Jealousy Change: Chapter 1

Bridgett’s plane landed in the airport she quickly grabbed her bag from the top cabin cabinet above her head and waited in line with the rest of the passengers trying to get off the plane. As a wife she had learned patience, her 6-hour flight from Kansas was not exactly ideal but she could not wait to meet up with her longtime friend in New York.

It had been years since she had seen her best friend and college roommate Amber. They had been college roommates since they were freshmen and now five years later they had a schedule where they could bond once more.

After college Bridget got married to her other good friend Ted, all three of them were the best of friends and even nicknamed themselves the Three Amigos. They were inseparable, Bridget studied communications with the grandeur of being a news anchor or movie star but did not land her anything much after college except an office job at a local accounting firm. Ted was the jock who was there on a football scholarship and ended up as a starting quarterback for their college team but was not talented enough to play in the pros, but with hard work, he owned a chain of car dealerships that did very well for themselves. Amber, on the other hand, found herself in a great career position becoming a personal assistant to one of the most predominant CEO’s in the fashion industry for high-end perfumes.

Bridgett finally was able to walk down the airline ramp into a lounge area and into a local coffee shop in the terminal. She played and teased with her long brown hair, wanting to make a great first reunion impression on Amber. The years were just okay to her physique she had picked up a little weight, at five foot four inches tall she used to be super thin in college but sitting all day going over numbers her diet was not as good as it should have been but she was still very average. At 130 pounds on her small frame, she still looked great but not like she did in college. She would get the occasional pickup artist asking her out but was no longer one of the hot crowd.

She wore a conservative “at home wife” red dress with white polka dots, the skirt stopped knee high. The top was V-cut with frilly shoulder covering sleeves and hugged her waist slightly showing her figure. She looked down at her “B” cup breasts and adjusted her bra and top lifting them up to perky level, and brushed her dress skirt down a little to not show that the waist of the dress was too high. She was not used to dressing up so much and was more of a shorts or jeans type girl and this dress was uncomfortable.

She pulled out a compact mirror from her bag to make sure her face was okay. She looked into her big blue eyes, they looked good with only limited mascara. She Adjusted her black rim glasses to make sure they were straight. She then pulled out some red lipstick that matched her dress and touched up her average sized lips, she then looked into the mirror again moving the compact outward so she could see her face in full.

Meeting up with her friend after such a long time made her feel self-conscious, Amber was always the pretty one of the group. She could only describe her self as the “girl next door” and she could only compare herself as being in between looking like an older Zooey Deschanel and younger Salley Field.

When she was done she put back her compact mirror and lipstick and sat on a stool waiting for her friend


Bridget turned to where her name was being called.

A tall blonde woman whom she hardly recognized was running to her location, because of her long fitted black dress it was more of a scamper since it did not allow for much leg room to move.

“Bridgett! Oh my god! I can’t believe you came!”

As the woman shuffled closer, Bridgett realized it was amber but she looked so different now, she looked… Gorgeous! As if she busted out of a Cosmopolitan magazine, the first thing Bridgett felt was extreme jealousy.

“Come here!” As Amber wrapped her arms around the seated Bridgett and gave her a huge bear hug. Bridgett still in her seated potion was not able to get her arms up in time and took Amber’s huge “C” cup breast right to her face and was smothered in between a boob and Amber’s armpit. Some of her lipstick rubbed off into Amber’s huge cleavage.

Bridgett was speechless.

Amber then grabbed Bridgett’s shoulders and pulled away. “Let me take a look at you! Oh my gosh, you look exactly the same!” this is not what Bridgett wanted to hear but at least it was better than being called ugly or frumpy.

“How are you.”Bridgett was finally able to get words out.

“Oh, I am doing so good, but let’s get out of here I have a driver waiting for us.” Amber grabbed Bridgett by the hand and pulled her away from the stool, Bridgett barely able to grab her bag to follow.

Amber was only about five foot eleven, the same height in college, but now wearing her elegant black heeled shoes she stood over six foot. It looked like she had gained a little weight but it all went into her Breasts and ass and only a few inches at that. In college she was the pretty and cute bean pole, now she looked like a full-grown model with a statuesque curvy figure.

As they left the terminal, the sliding glass doors opened and in front was a black limo with a man dressed in a suit standing by it.

“Are you kidding me?” Bridgett said sarcastically.

“Perks of the job!” Amber smiled, “Carl, please put my friend’s bag in the trunk.”

“As you wish.” as Carl grabbed the bags from Bridgett and opened the back door of the limousine for the two women. Bridgett stepped in first and then quickly Amber followed her using her round butt to slide Bridgett down the soft slick leather seats.

Carl closed the door behind them, put her bag in the trunk and stepped into the driver’s seat. He rolled down the border glass between the passenger area and the driver seat, “Where to miss?”

Bridgett was blown away on her friend’s status.

“Let’s go to Valencias, Carl”

“Will do, and I will make the arrangements on the way.” Carl rolled up the full window to give the women their privacy, as he drove the car away from the terminal car parking.

“You will love it, Bridgett, they have superb food and the drinks are to die for.”

They arrive at their destination and the limo pulled up to the front where a wide red carpet awaited. Carl ushered both women out of the car and walked them to the front of the doors where he opened it up for them graciously. The restaurant lounge was beautiful full of gleaming chandeliers with tables and booths separated at least six feet apart, Bridgett felt even more self-conscious as she felt she was too underdressed for this event.

The short cute blonde female host who looked like a model immediately came up and greeted Amber and walked them to a corner booth table.

“I can’t believe you, Amber.”

“What?” She replied

“This is amazing. You get this treatment everywhere?”

“Well like I said, working for Miss Veronica, my boss, has its perks so please don’t be shy order whatever you want, it all goes on the company credit card.”

After a delicious dinner, both women had a few drinks, Bridgett was still overwhelmed by her friend. Amber was gorgeous, she fit right into this lifestyle her wavy blonde hair, big brown eyes, perfectly straight teeth that were so gleaming they could be mistaken for fake. The dress she wore accented every part of her body from her large breasts, thin waist, and bodacious round ass for her thin figure, the black dress was skin tight on her with light sparkles. Her cleavage popped out of the top and even her arms were thin and toned to perfect svelte appendages, even her legs were perfectly shaped.

Bridgett’s jealousy brewed into pure anger and hate, but was able to keep in under control, this is her best friend, she thought, there was no reason to hate her, she worked hard to get where she was.

“So what is new? How is life?” Amber asked.

“Life is good if you remember I married Ted, and even though he did not make the Pro’s in football he still became successful. We live a very good and average life, nothing like yours”

“Well I got really lucky, originally I worked in the main office of our company but one of the VP’s discovered me, I think he just wanted to get into my skirt and first, but then I worked as hard as I could and finally got respect and now I am the main assistant to the CEO of the company.” Amber sounded smug about it, this only angered Bridgett more, here she thought Amber might have worked for her position and now she found out it was all by luck. “What about your family, have you guys thought about kids?”

“We are trying to have kids but lately Ted gets home from work and he seems so tired lately. I will be honest him and I have kind of fell flat a little, we feel more like roommates. I know he loves me very much but it just seems like the romance has slowly diminished.”

“Bridgett, I am really jealous of you, Ted is such a hottie I would do anything to keep him, or a guy like him, plus remember he was always the nice guy, you kind of have to push him to be what you want.”

“Maybe,” Bridgett responded in a monotone, how could Amber know anything she thought, she is single and lives in this paradise, what would she know about being married and how to keep a man happy.

“Well, for tonight lets just have fun!” Amber grabbed Bridgett by the arm and took her to the ballroom area where there was a cover band playing some 90’s alternative music and she pushed Bridgett to mingle and dance. After a few more drinks and playing on the dance floor they went back to the restaurant side of the area and sat in their original booth.

“Oh man, I missed you so much!” Amber yelled not used to the more quiet room.

A little exhausted from dancing and catching her breath Bridgett finally responded, “Oh, I missed you so much too, this has been so much fun and I feel so much freer. I almost never want to go home.” She giggled.

“I am so envious of you Bridgett, you have a cute husband, a family, and love.” she reached over and hugged Bridgett, “I would love to be in your shoes.” Bridgett could smell the alcohol on her breath, thank goodness they have a driver to take them home.

“Oh, you are so bull shit.” Bridgett playfully joked, “You have it all here, you are fucking gorgeous with the super single life, and you work for just a prestigious company I would trade places with you any day.” just as drunk mostly kidding with her but in Bridgett’s mind, very serious.

“Awwwwwww, thanks to Bridge.” Amber wrapped her arms around her friend one more time, smothering Bridgett with her breasts again.

Bridget was beginning to hate getting hugs from her friend. It reminded her of how small she was and how big her friend was.

“Excuse me!” a woman shouted.

“Excuse me!” she yelled again.

Amber and Bridgett opened their eyes to see an older woman standing before their table.

“Hello girls, I am Amria and I could not but help but to hear your conversation.” she was an older woman in her fifties but looked very good for her age. She was dressed up in a white cocktail dress all by herself but with two younger well built men standing behind her like bodyguards. She wore the dress well with voluptuous curves sticking out pulling out the fabric, long curly brown hair flowed down her shoulders with a light tan and brown mysteriously beautiful eyes. At only five foot five she felt taller in her aura almost mystical.

“How can we help you,” Amber replied, always the business attitude.

“You are really beautiful.” Bridget let slip out of her drunken mouth.

“Well I have felt what you guys are thinking and heard your conversational a little and I want to help.” She reached in her handbag and stuck her hand in what seemed to be a bottomless pit stretching her hand beyond the purse mid-forearm through and pulled out two odd shaped ropes with leather cuffs.

She put them on the table, each one looked like long handcuffs. The rope was about 3 feet long, in a brown tan color and looked like hemp rope at anyone could find at an outside market it was frayed and rough strands split off the base of the rope like a potato sack fabric. On each end of the piece of rope was a brown leather cuff with a metal clip to close it tight. Both were placed side by side.

Both women looked at the cuffs, then at each other in confusion.

“What are supposed to do with these?” Amber asked.

“If you really would like to trade lives, cuff each end to each other and what you wish will be done.” she smiled widely, “I have added a second pair so that you may change back, but each set can only be used once.”

Bridgett laughed loudly. “This is too much!” she yelled, “New York is so weird!”

Trying to stay serious Amber asked’ “And what do you want in return.” trying to hide a giggle.

“Nothing at all, I only warn you to be careful and to really think about what you are both asking.” Amria’s smile broke to a straight serious face. “I feel that one of you has much more to lose, but this is your choice, I only wish to grant you both understanding.”

“So weird!” Bridgett laughed again.

“Thank you for your time.” as Amria walked off and her guards following her.

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