Friends Regrets: Chapter 1

Mary was an average sized 21-year-old 5 foot 6 and 120 pounds, average waist with large C-cups and round booty with brown curly hair and blue eyes. She was always the popular girl in school and now in her last few years at the local community college, she still was one of the most popular among her friends. The reason she was so popular was because of her bubbly out- going personality she just had a way of being well-liked all the time.

Her best friends Kristen, Pauline, Lily, Stephanie, and Maria were a very diverse group and a few of them did not like each other because of all of their differences and different personalities but they were able to co-exist in groups for short periods of time. Mary had a few guy friends here and there but most of them were either ex-boyfriends or boyfriends of her friends since she was overly well liked it was hard for her to keep guy friends around that didn’t want to be with her in a relationship and she was dead set on graduating college first before she thinks of dating, coming from a good family background.

It was just a normal day going to class and homework. Mary went to the cafeteria to hang out with all of her friends to eat some dinner together.

When she got there she found Kristen first.

“Hey, Mary! How’s your day been?”

“It was okay, same as always just school and homework”, Mary Replied.

Kristen was gorgeous, 5ft 7in tall with a skinny body and large curves proportionate to her frame. Large blue eyes, long blonde wavy hair with a great Caucasian but colorful completion of red cheeks and full red lips. Everyone wanted to look like her even with her whole back tattooed up with a cherry blossom tree that expanded all the way across one side of her back. She was a little stuck up because of how beautiful she was and sometimes focused on being too shallow about looks and fashion.

“Wait till you see Pauline, she wore all blue so she looks like a short little blueberry today.”, Kristen giggled.

“Come on Kristen don’t be so mean, just because she’s short I am sure she doesn’t look like a blueberry!”

“Hey guys I got us a table”, yelled Pauline from across the room, startling Mary and Kristen worried Pauline might have heard them.

Mary took a quick glance at Pauline, she did kind of looked like a little bulging blueberry. Pauline was really short, only 5 foot 2, slightly tan with a thick build with huge breasts and a slightly large round butt brown curly hair and brown hazel eyes. If you were looking down at her you would only see her cute face and boobs, her huge chest would hide her feet. She wasn’t fat just very short and curvy, with a slight tan. She was kind of the nerdy awkward girl who had a hard time be normal in social situations just like how she yelled across the room but has a hard time being outgoing in groups.

Mary and Kristen quickly grabbed some food and sat by Pauline.

“Did you guys hear about the party this weekend?”, Pauline said over ecstatically.

“No…”, said Kristen bored and annoyed she knew if it was a party Pauline heard about it was some geek party where they just play Role Playing games, or video games while drinking.

“Let’s go! It will be fun, plus I been cooped up just studying.”, Mary squealed

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