Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 4

There was a knock at the door.

Megan casually walked through her home and opened the door.

There stood a lightly tanned slightly broad woman with shoulder length hair who look much like her husband Chad. This could be his sister at first glance, she still carried many of Chads manly features like his chiseled jaw, muscular build at a much smaller size, and same posture posture but many of more predominant features had diminished mostly his height and now curving body. Even her face was completely clear of off stubble and hair, maybe receded or fallen out but one thing is for sure this was definitely a more feminized Chad. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, wearing his now baggy clothes he left in holding them up with his hands while trying to cover her new breasts.

“What have you done to me?”, as his eyes welled up in tears again.

“I have not been doing anything hun, it is you that now controls your own destiny.”, she replied in an ice cold response. In her mind she was gleeful and more happy than she could possibly imagine.

“I have not done anything to deserve this”, sobbing in a begging way “please change me back.”, going down on his knees, he couldn’t handle the massive estrogen induced feelings he was having.

She got closer to him, and he wrapped his hands around her waist, crying into her pelvic area, feeling his new breasts squishing into her legs and holding her butt. She put her hand under his armpit and pulled him up and walked him inside and sat him on the couch.

He felt “it” again when he held her butt, he got hot and heavy with ideas of only sex on his mind.

“Why have you done this…”, Chad cried

“Because i knew you were cheating on me, lying to me, hurting me.”

“This is so extreme, what did you do to me?”

“I gave you something that will change how you look at life. It’s experimental from a friend of mine and she let me know this could possibly change the world and how men and women live together. It changes your DNA quickly and now that I see it, very effectively. You have hurt me for the last time.”

“Please change me back, I am begging!”, grabbing her hands in desperation more tears falling from his cheeks.

“It is okay hun, I know how to make you feel better.”, she put her hands down to his crotch and felt is tiny penis and rubbed it with her hand.

He fell into instant lust, he couldn’t think straight he was still sad, crying, pathetic, but in complete euphoria the feeling was too great. He laid further into the couch and let her stroke him.

“You are a dirty little slut now, aren’t you?”, she teased him

What the fuck did you just call me? he thought.

“mmmmmhhhhmmmmm… Please Megan I need you”, came out of his mouth instead.

Megan lowered herself in between his legs and spread them out while pulling his pants off, not even pulling the zipper down since he was too small to fit them any more. She pulled down his boxers and saw his tiny 2 inch penis fully erect.

She giggled.

Immediately Chad tried to pull away, completely embarrassed how small his cock was.

All Megan had to do was cup his tiny marble size balls and rub, and he couldn’t move or resist her.

“Look how pathetic your little cock is now.”, she smile right at his face.

Tears poured more heavily again out his eyes, he was scared and sad at what he had become.

Was this was permanent?

And Megan was so cruel with him now. And the worst of it, he could not resist her touch his body needed sexual contact.

Megan rubbed her tongue across it, licking the balls to the shaft. Her tongue felt huge on his cock and balls like it was twice the size of any normal tongue and not only that his sense of touch was doubled.

“Tell me you are a slutty whore.”, she demanded.

“Fucccckkkk Yaaa… Yo….. You!”, he tried to reply but was in too much lust and shiver to answer straight. He felt her demeanor change, she was in command for once, she was never like this… Ever.

“Fine, we will see who will be fucking who in a few minutes.”

Megan said grabbing his cock and engulfing it in her mouth swishing her tongue across his tiny dick. She ripped his shirt open and grabbed his breasts. He little tiny “A” cups felt good in her hands, he was her toy no matter how much he tried to stop.

He moaned, in his now womanly sultry voice.

His dick was so small in her mouth she didn’t even have to bob her head up and down. All she had to do was listen to his reaction and twirl her tongue on his cock.

Feeling his breasts being cupped and grabbed made Chad buckle. He couldn’t believe how sensitive he was and how good this felt he was hypnotized, he needed too…..

He began to cum in her mouth, is felt like a weak little squirt but he knew what he felt. As soon as he came first he felt relief but then he realized she kept sucking and his cock doubled in sensitivity to the point of a tickle sensation.

“No stop!”, he yelled. The sensitivity was too much it felt so good it hurt.

He pushed her head away, as he trashed trying to get her to stop, it was too much. she grabbed his ass and held him still as she sucked more on his cock. His feeble muscles were not match to her strength and girth, his wife plumped up over the years and now her weight had become her advantage.

She let him go, wiping a small amount of cum from her lips.

“You liked that didn’t you. You little bitch.”

He couldn’t believe what happened, it felt like his wife just raped him, and there was nothing he could do.

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