Brittany the Changed Beast

Enough was enough for Matt. He finally had proof that his live-in girlfriend Brittany was cheating on him. He had bought a house two years ago for both of them to live in and decided to split the bills, everything was good for one year then Brittany had lost her job. He begged and pleaded with her to find another job quickly but all she responded with were excuses.

He ended up getting a second job to pay the bills but the more he made the quicker Brittany spent it on designer clothes, going out to the bar, doing her hair and nails. She became self-centered and only care about herself keeping her body in shape and looking pretty was her only concern.

Quickly they grew apart emotionally with him being gone all the time trying to keep up with the finances and Brittany becoming more focused on having fun, they started to detest each other. He thought she would at least keep faithful but one night she came home from the bar drunk and left her phone unlocked. Matt scanned through the texts and messages with pure anger finding all kinds of conversations where she was meeting up with these other men and doing who knows what with them. He was completely mortified, he always thought maybe when he could afford to stop working as much they would rekindle the love but now that could not be possible.

He found a way to get his revenge for one whole year he was a slave, and now all he felt for her was anger.

He drove up the driveway to his normal suburb home. Calmly got out of the car and walked up to his cement walkway up to the door, pressed his key into the door lock and opened it. His home was quaint, quiet, and after today it felt more his again. Before when he would get home everything looked like a price tag of things Brittany bought with his money but today everything was his once more.

He walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a little folded in half envelope and opened it carefully. Then he poured a white powder substance into the glass emptying everything into the liquid, pulled out a spoon, stirred it until it dissolved.

He grabbed it up and went to the backyard, one of the reasons he purchased the house was because it had a pool and every day he came home Brittany was back there trying to chase a tan she could never achieve.

He opened the large sliding glass door that led to the backyard and closed it behind him. He found her exactly where she usually was. directly in the sun, laying down on a beach style lawn chair, reading a book with a sunblock tanning lotion by her side.

He almost re-thought his plan after seeing her.

She was shorter than the average woman only standing just over five feet tall with beautiful straight flowing blonde hair down to the small of her arched back and beautiful big brown eyes that filled her face. She had a perfect curvy body with 34C cup breasts a 28-inch waist and a plump round killer ass at 32 inches. Her tiny frame accented every curve she had wrapped with her smooth white soft skin and luscious full lips. If she were clothed she would be the cutest little girl but half naked she is a vixen, the figurehead of sex symbolism.

Unfortunately, she tattooed some of her body but she was still a beautiful sexy woman. Today she felt a little patriotic wearing an American flag bikini that barely covered her womanly parts.

“How are you, hun? How is the tanning going?” he said in a coldly but uplifted voice.

“Oh… Hey.” Brittany replied almost completely ignoring him.

“So I went through your phone the other night.”

“You did what!” she perked up, “Why the fuck would you invade my privacy!”

“Well since I pay all of the bills, it is actually my fucking phone,” Matt replied still in a monotone voice.

“Well fuck you Asshole!” she yelled again, in the past year she got used to them arguing and yelling at each other, this was no new thing.

“I want you out of my house, you have been cheating on me and I am done with you.”

“Fine, I will get my shit and leave.”

“Only with the close on your back hun.”

“We will see, I have plenty of guys that will take me in and take care of me, and some of them are crazy enough to take care of you!”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Take it how you want limp dick, the only reason I stayed was so I didn’t have to work.”

“That is what I figured.” Matt pushed water glass in his hand outward throwing the liquid all over Brittany’s body who was still laying down.

Brittany quickly got up off the lounge chair thinking the worse. She thought maybe he threw acid on her, or maybe something else nasty, she quickly brushed the water off of her, grabbed a towel and dried down.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” she dried off and threw the towel at Matt, as he quickly dodged it.

Matt smiled, “how do you feel.”

“What do you mean, how do I feel? You think water is going to shut me…..” she stopped mid-sentence. She felt odd, her body felt warm her hands flew up to her breasts and even the skin radiated heat. “What… what have you done to me.”

“Nothing my darling, except you dare not speak to me that way to me again.” he smiled even wider showing his teeth.

She pressed her hands against her breasts feeling the heat getting stronger, her skin crawled but more sensitive as if her her whole body was as sensitive as her nipples. She shuttered in ecstasy as she began to rub her breasts grabbing them hard and massaging her nipples. She knew Matt was watching but her body felt so good she did not care.

“uggghhhhhh, what did you do to me.” she squeezed her nipples harder and brought one of her hands on her stomach rubbing it softly feeling each one of her skin pores give out electrifying pleasure. She closed her eyes not wanting to see Matt looking back at her and imagined another man touching her and feeling her body, but her skin felt different, softer, plusher.

She opened her eyes again looking down to see what was wrong, looking into her breast cleavage she could see they looked larger growing outwards into her left hand, she brought up her right cupping both breasts as if to stop them from expanding forcing them into her chest. She could see the gap between each breast press against each other without her squeezing them together. Her breast flesh surged slowly outward pulling her tiny two pieces swimsuit top tight cutting into her back skin, shoulders and underneath her tits. While cupping her tits her flesh separate her fingers, each globe flowing through her fingers plumping up each second, pressing her hands away from her body filling them with more breast flesh and fat.

“My tits? What have you done to them?” She cried in fear.

“That not all my dear.” Matt glared in hate.

She bent over a little to look down finding that her stomach pooched out a little and raced out forward, spreading out slightly to match her expanding breasts. She turned torso to the side glancing at hips and ass worried if they were changing as well. Her fears were met with reality and she could see her light skin swelling and dimpling around her perfect thighs and butt.

“Please do not do this to my perfect body, Matt.”

Her left hand flew to her belly as her right hand stayed on her again trying to keep her body from expanding any further. Tears left here eyes and ran down her face as she had no control over what was going on and she was scared beyond anything that has ever happened to her her mind raced with images of what she would become or if she would ever return to normal.

Brittany’s breasts enlarged even more into a full double-D cup of gelatinous fat settling into her too not too tight bikini top like two large jello mounds trapped into two evenly sized soft nylon nets. Her skin still felt very sensitive but her fear overwhelmed her more than her pleasure senses. The growth in her breasts began to slow down giving her a small relief she looked down again to view her rump.

“On no… My perfect tight skin what have you done?” her eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Nothing you do not deserve my little chubby piggy.”

Her ass and hips fattened past her bikini bottoms and her sensitivity increased to overwhelm her fear her skin felt hot as if it had a fever she began to perspire to a sweat. Her hands slid down her humongous breasts on her small frame sitting on her little pot belly and race down to her flaring hips that had widened out she guess into a 36-inch size, passing the string of her bikini that was cutting into the skin between her ass, stomach, and thighs.

Placing both hands firmly on her perfectly round ass feeling beads of sweat now pouring out from her skin, again she fought against the pressure that was bulging outwards now matter how hard she tried it would stop growing giving her the same feeling with more sensitivity as her breasts she couldn’t contain the 2 globes from billowing outwards feeling the hardness turn into pillows of glutinous fat. She couldn’t help her own curiosity as she grabbed a hand full of her has a jiggled it to see if it was real as a wave of pleasure and skin jiggled across her ass to the thighs watching her foreign white skin go from tight to loose blubber. She felt her hands slip and slide from the moisture her body was producing.

“Please… Please” softly she pleaded. “Make it stop!”

Her ass and thigh growth declined and another wave of relief hit her but she could not release her hands from her body it felt too good. Feeling herself up in confusion her skin felt so sensitive and she lusted to touch more of it, but the fear of losing her perfect body in minutes had her alarmed, and then there was that ass hole Matt just staring at her, smiling and giggling.

Her body was wide on the top and bottom giving her a voluptuous hourglass figure it was comical on her tiny frame. She was still sexy since all of the fat flowing into her body went straight into her womanly curves with a little padding across her stomach and thighs evening her curves slightly.

There was a groaning coming Brittany’s stomach.

“Oh no, not more.” she cried out.

At first, she felt if she had an empty stomach but then the waves of pleasure subsided and lessened. Both her hands flew to her belly that began to swell outward.

“Uggghhh… I am so heavy… I can’t… Breathe” Her tiny top was so tight across her breast it constricted her regular lung air intake expansion. She quickly waddled to a patio chair her body swayed from side to side feeling the weight trying to drag her down, gravity slowing her movement. She was able to sit down, trying to loosen the bikini straps from the back as her belly flowed forward and outward. Her whole body thickened and her slim svelte arms chubbed up light rising dough constricting her ability to reach behind her and untie her bikini strings.

“Getting… So tired.”

Sitting down she slouched, sitting up straight was not as comfortable as she remembered. Her stomach ballooned, even more, catching up with her huge breasts. She tried again to press her skin down bringing her hands to her face and catching more tears streaming from her eyes her cheeks felt chubbier and she could feel a double chin form. Brittany’s newly found growing fat no longer had pinpointed into her specific curvy areas and decided to open a floodgate into her whole body. Her belly rose up like dough her thighs swelled up and joined towards each other meeting for the first time.

She pouted her puffy lips, “I Hate you!” she screamed at Matt.

Matt leaned against a house pillar, crossing his arms and admired his handy work. “Had enough yet?”, he chuckled again almost a loud laughter came out but he was too satisfied at what had happened his once sexy slim curvy vixen was now fat piggy. But he had to admit as much as she puffed up like a marshmallow in the microwave she was still very sexy she did not loose her beautiful face and with her curves destroyed in weight pounds, she was able to keep a cherub cuteness.

“Please stop it… I promise I will be a good to you.”

“Will you be my good little girl for now on?”

“Yes please help me, don’t do this me.”

She felt helpless, she knew now she could never be the same woman, no man would want her the way she is. Her only hope was to stay with Matt or pray she could reverse what had happened to her.

One more push of fat injected into her body rising her from her seat gaining and inch of height from a seated position her legs inflated more going down her legs turning her molded calves into plump legs into her feet giving her making her ankles disappear on the way on the way.

The bloating stopped, she examined her body looking all over the details were outstanding. Her fingers were small portly sausages her wrist bones gone in the layer of plump skin, her knees were nothing but small little bumps that protruded out of her more rotund legs.

Brittany’s large breast sagged on her fat belly that was stacked on top of her thighs down her legs. Her perfectly round ass now spread across the chair and had a shelf of its own on the top of it. The belly fat compacted in her seated position to fold over each other from her back and over her hips.

She was sad, defeated, and now at a complete loss for words.

Matt walked up to her, as she stared at him in disbelief. He poked her belly watching his finger sink into her round belly.

“Now let’s talk about you looking for a job .”


Thank you to Plump Up Morphs for allowing me to use their images.

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