Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 5

Chad woke up after his wife made him go to bed with her, his confidence had taken a huge hit. Roles have changed he did not know what to do anymore and he felt trapped and depressed the only gate keeper who could change him back was obviously his wife. He began to feel guilt about how he treated her over the past few years, he didn’t care about her feelings, he knew he still loved her he would rather have sex with someone else.

He was stripped of his clothes and was made to sleep naked next Megan. He had accepted this, mostly because the incredible orgasm he had with her wiped the energy out of him.

He examined his body.

Nothing had changed.

He thought he had figured it out that when he was with any woman sexually that that is when the changes formed, twice he had been with another woman and twice he had changed.

He grabbed his breast and squeezed them softly and used his thumbs to rub his nipples. They were still sensitive and felt amazing. He knew if he rubbed and pinched them long enough there was a good chance he could cum again.

He immediately stopped realizing he was disgusted by himself he was slowly changing into a girl and felt ashamed of what he was just doing. He pressed them into his body thinking maybe there was a chance they would mold into his previous chiseled chest. He let go, his little breast popped back out and jiggled out and gravity pulled them down.

He starred at his tiny cock no bigger than 2 inches and played with it. He rubbed it with one hand to get it hard imagining a slutty girl playing with his cock. But his little spec of a penis only got hard and extended another inch, it was pathetic even compared to his now smaller frame. A 5 year old had more length and girth than he did.

He sat back on the bed and cried, tears dripped from his eyes, he put his head into his hands as his hair fell down over his cheeks. He sniffled and whined silent as he had felt as if his future was now in his wife’s hands.

He felt hands on his shoulders and was pulled back into his wife’s body with her cheek resting on his back.

“Don’t worry hun, I promise that you will become something more than you are now.”, Megan said

“Are you kidding me.” he sobbed. “Please I am sorry, please change me back, I promise I will be a good husband again, I can’t live like this.”

She pulled Chad around, his torso swung around to face her and finally he let go of his face and looked Megan in the eyes.

She looked beautiful, she was the one who had changed, not him. Her face was a little slimmer here eyes bigger and not so squinted with chub.

He looked at her up and down and realize that he had not changed at all but she had dramatically changed quite a bit.

Her breast were raised and much firmer jutting out more. Her stomach did not have a saggy pouch but a large pot belly instead, he couldn’t see much more since the rest of her lower body was covered with the blanket but he could only assume that the rest of her changed as well.

She kissed his lips lightly and smiled.

“You are going to be what i know you can be, but if you can’t be that then i will need to teach you a lesson.”, she let out a quick chuckle. “If you have not figured it out let me tell you what is going on. That shot I gave you changed your body, you are now connected to my DNA. The more you are with other people the more you will change and the more you are with me, I will change.”

There was so many questions that raced through his mind.

“How is this possible.”, wiping his face of tears.

“I am not sure exactly how it works but what was explained to me is that Pheromones are the catalyst as the body is sexually active Pheromones are excreted though the skin, as the body connects with the DNA of one type of pheromone or in your case not the correct coded pheromone, namely mine it will change the body. Imagine a world where if a man cheats on his wife his body will change into his nightmare or something different. The shot I gave you will make you a woman, the shot I took…. well will make me more into what I looked like before we got married maybe even more beautiful than before. So it is in you best interest to only be with me.”

“So are you going to change me back?”

“No… Not until you suffer as I have had too, see i added something more to your concoction. Your libido is now increased, you will have even a more tough time not wanting to be with other people in fact you will crave it so much you will become a slave to it.”

“You are going to make me get with other people?”, his higher voice exclaimed it was still so foreign to him.

“No… It might be worse, see I still love you and that is the worst part and i have a feeling it is the same with you but since you can not act like a man I am going to treat you like a child and punish you for all the hurt you have caused me.”

“You can’t make me do anything I do not want to!”

“Are you sure about that, because if you want to be a man again you will do exactly as I say.”

Chad looked down at the floor, defeated.

“Now put this on, we are going out tonight…. Hunny.”, Megan said getting up, opening a drawer and tossing some clothes at Chad.

It was a short little black skirt, pink tank top, black lace thong, and matching bra.

“You cant be serious.”, his eyes got big and fearful.

“Oh I am very serious. I found out exactly all the women you have been fucking, and now I am going to parade you around them, whether they recognize you or not.”

He grabbed the clothing and went to the bathroom, he felt he deserved this and maybe if he can make amends he can once again be a man again.

He put on the lacy thong and pulled it up his smooth legs when they got up to his waist he dreaded the back string going up his ass. He closed his eyes and pulled up quickly as the waist line needed extra tugging over his newly expanded hips. The string stuck up his ass and felt completely uncomfortable. He then put on the bra that was very tight, a size too small to go around his still thick back, he pulled his arms through the arm holes and fastened the front clip, the bra cup size was a little too big for him and the back straps were too tight cutting into his skin.

He went back into the room where Megan was reading a magazine her legs still under covers.

“This bra doesn’t fit”, he said embarrassingly, he couldn’t believe he was wearing women’s underwear.

“Come here hun.”, she said with a smile on her face and as he came over and sat next to her she adjusted the straps to increase the bra sizing. She giggled a little dressing up her husband in women’s clothes must be so demanding to him.

He looked down to see that the straps now fit but still the cups were much too big for his new tits, they seem to sink into each breast holder and sit while the rest of the cup swarmed over them loosely.

“You tits are pathetic.” Megan said as she took it off in appointment’s. “Go put on the rest of the clothes.” she commanded.

Chad walked off, sulking.

He put on the pink bright neon pink tank top, as he pulled down the shirt over his head the cotton clung to his body slipping down over his still broad body. As the fabric brushed down on his nipples a wave of pleasure hit his never center, he shook again as the feeling gave him chills and shivers.

He picked up the skirt and put his legs through it and pulled them again, again he had a little trouble putting them over his plump ass and hips. Her smooth the clothes over his body getting rid of wrinkles in the shirt and skirt, he still was in the middle of the road he body was build like a very muscular tall girl, with slight curves. He looked in between butch and soft but still very masculine he looked more like a guy wearing women’s clothing.

Megan had snuck up behind him and put her arms around his waist, “Now for the finishing touches.” reaching in a drawer and pulling out a tube of bright red lipstick. “I want my little girl to look pretty tonight.”, she smiled.

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