Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 7

Lily brought Charlie to her home. Charlie remembered what it looked like and from the outside it looked the same.

“Listen I know Megan just left me at the bar with you but can you just drive me home?” Charlie begged.

“No. If you want to go home call a cab or walk, I really do not care but according to Megan you will come in or else.” Lily said coldly.

Charlie thought about this for a while he stayed in the car as Lily got out and left him there to think about it. She unlocked the door and walked into her home leaving the doorway cracked open. Charlie sat there in silence, looking at his phone thinking of calling someone to get him or calling a cab but Megan explained to him that things can get a lot worse if he does not follow through with staying on night with Lily.

Maybe he could resist his sexual urges with Lily, Megan never told him he had to do anything with her. But maybe that was the point for him to control himself completely and make it one night without doing anything with Lily. But according to Megan his libido will explode any minute and he won’t have control. This became a huge dilemma and a no win situation.

He made a decision, he got out of the car and walked into Lily’s home.

She was sitting there with the TV on, a little drunk and starring still coldly at the television show. Her home looked much different, instead of the cheerful bright blue colors, plants across the walls, it was replaced by blacks and grays, with a more destructive artistic feel surrounded in dark sad music artists with a Gothic decor.

Lily turned off the TV, sat up straight. “So lets really talk, why don’t you start by telling me why you left me.”

“I left because I really did not love you, I used you.” Chad replied being as honest as possible since that is what he needed to be right now.

“So you were never into me at all?”

“I was really into you, I just did not get to know you so it was more physical but I got to know you much more tonight and I am sorry you deserved so much better.” he said, he really did feel horrible after talking with her at the bar he couldn’t believe he passed up such a beautiful woman inside and out and treated her like a booty call only.

“I missed you so much when you left I didn’t know what to do. You hurt me so badly” tears welled up in her eyes.

“I know and I am sorry….” ashamed of how he treated her.

“Well fuck you!” she yelled, “Get into the bedroom right now!”

“Lily, calm down, please we can just talk this out.”

“I am done talking, tonight I felt like a fool and I find out after these last few years only when you are forced to talk to me is when you actually talk to me like a human being and then turns out you were lying the whole time. Those stories you told me were about other women, weren’t they”

Charlie stood up with her hands out in a guard as Lily got up and walked towards him. He didn’t want to touch her in fear she might get physical with him, he walked backwards keeping her in front. She walked him and guided him to her room, Chad was in fear. He noticed the archway to her bedroom door and realized it was a trap she guided him right to her room and before it was too late the back of his legs hit her bed causing him to fall down on top of it.

Lily pulled something out of her pocket, it looked like a small bottle of perfume, pressed down, and sprayed Charlie right in the face.

“What did you just spray me with.”

“Something your wife gave me, see she though you actually might be able to resist your sexual urges so she gave me the little bottle to make sure you couldn’t. It is supposed to make you more… pliable.”

“Are you crazzzyyy…..” He felt woozy, almost drunk. He laid down like he was high, the last time he felt like this was in college, his first time smoking pot. For the exception now his libido took over, he needed relief. He brought his hands over to his breasts and massaged them slowly and sensually. The fabric of his top was in the way he pulled it of as Lily sat and watched in awe. He couldn’t stop, unsnapping his bra allowing it to fall from both sides pinching his nipples and ticking his own areola’s with his fingers.

“nnnuuhhhhhh.” he whispered.

Lily grabbed his skirt from the bottom and pulled them off his round ass tearing them off. Then she grabbed his panties and pulled them off seeing his little cock in all it’s mini glory.

“That’s all you got left huh?” she giggled. Charlie looked down in anger, hearing how small his dick was infuriated him enough to take him out of the trance for a second. Lily quickly went down on him and engulfed his manhood into her mouth and started using her tongue to rub it down. She took bother her hands and shoved them between the mattress and his body and cupped his orb like ass. He concede again to Lily’s will.

For the exception of his cock in her mouth his ass felt like a woman’s something that Lily has experience with. She slurped on his cock as his back arched massaging his breasts even more he could feel them once again expand in his hands and his body shook in lust. His finger separated as his tit flesh plumped up filling his fingers and his nipples got longer and areola’s widened.

Lily was having fun now, she could feel his cock shrinking in her mouth, originally feeling like a fat thumb in her head orifice now felt more like an index finger, then shrunk down more to the second knuckle. Her tongue twirled around it massaging his cock even more feeling like lollipop sucker, the more she pressed her tongue around it the less there was of it. She bobbed her head slightly up and down, it was the smallest cock she had ever given a blow job to but her head bobs seem to erode the girth and length of the over all penis.

She felt Charlie’s ass grow in her hands the plumping of his ass made her wet thinking of how much he hurt her emotionally and how this will translate to him physically. She felt his ass grow lifting his body up and the expand out with his reforming widening hips. Lily then stretched her hands up to feel Charlies waist get smaller and she could feel his skin tightening causing her fingers to press together she looked up and his breasts seem to get closer to her face, he was shrinking even more.

“Pleaseeee… uggghhhh… baby please.” he begged but Lily didn’t know if he wanted her to stop or he wanted more.

In lily’s mouth there was nothing but a half a pinky left of his glorious dick he loved so much. Now she changed her mind from punishment to enjoyment, she wanted him to feel the best cock suck he ever had as his last as she slowed down a little and took her time licking her tongue up and down his cock, and using her lips only giving him pressure from all sides of it as she bobbed up and down slightly depriving his cock of air.

Charlie couldn’t stop massaging his breast, they were up to a full D-Cup but looked much larger on his now slimming frame, he felt weaker, as he looked down he could see his muscles retracting into his body the bulk shedding off pounds like butter.

He felt something touch his shoulders. It was his hair, it was curly, flowing, and now blond as it grew down to his breasts.

Still he couldn’t stop himself. His left arm rose up to feel his soft blonde locks and he pulled on it massaging his scalp and tugged on his ear lobe massaging it to give extra love to himself as the other hand kept massaging his large breasts pinching his nipple from time to time.

He kept moaning listening to his voice get more high pitched and sultry.

He regained some of his senses, “Please… ahhhh….. stoppppp… I… Can’t.” he pleaded with Lily.

She ignored him completely.

His body was changing faster now, muscle shrunk replaced with soft fat. His block like body shrunk down to a curvy hot tiny blonde with big tits and tight plump ass.

The tiny nub in her mouth accelerated its decent until there was nothing. Lily rushed her sucking allowing her saliva to create more lubrication she rubbed her tongue back and forth until his skin there inverted. She could feel a growing canal open in her mouth licking up and down as she was forming Charlie’s pussy herself.

A new wave of pleasure hit Charlie, something he had never felt before something more wet in his crotch area. Then an over Whelming new sensation of having a tongue run across his vagina.

“No! Please god no.” Charlie sounded like a twenty year old girl.

Lily knew how to make a pussy cum and she ravished it with her mouth as if the pussy was hers alone. Scrambling it up and down from side to side it did not take long for Charlie’s new pussy to be complete and cum right into Lily mouth. Turns out Charlie is a little bit of a squirter.

“aaaaahhhhaahh.” Charlie yelled his body, now a her, orgasmed and shook and immediately passed out.

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