Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 1

Chad opened the door, drunk with liquor on his breath and a little sway in his step. He bumped into the couch and went into the master bedroom of his home. Walking into his room passed his bed and turned on the bathroom light trying to be quiet as possible. He closed the door slowly and with a slight click was able to shut it with out making much noise. He turned on the light and began taking off his clothes, Unbuttoning his tee shirt and running his tie off his neck he tossed them on the floor by the door so the light would not escape below the crack of the door and muffling the sound of the shower he was about to take.

He paused to check himself out in the mirror.

At 35 Chad is an impressive six foot tall and a few extra inches, he was above average height, tan body with broad shoulders with heavy muscle and a little definition, we was not ripped but he definitely was toned enough to see the lumps and crevices of each muscle curve. His jet black hair was straight into a crew cut, flat top. He wore a goatee short and trimmed with very exact precise cuts and carried a medium amount of chest hair, the epitome of masculinity. To most women he was very attractive and even compared to a muscular version of Robert Downey Jr. with a tan.

He took off his pants, pulling his legs out but tripping on his own feet he bumped the door he just closed hard and tried to recover quickly as he was able to slip them off completely. He paused to see if he heard anything.

After a few seconds being as quiet as possible he slid his pants off taking off his shoes and socks in the process and proceeded to jump in the shower but pausing to look in the mirror one more time. He washed and scrubbed his body down quickly trying to get the alcohol smell from him as well as the cigar smoke.

After he finished he dried himself off and with a towel wrapped around him quietly opened the door and went into the room slowly and put on a pair of boxers and slowly shifted himself into the bed where a woman was sleeping cuddled under the blankets. He then shifted behind her to spoon her and passed out snoring in seconds.

The woman was not asleep, she had been awake for hours waiting for Chad to get home and only acted like she was asleep because it was easier that way. After months of this repetitive lifestyle every Friday through Sunday he was out she had accumulated enough evidence that he was cheating on her. She found lipstick on his clothes, perfume smells on his body, and even noticed that he had purchased condoms on receipts that he threw in the trash.

He was oblivious that she knew he kept saying he was working late or going out with the guys but as an educated woman she knew. But this could be going on for year, it was just the past few months she decided to learn more about this late night action.

It destroyed her.

Anytime they talked about it he would verbally abuse her into submission. She used to be a strong beautiful woman but after years of feeling neglected and feeling like trash it took its tole on her.

Megan was 5 foot 7 inches tall and at one time she was slim, not skinny but very svelte and curvy she had beautiful c-cup breasts and a round curvy butt to match. She looked a lot like Andie MacDowell with curly long hair, piercing blur green eyes with full lips and slim face structure. She was semi-athletic and went for jogs every day and loved life to the fulled being a country girl at heart. She even had a great fulfilling job as a teacher and worked with kids and at one time would do anything for Chad in and out of the bedroom.

That woman is now gone.

She became depressed that she gave everything to this man and this is the returned favor. A few years ago she stopped jogging having the weight pile on she went from 127 pounds to 170 it spread across her body into her breasts, belly, and ass. Her legs and arms thickened with the process creating a very thick body shape. Her face got rounder but did not accumulate the double chin she looked more cherub than anything even her hands and feet did not really plump up as they seemed small for her new body. She looked the same but just more frumpy as she still took care of her hygiene and skin. But she was more of a home body now a days, night snacking and watching television with a glass of wine and on the nights Chad went out she always stayed home hoping he would break his horrible habits and come home to her.

She was tired of all of it.

Her friend gave her something new, something special, something that in a few years might come out into the market that every woman will want.

She slowly got out of bed but she did not need to be too careful when Chad was drunk and crashed he slept like a log. She went to her dresser and pulled out a syringe and it was half full of a green substance. She squirted a little out to make sure there was no air in it. Her friend instructed on how to use it not being a medical professional herself, pulled his shorts down, and stabbed him quickly in the buttocks pressing the syringe plunger down and squeezing all of the liquid into his unconscious body. Pulling the syringe our quickly and pulling up his pants he moaned a little and rolled over away from where she once laid.

She felt relieved, she was able to give him this new special gift. She was worried she could not go through with it but maybe this will be a new beginning for her.

She put the syringe back in her dresser and gleefully went back to sleep. Her mind racing on her new life.

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