Every Scorned Woman’s Dream: Chapter 8

Charlie woke up, her head spinning and full of fog. She bent upward from the bed she passed out on, to her left Lily was turned on her side away from her, naked and snoring lightly.

Charlie swung her legs across the bed realizing that Lily must have put covers over her last night since she did not remember pulling covers over herself. Plus she was still naked, she stared at her feet. Her small dainty female feet.

She got up stumbling to the bathroom, her legs wobbly from her first real orgasm as a woman. Put both her hands on the sink basin holding her body up and turned on the cold water faucet and splashed water on her face to wake up. She dried her face with a nearby face towel and starred into the mirror.

Almost nothing of Chad remained except for a few tiny features. His eyes still look similar to his and small facial features if she searched but everything else was gone.

Again Charlie started to cry, but held it in this time, hatred of Megan took over there was no way he was going to cry like a girl anymore.

He scanned his body in the reflection he was much shorter now, not more than five feet tall. Her face was soft, her nose was pointy and slightly upturned, her old chiseled cheeks were now round and more angular with full pouty lips that pursed out. Resembling a young Sarah Michell Guillar.

Her hair was down to the small of her back now, wavy with different shades of blonde along with the rest of her body hair. Below the neck she was clean shaven with no hair in sight her smooth skin shined in the florescent bathroom lights.

Scanning further down his skin was now more pale and white his huge double D breasts were perky and round with quarter coin sized areolas and pencil eraser sized nipples sticking out. They were much to large for her small thin waist frame until the balancing act that was her wide hips and ass. He guess was he had a 44 breast size, a 32 inch waist, with a 38 sized ass and at five foot two inches tall she looked like a perfect short hour glass.

Her thighs were plump to match her new grown ass and thinned out downwards toward her knees then bowed out again at the calves giving her excellent shapely legs. She bent over to see her newly formed vagina that was just a slit in her smooth crotch and further examination she could see her two small pink flower petal looking flaps that came out of it.

She touched it to see if it was real and a wave of sensation hit her quick. It was soft and a little moist, she rubbed it to feel it again to her it felt like she was rubbing her old cock with an oil that made the skin feel more of the pressure or pleasure, then it got wet quickly. It was so foreign to her and could not believe how sensitive it was, compared to his old cock.

She stopped abruptly, she couldn’t handle having a pussy, not right now!

Charlie stormed out of the bathroom again the stinging of tears trying to force their way out of her eye cavities. She grabbed her garments from last night quickly and put them on her body, not caring if she woke up Lily or not. She looked ridiculous in the over-sized clothes, the only part that fit her normally was her breasts and ass, the rest of it draped on her short body too long.

She grabbed Lily’s cell phone and called a cab to take her home.


The doorbell rang.

Megan woke up from her sleep on the couch.

Ring.. Ring…

She rubbed her eyes and got up, still in the same clothes as last night. She strolled to the door still tasting the alcohol in her mouth.


“Okay! I am almost there!” she yelled.

Megan unlocked and opened the door.

A short busty blonde girl stood there, eyes red and flaring.

“Can i help you?” Megan said not really considering who it could be.

“Look at me you fucking bitch!” Charlie rushed her, lowering her head and clasping her arms around Megan and pushed with her legs like a football tackle. Megan grabbed her by the waist and flung her to the side as Charlie hit the couch. Megan was definitely bigger now with her five foot seven heavier frame against Charlie’s new small pathetic five foot two body and possibly only 130 pounds wet.

Charlie got up quickly, pulling her feet underneath her getting ready for another strike.

“Stop!” Megan Yelled.

Not phased by Megan’s cry Charlie went in again this time with a right hand and arm cocked back looking for a big round house punch.

Charlie threw it with all her might at Megan’s face. Megan flinched throwing her shoulder toward the hand and her face away from it.

Charlie connected her strike at Megan’s shoulder with a hard thud but int he process twisting her wrist and stepping back holding her hurt arm.

“Owww!” Charlie cradled her wrist tightly like a wounded animal.

Megan turned towards Charlie again. “Did it hurt?” as she straightened up and rubbed her shoulder slightly. “Because your  punch did not hurt me little girl. Your not as big as you think anymore… Hun.”

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