I am back

So I guess I am back again, back to writing mainly because I have fans… I had no idea I had fans but turns out I really do and they kind of sort of love me.

By “love me” I mean to say they really want me to finish a few of my stories that I had produced over a year ago.

So I felt kind of bad leaving in a hiatus but I have found myself coming back to finish what I started and also begin writing more. I will be changing things up a bit and will be added a more non-fetish area of writing that I have been exploring, thanks to some people who have been inspiring to me to keep it up.

For the people I left with “to be continued”, and unfinished works, I apologize. My real job and career work got the best of me and I found myself uninspired to write and at the time to focus on my professional life ad well as a new hobby of woodworking. (yeah I know kind of lame)

But here I am again so let me know if you have any story ideas that might spark my interest or ideas that can bloom with my writing style.

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