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Donate to the cause!

Donate to the cause!

I began writing fiction this last year and honing my skills to develop bigger and better stories. So far I have felt that I still need practice and get to a more professional level and eliminating mistakes before I charge people for commissioned work. Until then I have taken a few writing jobs but have asked for no commission cash until I feel it is good enough to do so.

That being said I have been asked to write other stories (I am assuming only because I am free and not completely for the work LOL) so I have added a small donation area to the right and on this page to take in cash if anyone feels nice enough to.

All proceeds go straight into my bank account and pay for things such as food, and auto gas. I will not be donating it to any charity or give a sob story on how I really need money to pay my electric bill coming up or a fake story how sad my life is. I do well for myself without the commissioned writing and I just want to give people a good product (my work). This is a promise!!!

Also if you are going to send a donation, please do it because you enjoy my work and wish for me to continue on or to help me get more professional with my writing.

You can send me a request for any type of story you would like to see put in a text but I can refuse any story I wish and please to not assume just because you donated that I am in your service. I write because I enjoy it, not because you donated.

Well now that you have read the rules, and my thoughts here is the quick PayPal Link on the top right.

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