Friends Regrets: Chapter 3

Lily woke up in a different room hers was the same color and made of smooth walls and the same type of door but there was some type of short table in the middle with a hole in the center but it was completely black. Paul was in the same room with her but he was still out cold. Lily was still so completely high she was still taking everything not understanding her situation at all. She put her hand in the hole and pulled it back and a small 1 inch by 3 inch brick bar of chocolate was in her hand. She put the bar on the table and reached back in the hole but looked under the table but her hand seems to disappear in the hole and not go through the bottom of the table top itself. When she pulled her hand out another brick bar of chocolate was in her hand, she set it down and ran over to Paul. She shook him to wake him up and he did but still so high he was moving at a very slow pace.

“You have to see this trippy hole in the table, where did you guys get this thing?”, Lily said overly excited.

“Dude that is not ours”

“I am gonna try the chocolate then”

“Dude it’s not ours!”

Lily ate one bar of chocolate, she wore dark black combat boots with black booty shorts, with a black tank top and short cut auburn hair. At 5 foot 7 inches tall, she was very pale white with big 34 C cup breasts, thick build with a big 38 sized ass. She had a Gothic look to her, piercing her nipples with little bar bells, and a nose piercing with a stud on her right nostril.

Paul looked at Lily and she seemed different immediate almost like she was younger, or softer..

“You should try one Paul.”

But immediate ate another; he looked at her and tripped out.

Was she getting fat?

He loved big girls, but he kept his little secret by purposely joking or making fun of the actual women he felt was attractive. He would be derogatory calling some girls fat slob, or if it was a large breasted blonde he was call them big tittied bimbos.

Told her to get another piece and she did popping it in her mouth quickly and chewing on it slowly sucking the chocolate off letting it melt in her mouth then biting down. Breasts ballooned again and her ass rose like dough pushing rounder. She couldn’t help it anymore and kept grabbing more chocolate and devouring it faster and faster in pure bliss and getting horney in the process, she didn’t even realize she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

Paul just watched, frozen by hot she looked puffing out he didn’t even care he was starring not to mention he still has no idea where he was. He was mesmerized how beautiful Lily was getting as she ate and got fatter and fatter.

Her ass was the largest part, up her back and down her developing a shelf of pure blubbery fat. Her breasts stretched further past her bra snapping the bra straps and stretching her tank top and pouring out the top. She wanted more chocolate stuffing her face and kneading her pussy not realizing her belly was pushing her arm and hand to the side. She grabbed Paul and pulled him into her growing body kissing him all over, his face, his neck, and his lips and rubbing his cock slowly with her hand while rubbing her tits against him pressing her fingers rougher into her shorts feeling the wetness through her shorts.

He couldn’t believe it, that this girl wanted him so badly. He ripped her top off and her bra and began sucking her tits. Grabbing her growing ass straining her booty shorts to their limit as it was easy for him to rip those off her body as soon as he had one tear they exploded off, she was not wearing any panties.

He bent her over the short table on her knees and used his hand to rub her pussy up and down until her juices started flowing. Rubbing his cock across her pussy from behind and nuzzling it with hi tip feeling her ass grow
He dipped his cock into her pussy, she yelped a little in a soft sexy voice.


He looked past her head and realized she kept sticking her hand in the hole and eating mirror chocolate which was making her fatter. She ass and tits kept expanding so much and her belly very little she looked like an hour glass.

He slammed his cock into her pussy and feeling her growing ass on his pelvis and stomach. He was pushing in and out as she gave a sweet grunt and breathed heavily. They we so high they didn’t care what was happening the bliss took over. He forced his cock in her over, and over, but then he felt like he was pushing more and pulling out forcing his cock into her pussy but her ass growing by the second was pushing his body away. They wear moaning and screaming like animals each thrust.

He realized it really wasn’t her ass only making it harder to fuck her. His cock was shrinking. But he it felt so good her wet tight pussy was too much, but it was loosening. He pushed harder and harder as he yelled his voice got softer and higher. Pushing more he grabbed his tits.
Wait his tits?

“What the heck?” Paul said excitedly as he rubbed his new “A” cup tits.

Lily’s ass pushed him further and it expanded more widening and plumping out.

He pushed harder trying to fuck her as his tits got bigger, and his cock shrunk more to a tiny 1 inch worm then disappearing into his body. Paul’s breast grew huge pressing through his black cotton shirt, he found it harder to think straight, but because he was high but like he was losing intelligence.

“I like boobs.” He said in a high dumb voice.

Coughing…. “What the fuck did I just say.”, trying to deepen his voice but only sounding sultry, soft and sexy.

He tits ripped through his medium tight shirt stopping over his waist which seemed to get smaller his hips growing wider. He grabbed them trying to push them in as he failed miserably but realized something else was growing. He grabbed his own ass which was pushing out big and round.

“FUCK!|” not realizing that lily was pushing backwards waiting for the cock that has just disappeared.

His mouth felt different, he grabbed his lips finding bigger plumper versions of themselves, his hair touched his hand, learning his hair was growing longer. He immediately grabbed for his cock and found a hole where it used to be, rubbing it to make sure it was real. It felt amazing and started getting wet. He rubbed himself more.

Lily was getting fatter until she realized she was in a predicament she has grown so fat she couldn’t reach into the hole anymore. She looked down and screamed.

“What the hell has happened to me, I am a big fat slob, why didn’t you stop me Paul!”

“You mean Paula right, not Paul.”

Lily looked behind her as she found a huge tit blond that looked like a stripper but kind of looked like as if she was Paul’s sister. Her big blonde hair, huge tits, huge round ass, and fat plump luscious lips were prefect hooker type. She was 5 ft 7 inches tall with a thin waist and a body any woman would want.

Lily started screaming, she could barely move at 300 pounds she crawled away dragging her tits across the ground finally waddling up. She looked down again realizing she was a perfect hour glass with a big round belly half the length of her tits and huge areolas that were stretched out by her fat breasts. Her ass was touching the wall she knew it was further that it should be which meant her ass must of taken the most expansion. She looked at the beautiful bomb shell scared but so Horney she wanted this girl to eat her pussy out right now. But was too astonished by what had happened to her own body to register everything right away.

Chewing and swallowing the last of the chocolate in her mouth Lilly finally swallowed and spoke, the fear sobering her up from her high, “What has happened to us Paul.”


“Whatever! What the fuck has happened to us! Why am I fat and you are obviously a ditsy fucking blonde!?”

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