Friends Regrets: Chapter 8

Mary went through the next door, Pauline right behind her carrying the blueberry Kristen in her hands. Pauline has to constantly get a grip on Kristen because of how slippery she was. This time Pauline tried to play smart and hold the door open with her back not entering in the room all the way.

Everything seemed the same in the room but this time they found a table with a masturbating blonde girl on the side and a really large naked fat woman who kind of looked like…..

“Lily!” Mary yelled.

Lily tried to cover up her large fat frame with her hands but she was just too big to cover anything other than one nipple and her vagina. She was just too large.

“That’s Lily?” Pauline said under her breath looking at Kristin then back to Lily.

“Who are you?” Lily responded to Mary.

“It’s me, Mary.”

Lily squinted thinking this girl can’t be Mary but then she could see the slight facial features and then she knew it to be true. This pale white big bottomed woman before her looked like Mary and sounded like her but it looks like she went through a similar transformations.

“Oh my gosh, I am glad you are here, but don’t look at me I am disgusting.” Lily cried letting her hands go to her face crying frantically.

The blonde walked over and began massaging Mary’s breasts and kissing her neck from behind. Mary jumped away quickly.

“What the hell! Who are you!?”

“Paula, sweet cheeks.”


“That’s Paul, Mary, I don’t know what happened to him but he changed into that bimbo girl.” Lily explained.

“Did either of you guys say anything mean to think anything mean to each other?” Pauline jumped in conversation.

“No… I just ate the chocolate in the table and he just turned into that mess.” Lily blushed she did not want them to know Paul became that way while having sex with her.

“Hmmmmmmmmm.” Mary was now in deep thought everyone else changed around her when they said something mean but now it seems this place has no rules at all.

“I like chocolate!” Paula reached into the hole and grabbed a piece, everyone tried to stop the moron but she popped it in her mouth and started chewing, if she did get fatter it was very slight and not really noticeable except now her body just looked a little less defined. Mary tackled Paula and stopped her from getting another piece, Paula was struggling to get up but Mary new found girth weighted her down.

“Quick, someone go into the next room maybe someone else can help.” But everyone was confused there was only one door and Pauline was keeping it open.

Mary rolled her eyes, “Pauline! Let that door shut.”

Pauline let the door close as another door appeared on the opposite side of the room, since Pauline was the most mobile out of them she walked briskly to the other side and opened the door.

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