Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 2

Chad woke up and followed the same pattern he usually does every Saturday now a days. He got up, woke up Megan so she could make breakfast. He ate, did some yard work, took a quick nap then off to the gym. Megan and him hardly talked now a days and were more glorified roommates. He felt a little different today, more energetic and felt a need for “companionship”, his first thought was not his wife Megan to take care of this need.

After a good work out, took a shower, and from the gym went straight to the bar to meet up with some friends. After a few conversations at the bar, Jennifer showed up.

“How you doing chad? Why didn’t you stay last night?” She asked

“I had to get home hun.”

“Let go back to my place right now, I need you right now sexy.”

Chad was in no condition to argue, he had a few drinks, he was feeling great, and was he horny. He felt phenomenal, energetic like he was back in high school again.

When they got back to her place, she ravished him crashing down the hall way, kissing, grabbing each other furiously. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it off as he unbuttoned her blouse quickly.

Her tall 5 foot 10 frame made it easy for him to keep kissing her, grabbing her long light brown hair with his hand pulling her head back by it and kissing and licking her neck.

Grabbing her soft round ass and slipping them up her large hips to her thick waist up toward her back and un-clipping her bra. Her huge breasts released outward lightly punching him in his chest with her full softness and firmness. Her white pale skin made her body glow slightly in the light, her soft skin being grabbed by his hands felt delicious. He massacred her lips with his mashing them together.

He put his hand on the top of her head, as she quickly dropped to her knees and undid he pants, pulled them down with his underwear and began massaging his penis with her face, rubbing her cheeks all over his cock, teasing him with her hands and stoking him down.

Finally pressing her soft lips around his cock wetting it with her tongue and stroking them across his shaft back and forth gently, softly, and deliberately.

He fell in ecstasy his body froze as he felt her lips bobbing back and forth. This was the best blow job he had had in his life, he had plenty from her but for some reason this one was phenomenal beyond belief. He closed his eyes and listened to her lick and slurp, and panted heavily as he felt his cock get massaged by her luscious lips.

He grabbed her by her side and lifter back up right and took her too her room as he pushed her forward towards the bad making her bend at the waist and began ripping her little skirt off along with her panties and wedged his cock in between her legs and into her wet pussy. Sliding back and forth as she was bent over.

“mmmppphhh”, she moaned.

He picked up the pace, he felt great, almost like he was a teenager again. Grabbing by her plump round ass forcing her towards his cock as he slammed his rod deeper and deeper into her awaiting pussy.

“ahhhhhh, fuck me!” she yelped.

She screamed as she could feel his cock buried into her pussy. It felt so good, but for a second it felt a little smaller than usual.

She orgasmed hard shaking and shivering her body, as he came into her pressing his cock as deep as he could for the finale.

She quickly pulled away from him feeling his dick slide out and she turned around to kiss him passionately.

She paused for a second, his hair seems a little longer.

She didn’t care she kissed him hard as she also felt like his lips were a little thicker, maybe from all the kissing they swelled up.

He stayed for a bit as they rested up a little.

“I have to go babe, got to get back home.”

“I thought you were planning on leaving your wife soon.”

“Not yet, I have to wrap up a few things before I do so.”

Truth is he has no intention of leaving his wife, he still loved her, he just did not respect her much anymore, she let her self go and he would never have the guts to leave her.

When he got home he did his usual routine, sneaked in took off his clothes, take a shower without waking his wife.

When he got out of the shower he admire himself in the mirror again, this time he looked a little odd, he needed a hair cut already, his hair on his face almost look more spare, but the biggest thing was his lips and skin. His lips looked puffy, and his muscle definition seemed a little faded. He touched his chest to check the firmness but it actually felt softer.

Maybe he was a little drunk still, he thought.

He quietly sneaked into bed with Megan and laid down to sleep, with her back to his.

On Megan’s face was a huge smile.

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