It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 1 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine



Kevin was a normal guy, in a normal life, and in a normal home.

At five foot seven inches tall he was short for a guy. Very slim with very little muscle or even muscle definition most people would call his body frame meek. Clean cut, short brown hair, glasses with a rectangular smooth edge rim. His style was basic wearing a bright pin-striped colored cotton polo shirts, and brown corduroy pants he would blend into invisibility if anyone was looking for him. He teetered between nerdy and average if anyone really described him, but the trait that stood out the most would be physically weak.

He was married for over 4 years to Amber, she was a Blonde haired, blue eyed bombshell. Her eyes were crystal blue and deep as the sea, her ample buxom stretched most tank top to the limit and her curvy round bottom was like someone cut a basketball in half and stuffed it in her stretch pants. Her waist was average but her belly was completely flat and her blonde hair was big and flowed down her back in big curly waves that would rival any Texas-style woman. She was taller than Kevin at five foot, nine inches tall and with heels, she would tower over him.

They met in college, Kevin was the cream of the crop when it came to computer programming and coding. In school he was the top of his class and was heavily recruited by top tech companies, he had his pick of any career coming out of college.

Amber being the gold digger she was and a dominant personality was able to win Kevin over as if he were an elementary child led over by a chocolate chip cookie. Most people knew that the only reason a woman like her was with a guy like Kevin had to be for money, power, or status. They would be correct in assuming this, she saw his potential and how much some of these types of jobs can lead to millions so she scooped him up and has been his girlfriend to wife ever since, getting married right out of college. What she did not realize is that Kevin was not an ambitious guy when it came to any of these things that were important to Amber. In fact, he was a carefree guy who wanted to make the world better place, so out of college, he decided to work with a non-profit organization that allowed his talents to build programs that would make the world a better place. His salary was average and underpaid for his type of position in the company but he was happy in what he was doing.

Amber thought that this was just a phase, at first she felt she would wait for him to mentally wake up and use his talents to give her the material things she desired. But after three years of waiting for her patience was spent, and slowly she began realizing she only had two choices in her mind, either force him to become the man she wanted or to leave him and take as much of what he had financially with her.

This last year together has been hell on Kevin, everyday Amber crushed his confidence, verbally abusing him most days. Calling him weak, stupid for not being motivated to make money, limp dick, and any other thing that would hurt his ego. He became more self-conscious about how he felt about himself little by little, and day by day. He felt inadequate to be with her and even thought of changing his career working for a big corporation looking to make profits off his natural talents just to keep her happy.

Amber would make little effort sexually, once a week, just enough to keep him around to pay the bills. More recently they had no physical relationship anymore and Kevin had his suspicions that she was cheating on him.

Kevin found himself coming home later, and later each night. He could not bear walking into his own home and being steamrolled by his wife. But he forced himself to enter into the premise of his own domain each time dreading another terrible night with his terrible wife.


Today should be no different, walking up to his front door, realizing it was slightly cracked open he pushed it opened only to find his wife half naked on the couch with a blanket thrown over her, a few articles of men’s clothing on the ground, and hearing a slam of the back door.

He ignored it and made his way into the hallway, internally feeling furious but stood stoic to make sure he would shed not a single a tear in front of her.

“I figured you were a spineless pencil dick, you don’t even care when someone violates your wife!”, she yelled at him.

His reply was cold and emotionless, “What you have done is slammed the door on our marriage.”

“So the fuck what! I can get any guy I want and in the process, I am taking half of your shit, so go ahead and divorce me, you simple feeble man.”, as she got up from the couch throwing the blanket off herself naked with only a pair of pink thongs on her bottom.

“I knew I was stupid for marrying you but I thought maybe you would change, and maybe you thought I would change, in the end, I am still a man and this is unacceptable,” Kevin said in the same tone, this upset Amber even more how calm he was.

“You are definitely not a real man, just an egg head idiot!”, she pulled a white tank top over her head stretching it down over her D-cup breasts, stumbling down the hall following Kevin.

“Do not worry baby, I will get everything in order for your departure.” as Kevin Turned the corner and went into his home office, shutting the door, and locking it from the inside.

Bang! Amber hit her hand against the door.

“You are a moron, by the time I am done this will be my house!” she pulled her Light Blue Yoga pant up her long legs pulling hard over her perfectly large round ass, jumping up with them to make sure they clear her curves.

Amber went back to the couch and fell asleep as Kevin stayed in his office.


Amber woke up to the smell of something sweet.

She stretches her arms in the air and looked at her cell phone for the time.

It was 3:00 am, confused she got up and followed the smell to the dining area.

On the table was a German chocolate cake, her favorite with a sealed envelope in front with a heart drawn in with a pink highlighter.

She opened the envelope and pulled out a note.



You are a terrible person, to you everything
is about pleasure and bliss never working for
anything and never caring about anyone. I thought
maybe you would change but I see that will never
happen. So here is your cake so you can eat it too.
Used to be Yours,



“What a moron,” she said to herself. She looked down the hallway to see that the light from his office was still on and it looked like he had no intention of coming out. “Fuck it, I am up might as well have a piece, doubt he has the balls to poison it and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste.” her stomach grumbled. She felt drawn to it, the smell was so fantastic.

Quickly she grabbed a small dessert plate from the kitchen cabinet, and a knife and fork out of the draws scampering back to the table and cutting a piece. She laid the wedge of cake on her dish, sat down, and slowly pushed the fork through the brown chocolate cake admiring the coconut frosting ooze onto the fork, scooping it up to her lips, opening her mouth and laid it on her tongue bringing it into her orifice and shutting her mouth closed to chew.

The cake was phenomenal is was the perfect texture, sweetness, and taste.

“Wow, that asshole can make a pretty good… OUCH!” she felt a prick on her shoulder. She turned to see Kevin standing behind her, he must have crept up on me, she thought. He was holding an empty syringe.

“Pretty good cake, isn’t it?”, he smiled dropping the syringe into a bag and throwing it in the trash.

“What the hell was that, did you poison me?”

“I would not say poison more like gave you more of what you are.”

“What is that supposed to mean…” She felt woozy, she grabbed her forehead feeling as if her head was going to fall off. After a few seconds, it seems to wear off a little bit but she felt high as if she smoked a couple of puff from a Marijuana joint. “You’re an asshole…”, she said softly trying to regain her senses.

“It is okay piggy, now you can feel bliss all the time.”

She felt hungry, she picked up the for and scooped another piece into her mouth, she couldn’t understand what was happening to her but she needed to consume the rest of the sweets from her plate.

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