughts hidden from women I have dated in the past and will probably keep them locked up for women I date in the future unless they share that they are into the same things.

These are random thoughts I had when writing this page I will probably add more and edit as time goes on but I felt maybe people needed to know about the writer of these stories if they had questions about the man behind them.

I always felt alone with these through so if I can make one person feel not so alone in their fetish then that is more than I could ask for.