Friends Regrets: Chapter 7

“STOP!!!” Pauline yelled, “We have to get out of here! You both need to get a grip!”

Mary Kay stopped and starred at Pauline like a deer in headlight. Her mind was so fuzzy and bimboish she could deal with cognitive though she was waiting for Pauline to give her another command, hopefully something fun and sexy. Kristen was still in full ecstasy still not realizing that Mary Kay even stopped. Mary Kay hated the fact Pauline stopped her.

“I am just trying to get off, you nerd!”, Mary Kay yelled back.

Mary Kay felt funny again like a rush of data slammed into her forehead she fell to her knees and dropped Kristen who plopped and bounced around.

“Ouch!” Kristen said as the padded room broke her fall and she rolled around like a ball of silicone not being able to move herself at all and leaving bluish purple marks where ever she swayed to.

Mary Kay looked at her hands, her fingers plumped up a little, her skin went from a healthy skin color tone to very pale. She looked up at Pauline, finally realizing what was happening but she couldn’t focus too well Pauline looked like a blur to her. A pair of glasses appeared in front of her knees and she automatically took them and put them on, she could see everything in full detail now.

“Arrrgghhhhh! Well this has to be better than what I was just doing or was.”

Her huge breast deflated receding into her body losing their round stiffness and becoming overly soft tear drops sagging slightly into C-cups. Her belly rounded out and expanded slightly cutting the distance between them. Her grey fitted shirt went from tight across her huge breasts to being more fitted across her torso but stretched across her whole body like a woman who wore a shirt two sizes too small. Her lips shrunk slightly and her hair turned jet black and went a little limp and actually wrapped itself into a pony tail. Her face stayed very cute but her nose widen slightly into more of a button nose and her ears stuck out a little, small light freckle poked out on top of her cheeks.

Images rushed into her head, she knew almost every Anime and cartoon, she could see every book she ever read in school, her video game talents were pretty good, and could sit in front of a computer for hours looking at geeky gadgets and fantasy artist.

As she looked down as her legs plumped, her thighs stretching across the bottom fabric of her skirt pressing outward and up. Her ass rose out like bread dough as it got bigger and saggy making her skirt ride up the chubbiness and stretch further out. Her hips widened with skin fat giving her an extreme pear look received from years of sitting and lying around. Dimples formed on her butt and jutted out making a shelf on her backside. This bulbous bottom she had acquired had no stretch marks just dimples in the ass cheeks with a soft white gleaming glow.

Her pussy stayed plump from her fat lags now pressing against each other, she still had thoughts of sex but now they were mangled into a nerdy fantasy.

Pauline again starred, she felt lucky she could never call anyone any names or even make fun of other people, she thought Mary was the same way but this place they are in must be messing with everyone’s head. Mary snorted a little.

“This place takes all of your hate remarks and uses it against you, some type of magic.”
Both Pauline and Kristen starred at Mary with a quizzical, oh really look.

“Hey I been an idiot bimbo just a while ago so don’t judge right now I just figured it out.” Mary replied in a matter of fact tone.

“Maybe if you try to say something nice it will reverse.” Pauline said.

“Pauline, you are such a tall, beautiful woman, with a toned body, long blonde hair, and a gorgeous face.” Kristen interrupted immediately.

Nothing happened.

“It has to be something else, maybe it only takes bad things you say and uses it against you.” Pauline said softly in deep thought.

In her new nerdy smart state Mary knew exactly what it was. “It uses your real thoughts of what you think about someone that later you regret thinking or saying, only forgiveness can stop the changes but usually it is too late.”

“How did you figure that out?” Kristen shifted and kind of rolled toward Pauline as Pauline automatically picked Kristen’s fatty round slippery body up.

“I am not stupid. At least not anymore, and you figured it out a while ago that’s why you didn’t say anything or forgive me when my first changes happened.”

“I only thought when you say it this place changes you” Kristen replied ashamed that Mary figured it out. “Please massage me, I am so horny still.” Turning her head, talking to Pauline.
Pauline began rubbing her again still focusing on Mary, what she turned into and waiting for an answer how to fix everything since Mary turned into a super smart nerd maybe she had an answer.

“Let’s just go through another door, there is not much worse that can happen to us.”

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