Jealousy Change: Chapter 3

Amber already missed her body, her own large studio apartment now felt like a palace. She had only shrunk a few inches but everything looked twice as large. She looked over her new body, everything was so much smaller and shorter, she pulled off her large lacy bra as it fell off easily and picked up her white see through nightie that draped over her like a tent pulling it in close to make sure it did not slide off again. She pinched her cheek to see if was a dream feeling a little chubbier than usual.

“Ouch!” She squeezed harder than she anticipated doing it for good measure.

She looked down her belly to see a tiny bit of fat poking past her waist line and took her index finger and thumb pinching the flesh as well. She felt her skin pull our from her body, her face squished up in disgust.

“Hey! I can’t go to the gym everyday.” Bridgett reacting to Amber’s scrunched face.

Amber looked up, seeing Bridgett doing the same things, examining her new body. She cupped her huge firm breasts cradling them in her hands and feeling how perfectly round they were.

“Okay can we change back now?” Amber asked.

“Awe come on, right away?”

“This is kind of freaking me out, Bridge.”

“We have another pair of cuffs, lets just enjoy this for a bit.”

“No! This is too much, this kind of thing is not supposed to be real!” her eyes got red and welled up with tears but not allowing them to pour out.

Ignoring her friend’s plea, Bridgett was feeling up her new body. Her skin was soft and radiant. “Wow your body is amazing!” she looked up from her admiration to see Amber’s face turn red. “Wait, wait, just calm down Amber.”

Bridgett rushed over taking less steps than normal to get to her friend with her longer legs and wrapped her arms around Amber giving her a big bare hug.

Bridgett’s new breasts pushed against Amber’s face giving her a dose of her own medicine from the airport. Amber began to cry into Bridgett’s new buxom wedging her face into her familiar breasts suffocating herself slightly. She felt something slide off her wrist, looking down she saw that the cuff had released itself and dissolved on the floor leaving nothing but a few strands of the rope. tears flowed down her cheek, she felt vulnerable and so little.

Bridgett on the other hand was feeling more confident, bigger in the world. The feeling consumed her, she felt powerful and complete.

“Let’s sit down for a bit.” Bridgett asked guiding Amber to her couch. Trying to devise a plan to keep things the way they are.

Both sat in silence for a few minutes examining everything of their new bodies and surroundings. Amber was able to calm down.

“We can change back anytime, we still have another pair of cuffs.” Bridgett said picking them up, “here take them.”, She handed them off to her friend.

This made Amber feel a little better. “Okay, this is just freaking me out is all.”

“I think it is awesome! Can we please just stay like this a little longer?” Bridgett whined.

“I don’t know, this is way out of control for me right now.”

“Really? I think this is a perfect opportunity to have a little fun.”

“How is this fun?”

“Well we did say before it would be cool to swap lives, why not now?”

“We can’t, what about my job, my life?”

“Well just help me through it, everything is always a cell phone call away.”

“And what am I supposed to do? Just go home to your family? What about Tom?” as soon as it escaped her lips Amber realized she could be with Tom. She really did miss Tom and now she can actually be physically and emotionally with him in complete disguise. She tried to keep a poker face with Bridgett, maybe this switch isn’t as bad as she thought and it would be nice to take a vacation from her corporate life and just hang in suburbia, she thought.

Bridgett had to seriously weigh this information now, if she asked Amber to stay in New York she was sure to ask to be changed back right away. If she let her go back home as Bridgett then she knew that Amber would definably sleep with Tom, she knew Amber still had a crush on him. Amber would check in on his social website to say hi and posting things on his images about how great he looked. But then again, she thought, this might be a good trade off.

“Okay, lets do it!” Amber said.

“Really?” Bridgett responded.

“Yeah, it might be fun after all but we need to start trading information so we both do not get fired at our jobs during this time. How about a full month?”

Bridgett was not expecting this response and so quickly. “A whole month?”

“Yeah a whole month, and will start in a few days while you are supposed to be here in town, so we need to start getting to know what we both do and regular schedules before you, or I should say, I need to go back home to Kansas.”

“Ummmm okay… Let do this!”

The next few days Amber and Bridgett really did get much closer they were able to open up completely. Who Amber was dating, what Bridgett’s work schedule was, how Amber acts during work, and what Bridgett’s boss’s name was. They had to be completely open about their lives, most people lie about what they do or who they are for status sakes but in this case everything had to be candid. they only had three days to do this and they spent little time having fun with each other and more time learning about one another. It still took time for each one of them to get used to the idea of talking to each other but feeling as if they were looking into a mirror.

A big issue was Tom, Bridgett knew it would happen and that Amber would make a move on him but she wasn’t sure how far she would go. They were friends, she thought that Amber would never try to take Tom away from her but now she had Bridgett’s body so how was she going to fend of Tom as well. They had agreed if it happened it would not be considered cheating since Amber had Bridgett’s body but to keep it as seldom as possible.

The few days went quick and now it was time for the real test, Amber will go home for Bridgett and Bridgett would stay in New York. Both were nervous and excited all at once, but Bridgett more so, this is the life she always dreamed of. It was only a few hours before Amber’s driver would take her to the airport.

“You know there is one thing that I wanted to know before I leave.” Amber stated.

“What is that?” Bridgett was tired of asking and answering questions for the past few days.

Amber reached up and grabbed Bridgett’s breasts with both her hands, Bridgett was wearing a white tank top shirt without a bra. She cupped them quickly, feeling them up and squeezing them. “Wow, my tits feel good.”

“Unggggghhhh…” Bridgett was not expecting that, but it felt phenomenal. Amber then reach up and grabbed Bridgett by the back of the neck and pulled her to her lips. Amber kissed Bridgett passionately using her gripped hand to pull Bridgett’s hair tighter drawing her into her mouth. Bridgett did not react back right away but after a few seconds relaxed and rubbed her tongue across Amber’s giving into lust.

Amber reached her hands down and pulled off Bridgett’s shirt over her head. Bridgett’s breasts popped out into freedom swaying from side to side in full round glory. Amber then grabbed the shorts that Amber was wearing and pulled them down with her panties included in one quick yank. Bridgett’s ankle were a little tangled in her bottoms but stepped out towards Amber, accepting the gift.

Bridgett became a naked aggressor pulling Amber’s little body into her, kissing her lips then bending down to lick Amber’s ear, kissing down her neck with small light lip grazes. Even thought Amber was still clothed, the fabric brushing against her body felt soothing, tickling her skin in sensations.

Bridgett’s excitement got the best of her, her adrenaline pumped, she had never been with a girl and especially like this where she was looking at her own body. She had the advantage, she knew where and how her body liked to be touched and she was now the dominant in stature.

She grabbed Amber by the ass like Tom had done to her a hundred times and picked her up carrying her to the bedroom throwing her down on the mattress. Amber squeaked as her back hit the bed.

Bridgett raced to grab Amber’s belt buckle that fastened her blue jeans and ripped the metal out of the leather hole and unbuckled it furiously pulling the loop hard to free the two ends apart and then unbuttoning her jeans giving just enough slack to pull of her pants from the bottom pant leg cuffs. They ran off her body leaving her panties tugged off a bit but still holding on to her chubby hips.

Next Bridgett pulled Amber up by her shoulders, still in a seated position and pulled up on her button up shirt over her head catching hair on the way up and throwing her top across the room. Her white lacy bra and matching panties blocking the view of what was left of her unmentionables.

Amber fell back into a laying position and Bridget leaped on top of her and kissed her neck again, sliding her tongue across her clavicles and down towards her small lump breasts tracing her bra down with the tip of her tongue. She slid her hands behind Amber’s back and unsnapped the clips, the elastic shot back towards her arm giving a little pinch as if to warn her that this is taboo. Bridgett clamped on to the middle of the bra with her teeth and pulled her head back like an animal, sliding the article off then flipping her head to the side throwing it away.

Her face went down to bury itself into Amber’s small cleavage pressing her lips in the middle of her chest and kissing lightly then slowly kissing like foot steps guiding them to her left towards Amber’s awaiting hard nipple. When her mouth reach the destination her tongue swirled clock wise around her areola pressing against the nipple then surrounded it with her mouth adding a sensual wetness that engulfed the whole tip. Her tongue went into a motion flicking up and down tickling Amber’s skin. Bridgett’s hand cupped Amber’s breasts and began to massage them if they were her own all over again pressing them together and massaging them pulling each nipple towards each other giving her the ability to lick both nipples at once licking them slick wet and clean.

Amber was in complete bliss and became submissive, having a guy man handle her was exciting, having a woman man handle her was intoxicating. She laid there waiting for orders from her current mistress her body spread into goose bumps, the longer Bridgett played with her the more wet she got.

Bridgett lowered her body down further keeping her hands on Amber’s breasts her longer arms kept her hands from moving away from her soft luscious mounds kissing down the rib cage, nibbled on her belly, keeping her lips busy down to the inner thigh. She released her hands away Amber’s breasts and reached them under her ass, massaging her round buttocks like dough. Her fingers folded in on the back of the panty waist and she yanked them down quickly past her feet and flung them away. Her lips again started at Amber’s ankles patting small delicate kisses up the inside of her right leg, pursing her lips up and down on Bridgett’s white milky skin with temporary impressions. Bridgett glided upward, her breasts brushed against Amber’s feet as her face passed the leg calves.

Amber laid silently and still, all the sensations hitting her at once, she never wanted it to end. Bridgette’s lips felt amazing on her new soft skin, it felt much more sensitive than her old body possibly attributed by not seeing much of the light of day or inactivity but one thing Amber knew, everything felt foreign but Bridgett knew exactly where to be and what to do.

Bridgett reached the inner thigh of Amber, being the conservative one everything that has happened right now is new to her but she needed to experience this in her mind. She had to know what it felt like to be with a woman for once, and in Amber’s body it gave her the courage to reach into her animal urges and to a whole new dominance in this world. She kissed and licked Amber’s inner thigh, spreading her mouth wider and allowing her tongue to wash the skin walls right by her thigh. Her pussy was trimmed into a basic small triangle like shape. Old fashioned and effective Bridgett buried her tongue into Amber’s pussy, licking up and down quickly she then found the upper clit and massaged her already wet vagina with her mouth muscles.

“hhhhmmmppppppphhhhh” Amber moaned long and mellow.

Amber tasted just like Bridgett though she would, a sweet pungent scent with a clear water taste she found her mouth searching for more flavor in her vaginal canal rubbing the inner walls rubbing it down. Her hands grabbed Amber’s ass pulling it towards her face exposing how small and light she was and picking her up off the mattress an inch as her tongue probed and dined on the soft pink skin harder and faster on her awaiting flower petal womanhood.

Bridget couldn’t handle staying still, the feeling of Bridgett licking her pussy was throwing waves of pleasure through out her body, it quivered for release. She could feel he pulsing muscles in her vaginal opening contracting back and forth synchronizing in rhythm to Bridgett’s mouth. She slowly brought her hands down and tugged a little on Bridgett’s hair bringing her face towards her they embraced kissing again in passion roughly licking each other lips. Amber could taste herself as their tongues wrestled each other for position her hands flowed to Bridgett’s breasts so she could brush and pinch her nipples.

Bridgett felt Amber’s wandering hands touch her hanging breast globes her body relaxed and her body attracted to her hands to allow more freedom play. With her right hands she slid it down Amber’s body, pass her curved belly and down to back to Amber’s vagina. She used her index and middle finger and pierced her flower flaps and pumped her fingers and wrist in a steady motion. This put Amber in a euphoric state her body shifted and bounced up in down with Bridgett’s digits.

She ran her fingers in and out of the fleshy soft tunnel increasing slowly in depth and speed allowing Amber’s body to embrace and accept lubrication pouring. Her breathing got heavier and faster with each stroke pump.

“Unnnggghhhhhhh!” Amber moaned

“Come on baby, cum for me.” Bridgett said in control

She pressed her fingers as far back into Amber as she could and wiggled her finger as if she was alternate clicking a computer mouse back and forth.

“Ahhhhggggg!” Amber’s voice screamed “I’m cumming!”

Bridgett forced her fingers into her even farther keeping them still allowing for Amber’s pussy to pulsate around her hand drenching it in vaginal excrement and slowly slowing down. Amber closed her eyes in relaxation and relief.

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