It Has Been a Pleasure – Chapter 3 (WG,AG,Pig,Anthro,Shrink) by Kaine


Amber’s eyes turned redder and began to water, tears ran down her face and over her newly plumped cheeks.

Kevin’s smile went from a crooked grin to a full smile from ear to ear.

She looked over her new body and pushed her chair away from the table. Throwing her hands up to her face and feeling her slightly widened soften face with the wetness of tears that dripped from her eyes. They wandered down her neck where a small smooth bump formed under her chin, she could only guess it was a double chin forming. Past her neck to her clavicle bones which had disappeared under the new portly flesh.

Her hands reached towards her breasts that stuck out another few inches and dropped down like large water balloons. No longer were they the round perky spheres they once were, now transformed into big fatty lumps that molded with her tightly stretched out tank top. A pair of soft round masses that spread to each side of her body with thickened pencil eraser nipples that now pointed southeast towards the floor. She cupped her hand under each pair to pull them up hoping they would keep their position, but as soon as she let go the weight bounced her torso slightly and the waves of soft skin wiggled like a jello mold.

“Uunnnnnngggghhhhhhh.” She moaned, her skin tingled with oversensitivity. What was that she thought?

Her hands smoothly went down a few inches to her newly formed pot belly. It was warm, soft, puffy. In her fear, she pressed her hands more quickly down her body to get past the new spare tire. Her hands disappeared from her vision as the angle of her eyes were blocked by the new massive tit flesh that blocked her view.

“Oh my god, what have you fucking done.” she whimpered. One of her fingers found a hole… It was her belly button, and for the first time in her life, there was a small half inch hole that was never there before. She pulled her hands away from the center of her stomach toward the sides of her abdomen. Her hands moved outward, and more outward, and more…. She cupped her hands around a plumpish muffin top that rested over the elastic band of the tight yoga pants.

She stood up to inspect more of her widened frame.

“Let me help you figure this out quicker.” Kevin quickly replied, as he reaches under the table and pulled out a two foot by one foot tall oval vanity mirror, and set it on the table behind her empty plate.

He planned this perfectly.

Startled she glanced towards the mirror but her eyes stopped at the empty plate, disgusted and grossed out by the crumbs left behind of ungodly fate. Her eyes met up with the mirror. She was horrid. She beamed at the reflection of herself. The fat pig that eyeballed back at her, was her. She guessed to have gained at least sixty pounds, even on her tall body frame that was a lot to pack on in such a short time.

Her legs already felt the added weight and strain of the blubber around her body.

She turned her hips to the side to see more and put her lead hand on her ass. Her new view made her scream in her head and crying tears to flood out more. Her cute bubble butt was now two new huge bloated balls of dough. It sat high, low, and on both sides, it was a curved out like a shelf that engulfed a part of her hamstring and cornered into her leg. Her Yoga pants were stretched so tightly around her bottom and legs she could see the imprint of her thong and the color of her skin bleeding out where the pants have been over stretched.

She turned to face the mirror face forward to take a peek at the rest of the nightmare.

Her thighs doubled in size, the gap between them was gone, bowed out and back into her knee only to swell out more around her shin and calves but merged with the foot as if her legs never had ankles. Her whole body sat upon two little feet that looked too tiny to be holding up so much girth.

She could see an imprint of her vagina through her stretched out pants. Even her pussy had filled out like a hot dog bun.

Kevin grew a hard-on in his pants, luckily she could not see it behind the mirror hiding his crotch. He couldn’t decide if in her fattened state that he found her more attractive, or if punishing this cunt who made his life hell was the real reason for his excitement.

Her mental state could no longer handle it, she was broken. Everything that made her who she was since College was gone this was the worst punishment. As if every pound gained a pound of confidence was lost.

Like a little girl, she sat back in the chair, put her face into her hands and cried the hardest she ever had. She sniffled hard and sobbed loudly.

For a total of sixty seconds, Kevin felt terrible…. But then a flash of the last five years reached into his brain and pulled out his resolve.

“It’s okay Hunny”, Kevin approached her. In her blubbering state, she did not hear him come closer. “Like I said, you never asked what I have been working on all these years at my job.”, he came closer and walked behind her and rested his hand on her shoulders and massaged them. His hard-on got bigger as he could feel how thick her shoulders had become.

“This is a joke, right? This is all just a joke and I will wake up and be myself again, right?” She sniveled, shedding heavy tears. She was too scared to throw his hands off of her in fear something worse could happen to her beautiful body.

“Let me make you feel better, baby.” a stench of confidence seem to be growing in Kevin’s voice. He massaged her shoulders more, and her body responded. The sensation of his hands rubbing her shoulders sent waves of pleasure through her body, even though her mind begged her to keep him away from her, her body wanted and needed more. Her skin enjoyed the touching that spread into the rest of her jiggly body expanding out into her nervous system and then regrouping into her pussy…. She was getting wet.

Her sobbing continued, her face damp with crying tears. But she couldn’t clamp on to what was going wrong with her body and why it was reacting to his touch so much.

As he rubbed he bent over to put his face close to hers, pulled her hair back a little exposing her neck. He covered her ear lobe with his most lips and used his tongue to massage it.

Her crying stopped, “mmmpphhhhhfffff.” She muffled, he knew the sound too well. She was in bliss pleasure, she had not made that sounds in years but he remembered it well.

Amber’s body reacted, her hand slid down to her crotch, she was so confused. It felt phenomenal but she was disgusted by his face, but then again maybe he will fix what was happening to her, she thought

Kevin left her ear blowing on it allowing the cool air to give her the chills, he kissed down her neck and cupped her breasts pinching her nipples lightly with his forefinger and thumb. She rubbed her clit from outside her pants adding speed and pressure each stroke up and down. He kissed down her neck and rested his mouth on the clavicles that used to be there and whirled his tongue on them, as he sucked on her skin.

She was overly excited in euphoria.

Moaning louder, and louder.

Stroking her womanhood faster and harder finally going from up and down, to a circular motion.









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