Friends Regrets: Chapter 5

“You ass!”, Stephanie replied

Maria laughed hysterically so hard she snorted. She grabbed her nose, she never snorted before as she grabbed her nose quickly. Stephanie could see perfectly from her slanted view why the snort, as soon as Maria let go of her nose Stephanie saw how upturned and fat it was. She giggled as Maria grabbed the sides of it and found it was round oval and flat with nostrils. Maria screamed at the top of her lungs, half way through with a huge grunt.

Grunting, “Oh my god, (oink) Oh my god!”

Her ears stretched and she grabbed for them trying to force them down.

“Oink, squeal, oink!”

Her ass grew and she squealed crying as she fell on all fours. A tail spiraled out above her ass and she tried to pull it out, it pinched and hurt when she tried it. He pants ripped from the top seams as her ass stretched and tore them from the sides both her ass cheeks jiggling out of them and ripping out. Her nipples changed into teats as her breasts got bigger growing quickly pass her stomach to her belly button stretching her shirt farther out and finally busting off her chest and her bra with it.

“I am soo sorry Stephanie!”, she screamed.

But Stephanie just stared there in shock.

Maria’s ass grew bigger and bigger her finger started to meld together to look like skin flippers, her pussy plumped out and started to get wet. Her vagina got really fat and pressed against her legs pressing against her legs slightly casing them to rub against each other the friction putting her into a hot bliss. The piggy tail grew a good 6 inches out of her ass, as her hips got wider and her butt cheeks rounded sticking out even more than her Hispanic rotund butt.

“Weee, weeeeeeeeehhh!”, she squealed.

Stephanie figured it out, as long as she did not accept Maria’s apology she would keep changing into what she called or thought of someone else. Stephanie stared at Maria intently, she want to see how far Maria would transform.

Maria’s ass stuck out further and further pushing her ass outward and up. Her tail wiggled, it traveled down to her shaking fat ass cheeks waving back and forth. Her belly plumped up to and oval smooth shape, her breasts grew fatter and fatter widening at the base; her teats sagged a half inch in length. She used what was left of her hands to squeeze her teats firmly pulling down into a milking motion her nerves there were double the sensitivity.

“Please forgive me Stephanie I’ll do anything.” She shrank a little centimeter by centimeter squishing her body chubbier squishing her torsos and shortening her arms and legs. It was like her bone structure was getting smaller but her flesh body was staying the same giving her a thicker look to her whole body like a very short hourglass with a wide top and bottom.

“Okay but remember you said you will do anything, I forgive you.”

Maria stopped at only 4 foot high like a little chubby female pig girl with a humongous shelf ass a swirly tail sticking out above it. Her huge breasts with teat nipples hung off her body huge and round with no sag. Her hair cascaded over one of her eyes, her cheeks we a little chubbier cheeks but her face saw still beautiful and cute. Her little midget body very proportioned except her massive breasts and ass.

“Ngggrrrahhhh, oink! what took you so long you knew if you didn’t forgive me it would keep going?”

“Sorry I froze.” Stephanie lied; she wanted to see Maria morph into what she called her. She got exactly what she wanted to see Maria in the same pain as her.

Maria felt like her skin was hot, she needed to cum so badly but no one was there except Stephanie which did not look like she would be much use to her. Stephanie on the other had was still very hot she needed her nipples rubbed and her pussy fucked, she couldn’t move much as a big pair of tits and ass so she starred at Maria with lust but was too embarrassed to ask for help.

Maria waddled over to Stephanie her ass was so large it was causing her walk to sway side to side, she walked over to Stephanie’s face and again brushed her hair away from her face then grabbed her by the back of the hair and began kissing her short neck, her cheek, to her lips using her tongue to explore the tastes of Stephanie’s skin. Stephanie could feel her plump lips as well as her wet nostril nose against her, closing her eyes and kissing her back feeling her little mouth against her. Stephanie shuttered in ecstasy.

“Play with my tits….”, embarrassed. “Please!”

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