Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 6

“Are you really going to make me do this?” Chad ask in a soft voice. He was absolutely defeated, his face showed nothing but sadness and embarrassment.

“How are you going to learn more about women if you do not go out like one. The sad thing is I thought of going to therapy because of the way you treat me, I thought it was all my fault our marriage became the way it was, but then I realized this is a two way streak. I do not blame you completely so this therapy is for both of us.”

He couldn’t argue with her anymore, he would do as she asks and hopefully he will get his male body back.

Megan went to work on his look, Chad could only sit in the chair in front of a vanity mirror and allow her to transform him into a woman. First thing was a hair style for his growing but still chin length hair. It was quickly styled into a shape that would hide some of his face but was still up to date and fashionable. She helped him put on some blush, a little eye shadow, used some mascara, and the last touch, a bright strawberry red lipstick.

He barley recognized himself in the mirror, after the hair-do and the make-up, he looked much like a very broad athletic woman. He starred at himself for minutes to find himself in all of this costuming barley seeing the man he was a few days before.

Megan dropped a pair of nice women’s flat bottom shoes in front of his feet.

“At least it is not heels.” she smiled, he could tell she was enjoying every bit of this.

They got into his car and took off, he had no idea where they were going. He sat there quietly in the passenger seat awaiting their destination in complete fear.

They arrived at a little bar named Totems, it was a little hole in the wall bar that he had never been to before. Hole in the wall bars were usually not his style but as he reached for the car door Megan locked it from the inside.

Surprised by the sound and inability to open the door he turned to face her.

“You should probably have a new name. How about Charlie?” she asked.

He nodded his head, unlocked the door manually and stepped out of the car. Megan followed and they both walked side by side into the dark dank bar. Going through the dirty wood door, and stepping into a rustic style lounge Megan took the lead and sat at the bar, Charlie right beside her. Megan turned her stool around to face away from the bar itself to scan the room. Charlie did everything to make sure that no one noticed him or even worst recognize him. He knew he did not look the same but his facial features could be enough to draw attention to someone who spent a lot of time with him.

His worst fear was realized when he look down to the end of the bar to a woman staring at him.

Her name was Lily and she was staring right back at him. Only 24 years old she had a very Gothic type fashion style her raven black hair, shoulder length with the sides shaved down a quarter of an inch worn in a pony tail. Her natural pale skin was accented with her ability to never go out in the sun and wore heavy black eye liner with dark red lipstick. One beauty mark stood alone on her left cheek and above that two piercing gorgeous sea blue eyes.

She starred at Charlie hard, obviously trying to figure out where she knew Charlie from.

“Why don’t you say hi.” Megan catching Charlie trying to hide from the woman down the bar.

“No. I know her.”

“How do you know her.”

He did not reply, instead he looked down in embarrassment.

“I see.” Megan could see the look on his face, he was obviously with her at one time.

He had been with Lily a few years back, she was not at Gothic back then but she was one of his first endeavors since she was a younger girl, what older guy wouldn’t want to be with her. He played games with her during the whole time they were meeting up he never let her know he was married, and used her as a booty call and only calling her whenever something else better did not come along. Later she told him she loved and and he responded the same only to keep her around. Finally their break up was horrible as he just stopped taking her phone calls and ignored her completely. He later found out through friends that she disconnected with people and felt that opening up feeling to men was a waste of time. He knew a big part of that was how he treated her, she may never trust any man again.

“Go talk to her now. I will be there shortly.” Megan said.


“If you don’t then i will leave you here and sooner or later your sex drive will kick in full force just like the last few times, who knows who you will end up with then.”

“Are you going to tell me why that is as well? Is there a reason why I get so horny too?” Charlie responded in a question but sarcastic way.

“I asked for that to be added in the formula, don’t you think it give me a little more control over you?” She said smirking. She felt empowered and loved teasing her new pet this was also another way that she could train him to control his urges.


“No more questions, go over and introduce yourself and talk to her until I get there.” Megan demanded.

He had a look of a beaten dog, humiliated to the extreme.

Megan went off to talk to some people she also recognized at the bar, he never met any of her friends and right now he did not want to. After a few minuted of getting his courage together and not looking at anyone but the bar he got up slowly and went to go talk to Lily hoping she would not recognize him.

He sat down at the stool next to her nonchalantly and kept his face forward, feeling Lily’s stare. The bartender came by and he ordered another drink, a strong whiskey with a rum and coke chaser. Once his drink arrived he took the shot of whiskey and pounded the drink down on the bar and took a huge swig of the rum and coke alleviating the burning sensation down his throat.

“How are you, my name is Charlie.” he said with no emotion.

“Ummmm… Lily… I am fine.” she responded questioningly.

“So do you come here much?”

“Ummm sure. What your deal?”

“I just thought I would introduce myself, sorry I can go.”

“No… Stay, sorry, you just kind of just jump over and sit by me and it was just weird. But I feel like we have met before i just can not remember where.” Lily said calmly.

“I do not think we know each other.” he lied. “Are you from around here?” he knew where she lived it was just a few miles away, 5 minutes from the bar, straight down the street and make a left. But he needed to keep his cover so he couldn’t make anything more awkward that it already was for him.

“I am a few blocks from here, this is my hangout, been coming here for a few years now.”

“That’s cool.” about the time we broke up he thought.

After a few more drink the two had a good conversation talking about each other, most of his past he had lied about or even tried to insert himself into an existing story but instead of a woman he said it as if he was a woman his whole life. He even went as far as telling Lily of stories other women had told him but inserted himself. He really began to know Lily a lot more and honest to himself when they dated before he really never knew her until now. He felt terrible about the way he treated her, she even admitted she had met a guy that she was totally in love with, but the guy was married and she ignored it thinking he would leave his wife and come to her but she never let on that she had known the whole time. He wanted to tell her how sorry he was as Chad and that he wished he could of been there for her instead of treating her like a piece of meat.

“How are you two love birds doing?” Megan came in between them, barging in their conversation.

Both Lily and Charlie taken back by how abrupt Megan was being, she was obviously drunk with a little sway to her stand.

“This is Megan, my… friend.” Chad introducing the two. “And Meg, this is Lily.”

“Hi.” Lily answered.

“I see you introduced yourself as a Charlie, well Lily did you know that you already knew little Charlie here.” Megan smiled wide.

“I have never met Charlie before until now, at least not that I remember.” Lily began to frown, she felt this was a game.

“This is actually my husband, and you were fucking him while we were still married.” she belted out in a low tone making sure no one heard their conversation.

“Stop it Meg, your drunk.” Charlie replied.

Lily looked horrified and confused, the only guy she had been with in the past few years was Chad, and as she closely, inspected Charlie, she was horrified. But maybe this was his sister, or maybe someone that just looked like him, but there he was, her face was hairless but her face was almost the spitting image of Chad’s.

“But…. How…” Lily tried to spit something intelligible out but her mind was racing in too many directions.

“Oh hun, he didn’t tell you the truth once again huh?” Megan said in glee, she whispered into Lily’s ear but still loud enough for Charlie to hear. “You see, he is being punished for being a bad boy, for every woman he is with he looses a little more of his manhood. I told him to come talk to you because I thought he would begin telling the truth but instead all he did was lie again about who he is…. I want you to take him home tonight. He can not resist.”

“You are fucking crazy.” Chad said trying to keep his voice down.

“Maybe if you were not such a liar all the time this wouldn’t be you now.”

“Really!? Maybe if you took care of me better and took care of your body better I would search somewhere else.”

“You are fucking stupid.”

“And you are a bitch! I would never change you like this.”

“Fuck you!”

“I’ll do it…” Lily replied. “I will take him home.” She looked angry but her voice was mono toned. “You hurt me beyond belief and now you sit in front of my face and make me feel welcome only to lie to me again, Chad.” tears welled up in her eyes. “Get in the fucking car, I do not know what to believe anymore but if she says this will hurt you than I am going to do it!”

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