Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 3

Chad woke up to an empty bed, Sundays usually he gets up early for his regular work out and Megan is still asleep but he woke up a little more late than usual.

He scuffed his hands through his hair, stood up, stretched, and yawned.

His hair felt longer, the room looked bigger, and his yawn sounded more high pitched.

“What the fuck.” he said, realizing his voice sounded higher, he ran to the bathroom, as he was running, things did not feel right. His body did not feel right.

Looking in the mirror his hair had grown a full 2 inches, his facial hair was so thin and receded it was like he was back in high school, he was definitely shorter by four to five inches.

He brought his hands down his body afraid to look lower, his chest looked puffy and instead of the toned hairy chest he had an accumulation of fat while is nipples looked longer and the areolas wider, the chest hair was spare almost like a fat kid. Lower, his toned stomach lost in a thin layer of fat, his hips shrunk inward an inch and his hips flared out more.

“What the fuck is going on!” he yelled.

Turning his lower body and butt towards the mirror slowly he could see his ass, it was bigger and rounder, he put his hand on it and squeezed hoping it was a dream, it was like feeling a woman’s ass in his hand as the feeling of his ass gave him acknowledgment that this was not a dream, but a reality. His legs were slightly thinner and more shapely and most of his body hair was also receded. His feet had shrunk to a smaller, smoother, and more dainty size.

He couldn’t believe his eyes he looked like a very meek feminine man.

The last check was in his shorts. scared to even look he close his eyes pulled out his boxer shorts from the waist band, and opened them slowly. His cock looked the same size but then he realized it looks the same size because his body is smaller which means his dick was smaller too.

“Megan!” he yelled.

“What is it honey?” she answered back from another room, cheerfully.

He ran to her in only his boxers. He found her sitting in the living room, humming a tune while reading a book.

“Look at me?!” he told her.

“What’s wrong?” She smiled.

“You know something, don’t you!”

“Like what?” she say, acting innocent.

“Look at me. I look like a girl.”

“You look the same as you always have babe.”

She had not called him honey, or babe in years. he knew something was wrong, and she knew what was going on.

“Fix this.”

“Fix what?”

“Fine I am out of here, you stupid…. grrrrraaahhhh. I Hate You!”, he could never hit her, or get violent with her. He stormed off into the bedroom, grabbed some quick clothes and stormed out of the house.

“Have a great time.” Megan said in the sweetest voice possible.


“What was he going to do?” He thought.

He began to drive to the doctors quickly. His hand reached up to one of his nipple and he began pinching them and massaging his chest. He was getting hot, and started to sweat. he reached lower massaging his cock, he needed to get laid. His driving became more unstable as he rubbed his hand slowly over his dick.

“What the hell are you doing?!” he yelled at himself. Stopping his hand.

While driving he made a phone call to Maria and turned the car away from his initial destination.

He drove up to a house and rang the door bell.

“Just a minute”, a woman called out.

Opening the door was a beautiful woman with a light tan, smooth unblemished skin, and a curvy body. At first glance she resembles Selma Hayek except one small thing her ass was much bigger, round, and bold. Compared to her already curvy body and “D” sized breasts her ass was like a large round shelf domes that seem to fight each other when she walked, and always walking with a sway.

“Hey Chad….”, she said staring at him. “Are you okay?”, to her he looked shorter and weaker.

“I need you right now.”

“Come on in my little bad boy.” she said in a sweet sultry voice, completely forgetting about how he looked. She loved their sexual sessions together.

She knew what he liked, they went into the living room she pushed in down on the couch to a sitting position. She unbuckled his belt, slid off his pant and pulled them off leaving his dick exposed.

“Are you my cock sucking whore.” he asked softly

“Yes handsome.” putting his cock in her mouth and generously sucking while bobbing her head up and down his shaft.

He was in pure ecstasy he loved getting sucked off, it makes him feel powerful having a woman go down on him wrapping her little soft lips on his member.

He missed the time Megan used to do this for him, she was the best at it but as time went on in their marriage she stopped and now he can get it where ever and when ever he wants from women like this.

Slurping his cock she grabbed the based and sucked more while using her saliva and hand to pump more firm using the wet slip of her mouth to go up and down more easily cupping his balls with her other hand and massaging him down. He felt smaller in her mouth than usual, maybe she was not doing a very good job, she thought.

He lifted her head slightly by her chin, and she got up and pulled his shirt off.

She paused, Chad looked like he had not been in the gym in a while. But she was just with him recently?

He had flabby man boobs where his chest used to be and lost some muscle girth.

“Fuck it.” she said.


“Never mind”, she responded

She slid to the side of him on the couch and sucked on his nipples and massaged his dick with her hands. He was overwhelmed by sensations, he loved his nipples sucked but this was outstanding he was rock solid hard. His nipple were over overwhelmingly sensitive he was going crazy even spamming at times.

“What’s wrong, you are not very big today.”, eying his dick.

“I will show you big.” he pulled her on top of him and let her ride his cock with her legs folded to his side he thrust her up in rhythm. She arched her back and put her hands on his knees and pushed her body down and forward.

He felt a little smaller than last time but she didn’t care he felt great.

She closed her eyes, as he pumped her faster and harder. She screamed and he moaned. He moaned louder, and louder. His voice got more high pitched, he grabbed his chest and massaged his chest, he felt them slowly press outwards, flesh squeezing his fingers apart. Ignoring his hands and focusing on rocking her on his cock, her wet pussy clamping down on his man hood.

He pressed her up harder and harder but he didn’t feel like he was really fucking her as well as he should. Hair grew into his eyes, his moan became more of a sultry high scream.

“What the….?” Maria opened her eyes at the odd moan, Chads hair fell across his face down to his chin, his facial hair receded into his face, he closed his eyes as well, fucking maria as hard as he could but couldn’t seem to reach her canal as full into her pussy as he would like.

Maria looked down past his neck to see budding breasts transform into a woman’s “A” cup and his waist trimmed inwards.

“FUCK!” she screamed as she realized that Chad was looking more like a woman.

“What is wrong, with you!”, he responded as he still was massaging his breasts, and pinching his nipples….. He had breasts?

He stared at his breast, his small waist, and now his womanly hips, he looked up an Maria in complete shock.

She stared back in horror….

He looked down at his slowly forming female parts.

“What am I… What am I going to do… What is happening to me.”

His brain flooded with more womanly traits, sensitivity, care, emotions.

He began to cry, tears pours from his eyes he could hold them back. for the first time since he was a child he was crying like a sissy teen girl.

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