Friends Regrets: Chapter 4

Mary was still light headed from the pot she smoked, she walked over to the door slightly slow and wobbly, grabbed for the cold metal handle and twisted the knob and opened the door towards her. The door opened and she could see that it was the same room as the one she just came from with some slight differences; this one had a different wall pattern but same exact colors and orbs hovering from the ceiling.

Two familiar people lying unconscious on the floor, it was Stephanie and Maria. Stephanie was a short athletic but skinny girl, with matching B cup breasts and a tight muscular round butt that she developed from years of swimming and tennis. Her slight white but tan complexion and shoulder length brown straight soft hair gave her a very cute look. She wore a black mini shirt with a grey tight sleeveless top with long high heel boots to give her some more height.

Maria was a tan Hispanic with above average height at 5 foot 9 inches tall. She has long dark brown hair with average C cup breast but a very big butt. She was active but not in perfect shape she had very soft features even though she did not have a belly and overly fat but she had very thick legs. She wore tight jeans that accented her round ass and thick legs with a green tight short sleeve tee shirt that hugged her breasts and was loose around the waist.

Mary ran over to them and woke them up, both started to wake from their slumber but very out of it once they woke they freaked out about where they were and what they were doing there. They quickly check themselves to see if anything was out of place but nothing seemed to be wrong other than they were in a foreign place against their will.

“I woke up like you did, not knowing where we are in the room over there.” Mary pointed to the door, but it was gone, and realized that there was another door just like it on the other side. “Umm it was over there…”

“What happened?!” Maria said in a Spanish accent

“We smoked that pot, then Lily opened that weird bag, and now we are here…”, Stephanie looked all around the room. “Guess they thought it was funny to transport us once we passed out.”

“I don’t think that is the case Steph.” Mary said pointing at the light orbs, “Ever seen anything like that?”

“Okay, that is freaky.”, said Maria.

“You are so dumb sometimes Maria, it’s just an optical illusion?” Stephanie said walking around the orb looking for the wire or rope holding them up.

“Shut up! Stephanie you are always so mean to me, you can figure this out all on your own then.”

“I’ll figure it out, your nothing but a pair tits and ass anyways, you’re like a cat in heat always rubbing up one someone or something.”

Mary was shocked, “Guys I know it’s stressful but stop it, we need to focus.”

“Like how everyone focuses on you all the time Mary, all the guys want to date you and they don’t ever take a look at all of us, your friends, I don’t even know why we even hang out with you.” Stephanie yelled.

Stephanie felt, strange she felt hot like her skin was overly sensitive. She moaned loudly reaching for her breasts and her other hand to her pussy rubbing and grabbing them massaging them felt so good. She couldn’t handle it and dropped to her knees pinching her nipple hard and rubbing her clit in a circular motion fast and quick. She moaned even louder yelp when it got pinching sensitive and groaning as her pussy got wet instantly cumming down her leg.

“What are you doing?!” Yelled Mary

“I can’t help it, it feel so good.” Embarrassed but her sensitivity took over, her breasts grew, a cup size every few second, her ass grew and began to raise her skirt pushing outward giving a full moon to anyone who stood behind her stretching her G-string panties to the limit cutting into her waist.

Maria was in complete shock, she was not friends with Stephanie so she did not feel bad for her but she did not want her hurt either.

Stephanie’s breasts grew until they were touching the floor to the point where they were holding her up, her ass grew bigger and bigger showing no signs of stretch marks a completely round but they were the size of basketball and growing over her legs and resting on her calves. She was completely propped up by her breasts and her arms were too short to reach her nipples so she immediately used both hands and grabbed her vagina which was cumming and oozing all over the place.

Now both Mary and Maria were getting scared, their friends was morphing into something strange and whatever was happening to her was not stopping.

Stephanie was cumming so hard and it felt like her hands were being pressed away as her breasts both grew to the size of bean bags and her ass was half of the size, perfect spheres squished into ovals by the weight of their own mass. She looked to her side to see what was pressing her hand away, it was not being pressed away, her arms were shrinking and she could feel her legs underneath her to the same.

“Help me! Stop it!”, she screamed to Mary and Maria, but they had no idea what to do.
Her breasts stopped growing and so did her ass but her arms and legs were slowly being engulfed into her body and her torso was getting shorter, she was still cumming it was leaving puddles around her morphed body. Her arms and legs shrunk into her body not leaving a trace as if she never had any and her torso shortened to the point it was only a foot long and her head was right in the middle of her tits and ass poking out at a slanted up view her pussy underneath moved up a little on her torso but only enough to be reached from underneath her head or if you flipped her over. She was crying and sobbing furiously she couldn’t move and she was so hot and horny , tired and exhausted.

She felt like her skin was crawling and being massaged, she jiggled around trying to move with muscles she had left but every little movement made her cum harder she couldn’t take much more she was in bliss and could barely talk. She had abdominal muscles left and could slowly move around but that made her shake even more from the sensitivity of her skin and the floor rubbing against it.

Mary ran for the other door to get help, Maria right behind her.

“Please don’t leave me… uuugggghhhhhhh!”, Mary kept going and Maria stopped in her tracks and began running back to Stephanie.

Mary was able to open the door immediately and ran in the door, the door shut behind her quickly and automatically.

Maria went back to Stephanie and watched her, not being able to do anything to help her.

“I am sorry I called you those names… ahhhhh….”, she squealed, “I am the stupid one, I was just scared and it just came out of my mouth.”

Stephanie’s skin sensitivity began to subside and slowly became less and less. She moaned less and was more aware of her surroundings and what she transformed into than how horny she was. As she was calming down Maria reached down and ran her hand through Stephanie’s face pushing her hair back from her crying eyes and cheek, then the other side so she could see her face.

“It is okay Steph, thank you for apologizing.”

Maria whispered into Stephanie’s ear. “I always thought you were a fat ass pig anyways. You got what you deserve”, she said laughing.

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