Friends Regrets: Chapter 2

Mary and all of her friends including, Lily, Stephanie and Maria show up to the location of the party which is a basic large frat house. Kristen got a little more excited now since it was not going to be more of a crappie nerd party, it was more of a regular one but she was more impressed by Pauline’s recommendation.
When they get in it was a pretty mellow sight very mixed guys and girls crowd and, people seem to be enjoying being around each other and conversing.

Paul, a classmate of Mary runs up to her and her friends.
“You guys smoke pot?

“Sometimes.”, Lily said

“LILY!” exclaimed Mary


Lily decided to follow Paul and the gang and the gang reluctantly went with them.
“You have to try this new smoke we got its friggin good, and mellow. We get high as fuck!”, Paul said when they got to the garage where there were a few guys and a pack of girls all lounged out, giggling and laughing, some were passed out or so high that their eyes looked closed. Lily and Kristen were excited but the rest of their friends were not so much into it but they did not want to leave the group.

Paul passed Lily a bong and she took a hard drag.

“Oh, man I am already feeling it, it is so nice.”

“Yeah we got it from this new dealer, it’s legit,” Paul said

Within the next hour, everyone there had taken a puff, including Mary, and the rest of the group. It became a “blow off some steam” action between everyone, and since they are all together they felt safe to do it.

“Are you guys doing coke too?! That’s dumb!” Mary said, pointing to a bag of powder.
“No way! We don’t do that shit!” said Paul, “That is something one of the geeks brought down he said it was something they made that is kind of like acid it’s supposed to make you hallucinate or something like that but then they took off and left it, so since we don’t know what it is, we just left it alone. Those guys cook up some crazy shit, most of it is bunk but better safe than sorry.”
Lily grabbed the bag, “Let me check this out”

“NO!!!” yelled Mary, Kristen, and Stephanie all at once.

Lily pulled the ziplock bag open and it was tight so when she pulled harder the whole bag popped open and the flour type powder sprayed around the area. The Frat had to blow fans in the garage to dilute the smell of Marijuana which caused the powder to spread all across the room, into everyone’s nostrils in the garage and the powder was fine enough to cover the whole area. People started seeing colors and passing out Mary could barely keep her eyes open, drifting away into crazy colors a swirl of rainbow sherbet style bliss.


Woke up on a floor, groggy and a little out of it but she did not recognize anything, she was in a lit up room, lighted by floating orbs that were bright all 4 walls were bright pink bricks with a dark black stone floor and ceiling, a very trippy room with one white circle door to one side. For a stone room, it was cold and sterile like there was no dust, the air was clean not even a hint of any smells what so ever. It felt so clear and sterile it was creepy.

Kristin and Pauline woke the same as Mary but in a different room, their room had the exact same colors with the light orbs pink walls and black ceiling and floors with the white door but their room was made of a more spongy material almost like plastic foam.

They were as surprised as Mary but immediately clenched on to each other.

“What the heck is going on?”, Pauline said with shaking fear in her voice.

“I have no idea, are you okay, check yourself and body,” Kristen replied

“I seem fine.”

“Were we drugged and abducted?”

“Last I remembered was getting high and with you guys then that powder flew everywhere and I blacked out then.”

“Same here, I am still kind of high.”

“I know, that stuff was crazy.”

Pauline started sniffling, and tears started falling from her eyes. She then rushed to the door and tried to open it, the door was made of the same foamy substance as she reached for the doorknob it sucked back into the door, she tried to use her hands and nails to pull it back out but she could not get a grip on it. Kristen not far behind her went to help her out with no avail. The doorknob seems to react to her popping out every time she was away from it and sucked back in each time she tried to reach for it.

“Where is everyone else, why is it just us in this room?”, More tears fell from Pauline’s eyes, “I hate this, this is all your fault, you and stupid Lily you guys just had to smoke out with those guys and now they probably roofied as and abducted us and we will never get out!”

“SHUT UP!”, yelled Kristen, “ I am tired of your whining you did not have to follow us but you always need to be right by us all the time, you can’t do anything for yourself except play your Role Playing games, Video games, and nerd out. I hate hanging out with you, you are such a geeky nerd!”
“I know you hate me.” Pauline crying slowed down “ I heard what you said about me. I am sorry I am not as skinny or pretty as you or into fashion or adventurous as you but you didn’t need to make fun of how I look or dress, so what if I looked like a little blueberry you could of at least helped me dress better or at least told me the truth about what I was wearing but you are so superficial.”

“Your right…. “, Kristen said looking down, “I don’t know why I do that…”, Kristen paused looking at her feet they began to turn blue and started swelling; the blue became darker and darker traveling up her legs. She was wearing Black high heel shoes, with a plaid skirt, and white top like a Catholic school girl tied in the front, just like a party girl cliché. The blue raised up her legs, down her arms, up her neck then her face, leaving her hair blonde which made it brighter. As she began to turn more dark blue she noticed her feet stop swelling as much but her bra felt tight her breasts we swelling, she grabbed them trying to push them in from the bottom then noticed her belly was swelling as well she immediately reached for her ass and she could feel her skirt lifting as it grew.
“What the heck!?” Pauline screamed.

“heeelllppp me…” Kristen squeaked out softly as she was too scared and paralyzed at what was going on to respond any other way.

Her breast ballooned out more, and more, stretching her top pulling the buttons tight, she could feel her black silk G-String tighten pressing against her ass cheeks and pelvis cutting into her skin. Her buttons one by one started breaking loose her breasts inflating and breaking through her shirt with her belly not far behind loosening her bottom shirt tie little by little. She felt the weight behind her and fell backward falling on her expanding ass realizing she landed upright like on a stool of spongy tight ass flesh her belly and breasts broke through her shirt tearing it open.

Pauline was in such terror she couldn’t move but she also felt guilty thinking this is what Kristen deserved. She then rushed over to Kristen and tried to pull her up but Kristen was too heavy, she felt like she was filling with fat and was too heavy for Pauline to pull up.

Kristen’s growing breasts pulled her forward making her bend at what was left of her waist and her ass grew to push her legs up and out so she was lying on her stomach as her tits and ass kept inflating faster and faster.

“Please help me! Please, somebody..”

When she spoke her lips felt different like her mouth was not opening all the way she quickly put her hand up and felt her lips plumping up to an almost pouting shape. Resting her arms forward on her huge breast she felt her skin, it felt like skin but more rubbery and tight like a thick balloon she freaks out more and began thrashing, feeling her skin now perspiring and sweating but it was not sweating it was a very blue and purple liquid very slippery. Sweating, even more, she was getting huge propped up 4 feet up by her tits and ass they stopped swelling it looked comical as it looked like 5 huge balls with a little head, arms, and legs poking out.

Pauline could only stare, she didn’t know what to do, she walked up to Kristen propped up by her fat blue self, wiped some sweat with her finger and smelled it.

“Kristen, it smells like juice.”, Tasting it, “It tastes like blueberry, but it feels like oil and slippery.”
Crying “Please help me…” her lips swollen like sausages, tears were the same as the sweat, her eyes were blue now they are dark violet.

Kristen, though it was all over then she felt her belly expand even more but it wasn’t just her stomach it was her whole torso ripping what was left of her shirt and skirt off her body. She could feel her panties digging in more.


Her panties cutting into her waist and up her ass pressing into her again then exploding off. Her torso started engulfing the rest her body shortening her arms and legs with her tits and ass becoming a huge ball swelling faster her body changing into a sphere until there was nothing left but her head, hands, and feet, sticking out of her large body. She rolled to the side and the only thing that stopped her was her one hand on the right. Her pussy and ass were the same just on her ball body and her nipples were the same. Kristen was bailing and crying even harder her body was destroyed and she didn’t know if she was ever going to change back.

“I am just a big ugly blueberry, what am I gonna do.” Sobbing

She felt weird again like the room was getting bigger. Pauline noticed it right away, she was shrinking. She was becoming a little blueberry just like she called Pauline earlier. Kristen felt like she was falling further and further to the floor like she was falling. The sweat began to feel like a slippery goo on her entire body. Pauline quickly ran up to her and hugged her.

“I wish I could help, I don’t know what to do.” the sweat getting Pauline wet now.

Kristen could not do anything she just cried as she slowly shrank further and further as Pauline embraced her. She Kristen finally stopped she was only a foot tall like a little blueberry basketball with a head, hands, and feet. Her Tree tattoo was perfectly stretched on which could only be what was left of her back.

Pauline picked up the sad scared Kristen and stared at her.

“I am so sorry I was mean to you Pauline, I guess I got what I deserve.”

“It’s okay Kristen I forgive you, hopefully, we can get out of this mess.”

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