Friends Regrets: Chapter 6

Mary rushed into the next room, opening the door, going through, hearing a slam behind her. She looked back at the door it had disappeared she stopped and turned forward and she saw a familiar shape, the back of Pauline hunched over.

“Oh my gosh! Pauline!” yelled Mary.

Pauline turned around slowly with tears of joy in her eyes, “I am so glad to see you!” Pauline squeaked.
There was a blue jelly ball in Pauline hands with a weird tree art work on it, Mary inspected further starring at the object and realized it looked just like Kristen’s tattoo. She walked up closer to Pauline inspecting the object as she got closer she could see a little head with long blonde hair, and little hands and feet sticking out of the sides. It started shivering and shrieked in a tiny high voice.

“Mary! It’s me Kristen!” her voice traveled weakly.

Mary rubbed her eyes, and squinted thinking this is crazy, Pauline turned Kristen around in her hand facing outwards so Pauline could see the small Kristen as she was. A basketball sized blue berry with a little head, hands and feet sticking out. Mary could see the little tiny purple nipples and a tiny slit where her pussy is completely hairless and wet. Kristen’s body looked really shiny and moist; Pauline held Kristen out as Mary automatically grabbed Kristen’s smooth round body carefully.

Kristen shivered her overly sensitive skin was still not as bad as before but it was still bad.

Pauline looked at her hands covered in blue wet she he licked her fingers. She fell in pure ecstasy as she sucked her finger of the sweet blue berry juice giving her an orgasm.

Mary looked at Kristen, her body felt like pure fat on a boob, she was round but squishy, she began to massage Kristen, and Kristen responded by moaning. Mary thought Kristen was really cute as a little blueberry and fidgeted Kristen on her hands massaging it like it was Mary’s own boob, her sweat gave her great lubrication to be wiggled in Mary’s fingers. She even turned Kristen a little so that her thumbs rested on Kristen little nipples and rubbed her gently giving Kristen a heavy orgasm.

“You are getting me so horney Mary, Stop it.” Kristen yelped.

“I can’t help it, you are just so cute, and you are so sexy.”

“Uuuuggghhhhhhh”, she moaned, “Mary how can you think this is cute or sexy I’mmm mmmmhmmmm just a blueee berrryyyyyy.” She had a hard time concentrating.

“I would rather have you like this then that short little dumb mindless blonde bimbo you were.”

Kristen looked at Mary intently, she knew what was going to happen next, and anything that is said regretfully becomes that person curse. She didn’t even know where Mary got that from Kristen might be a little shallow but never a bimbo.

Mary’s body shrunk a little her lips turned a hot pink and pouted out a little. All of a sudden it got hard for her to focus, her breasts enlarged into round domes like her intelligence was pouring into her breasts. Her ass plumped out as she shrunk to 5 foot 2 inches tall and stopped, her waist shrunk and thinned out as her breasts rounded out more and her ass stuck out more her legs shaped out and in to two perfect toned arched legs. Her hair grew down to the small of her back getting fuller and lighter, curlier fluffing out and curling.

“Like where are we?” Mary said as her voice became extraordinarily high pitched.

Mary’s breasts got bigger and bigger pressing into Kristen’s body, Kristen secretly let it go she did not want to forgive Mary, she wanted Mary to become what she just called Kristen. Mary’s breasts got more sensitive she began rubbing Kristen’s wet body against her breasts, her shirt was baggy except for where her boobs was pressing through her skirt got loose around her waist and then dropped and hung on her wide waist and luscious bulbous ass. Her shoes felt loose so she stepped out of them looking even shorter than before. Her nose turned up a little, her eyes got a little bigger, she could feel her pussy pulsating.

“I feel dumb, I am not dumb help me I can’t stop thinking about sex. Please I don’t want to be dumb.”
“Haaa haaaaa I love you like this Mary. I act so superior to everyone else it’s about time you have no control anymore.” Kristen Laughed “Stick your ass out and play with your pussy.”

Mary stuck her ass out holding Kristen out with one hand and her other hand began to rub her pussy. She brought Kristen closer to her face and dragged her tongue across Kristen’s body moaning like a cat in heat.

Pauline was still fixated on her orgasm in the corner to realize what was going on her back to the couple facing the wall; she finally snapped out of it and looked behind her. Confused at first on who this new girl was but realized it was Mary.

“What are you doing Mary!” Pauline yelled.

“I can’t help it Kristen told me to do this and now I am doing it, I can’t stop!”

“Stop!” Pauline Yelled.

Mary stopped but in place she was frozen she couldn’t think to say anything next she could only think about wanting people tell her what to do.

“Mary Kay doesn’t like being dumb.”

“Ummmm Mary? Did you just say Mary Kay”

“I am Kary May, I mean Mary Kay, that my real name I used Mary so I don’t sound like a dumb hick”

“Stand Up straight Mary Kay.” Kristen yelled he tiny voice carried “Lick me again.”

Mary Kay brought Kristen to her lips kissing her and sucking on Kristen’s tiny little nipples. She pressed her lounge up and down Kristen’s plump soft body rubbing her face across her round soft sphere. The juices Kristen was excreting was getting on Mary Kay’s lounge making her more delicious and more addictive, Mary Kay could stop she has to suck and lick more even nibbling slightly on Kristen’s skin sending waves of pleasure into Kristen’s libido.

This can’t be happening thought Pauline.

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