Jealousy Change: Chapter 2

Amber and Bridgett arrived at Amber’s Studio Apartment. It was huge, almost as big as Bridgett’s 3 bedroom home back in Kansas for the exception that everything was viewable with hardly any walls. The Home decor was elegant and sophisticated, Bridgett felt small in her universe, Amber had everything.

“You want another drink?” Amber asked, “I have some wine, or beer, if you want it.”

“I will just take a water, I think I have drank enough for one night.”

Bridgett plopped seated on the couch as her friend pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge and placed it on the coffee table next to her. She then went back and pour herself a glass of wine and sat by Bridgett, throwing off her shoes with her feet in front of her and pulling herself back, she lounged on the pillow pads of the couch spreading her arms out and resting them on the top of the head.

“Oh it is so great to have you around.” Amber said, sounding relieved. “Did you know I had the biggest crush on Tom, but when you guys started dating I just wanted both of you to be happy.”

“Really? You never told me.” Bridgett replied, lying, she knew she wanted Tom but it was the one thing she had over Amber back in college.

“Well looks like everything went okay anyways, you guys got married, and I got married to my job” Amber sighed.

“Remember that old lady from the restaurant?” Bridgett perked up.

Amber rolled her eyes, “Yeah…”

“I brought back the weird cuffs.” she laughed.

“You didn’t!” Amber laughed.

“Yes I did!”

“You want to try them on? She said all we have to do is each one of us puts on a cuff of the same rope.” Amber said jokingly.

“Are you crazy…. Well.. Maybe.”

“Do not tell me you believe in all of that mumbo jumbo.”

“I just thought it would be fun to try, you know? Like the good old college days, there was nothing we didn’t try, remember the Oujia board.”

“Yeah, you were so scared when they turned off the lights on us.”

Bridgett played with a pair of the rope cuffs in her hands, she actually hoped they worked, she really wanted to know what is was like to be even slightly more like Amber. “Well I just thought it would be fun, just like the good old days.”

“Tell you what, I am going to take a quick shower and change in my Jammies like we were in our college dorm, you do the same, and we will have a pow wow like we did on the weekends back then. Sound good?” Amber was having fun, having her friend in town made her feel younger and it would be fun to relive the college days when they were the bestest of friends and living in the same dorm room.

“Sweet!” Bridgett yelled, ecstatic to try it out, there was nothing to loose and everything to gain. She did not believe in weird magic spells or the supernatural but a woman can dream, she thought.

Both girls, after a quick shower reconvened in the living room. The difference in style was unmistakable.

Amber came out in a white elegant satin bra and panties with an almost see through white robe around her body with a tie around the waist. It looked way too luxurious to sleep in but flowed as she walked back into the living room, she perched herself on the couch arm.

Bridgett was more simple she had a red tank top that was cut down the middle showing off her stomach and very slight pooch surrounding her belly button and a pair of grey boy short bottoms. She had her hair in a pony tail, her face washed of all the make-up and lipstick, adjusted her eye glasses back on her face and she scampered across into the room seating herself in the corner of the couch on the opposite side of amber.

Amber slid off the arm into the seat of the couch. “Okay, so what are we supposed to do again?”

“I guess I put on one cuff.” Bridgett took the leather cuff and put it around her wrist and then clasp the metal belt lock firmly.  “And then you put on the other.” handing the second cuff attached to the same rope to Amber. Bridget examined the cuff, it felt like any leather belt just wrapped around her wrist. She was a little disappointed that it did not do anything right away.

“And this is suppose to change us or something?” Amber smiled.

“I think so.” Bridgett laughed. “Why are you scared?”

“Shut Up!” Amber laughed again, “Your a dork.” as she wrapped the cuff around her left wrist opposite of Bridgett’s and strapped it tight hooking it quickly. She put up her hand to show Bridgett. “See!” She laughed, “Nothing!”

The rope began to turn color from the middle of the length towards the cuff from the natural light beige to a brown.

“Oh weird, it is like a hyper color mood rope.” Amber said, noticing the color change.

“That is really weird.” Bridgett replied.

When color ran up either side of the cuffs, both girls felt a warming sensation that started at the cuff they were each wearing and slowly spread through out their bodies.

“Ummmm okay, that is odd, it feels warm.” Amber said.

“Me too… Umm maybe we should take it off.”

“Agreed.” as Amber reached for her cuff and began tugging off the strap, it was stuck. “I Can’t get it off.”

Bridgett, a little scared was prying at hers as well. “Me Neither!”

“I am getting a knife or a pair of scissors!” as Amber got up quickly she forgot she was attached to Bridgett who could not get up in time to go with her, falling forward to the ground and bringing Bridgett with her off the couch.

“Ouch!” Bridget exclaimed as the cuff cut into her skin leaving a rub burn.

Amber looked at Bridgett on the ground with her, something did not look right, “Bridgett stand up with me.”

Bridgett stood up quickly and gave Amber a hand up.

“Something is wrong.” Amber stared at Bridgett, her hair looked lighter and she was taller than normal. Her nose slimmed down and upturned right before Amber’s eyes. “Oh my gosh your face!” pointing at Bridgett’s nose.

“What is wrong with my face!” as Bridgett’s hands flew to her face and covered it up and looked into a large mirror hanging in the living room. At first she did not catch anything was wrong but at further examination pulling her hands down she realized her nose was no longer her nose. “What is that? That is not my nose!”

Her face changed again as her eye color swirled going from a deep blue to a light yellow then a dark brown. Her hair shortened slightly causing the hair band in her pony tail to pull up toward her scalp. Her dark brown lightened up to a dusty brown, then a tan, to a beige, and stopped at a dirty blonde color.

She examined her face closer stepping forward towards the mirror. Amber followed but only as far as cuffs would allow, she tried to stay back from Bridgett as if her friend had a disease.

Her nose looked so perfect but not fit for her face, a cute slim pointy upturned nose. It looked familiar she thought.

Her lips widened across her face slightly and her lips got fuller. Her eye brows went from a curve to more of a straight up and down obtuse angle and went from their Dark brown to the same dirty blonde color on her head. She opened her mouth to show her teeth to herself watching them grow into her mouth bending slightly and straighten to perfect pearly whites, she rubbed them to see if they were real and felt the slickness of clean straight chompers.

Amber stood back, she could not see everything that was going on because Bridgett’s head was blocking the some of the view. She could see some of the changes in her friend, she was still frantically looking around for something to cut the band off with, without tugging on her friends wrist. .

Her skin complexion darken slightly, she was still Caucasian but a lot less pale color. She looked like Emma Stone with brown eyes, her face contorted a little more and blended her facial features. She then realized that she did not look like Emma Stone, she looked exactly like Amber. Her face finished changing and the room began to get smaller.

Quickly she looked down, as the floor sunk lower as she got taller, her breasts grew pulling away from her chest and inflating into her shirt. Her tank top strained as she could see the color of her flesh through the red fabric flowing forward increasing in size and lifted upwards towards her face. Her tank top was loosing the war in the amount of nude skin it was covering, it once engulfed her breasts and part of her belly down to her naval, but now it was so stretched and tight, the bottom of her breasts were oozing out the bottom of the tee like rising dough. Her hands grabbed each breasts pulling Amber towards her from the attached cuff and giving Amber her a full view of what was happening to Bridgett.

Her breasts fattened up and rounded to a perky tear drop stopping at a “C” cup with nipples straining to poke out the shirt. They were completely round, they sat up by themselves with out support like two cantaloupe side by side. To Bridgett they felt perfect, very firm and super soft, the perfect breasts and they were hers. She cupped them harder grabbing them to feel how large they had become from her smaller size, she was turning herself on.

She twisted her torso around quickly, her legs felt funny and tingly, she could see she was still growing little by little as her eyes had a hard time focusing, her glasses were making her vision blurry. She took them off and tossed them on a near by table, she could see her legs elongating, arching out and bowing to a slimmer more defined sculpture. The back of her calved grew slight, and pulled up her leg and hardened into muscle. Her hamstring area slimmed up and she could see her slight dimples punch out and smooth down over as they lengthened causing her legs to slim up even more up to her ass.

Each of her butt cheeks lifted up one by one and puffed up into the spheres, she pulled her free hand down from her breast and grabbed her ass to see if it was real. The cheek was hard with a think layer of softness, completely plump and round. As she felt her new ass globe she could swear she could still feel it stretch in her hand, as if it were not done puffing out. Her small boy short bottoms shrunk under the growing girth of her ass causing them to cut into her skin, raise up her ass cheek and the wedge in between her ass like a thong with each flesh globe pressed out the bottom.

Bridgett’s height growth stopped and her belly sunk in inverting the small paunch. Small bumps rose on her abdomen that were muscle tone coming her new body, she was not chiseled but she was smooth and softly defined.

Bridgett turned to look at Amber.

“What the crap?” Amber yelled, she was staring at Bridgett, it was an exact match to herself for the exception of a hair tie and the tight clothes, they were now identical twins. “This can’t be happening!”

Bridget felt confident, healthier, and more energetic. “Wow, this is what it feels like to be you? Or at least have your body.” she was in awe.

“So is that it? You have my body?”

“Ummmm i don’t know if that is true.” as Bridgett realized Amber’s body began to shrink.

Amber looked down as the ground rose underneath her feet. She looked up at Bridgett and winced a quizzical look across her face. She looked back up at Bridgett, “What is happening?”

She looked back down to see her feet shrink along with her body, her breasts deflated keeping the skin integrity sinking into her chest. Her robe fell off even the belt went with it. The bra dragged down off one shoulder as her impressively large assets dwindle into the pockets of the bra, they drooped slightly and the areola around the flesh receded as well and stopped just over a quarter size with nipples that were tiny in comparison to the  circumference she once had.

Her body squished together, she watched her abs disappear in a thin layer of fat and smooth out into her new pale white skin. A small belly formed as her belly button sunk into a hole on her stomach. The smooth muscle definition was gone and all the stood was a smooth light curb that was her stomach.

Her legs got soft and the loss of fine definition was noticeable, her knees shrunk and disappeared slightly into her leg and  her light color tan faded away to the same milky color. Her thighs fattened as her cute white panty bottoms held on her skin and pinched a little between her belly and her waist, it was more obvious on her bikini line, her muscular thighs faded replaced with chubby skin folded lightly over the elastic bands.

Her butt cheeks sunk in a little, Amber’s free hand race to their roundness rescue only to feel a normal chubby ass, no longer firm and orb round it was more of a oval shape and even though it was not too flabby it was not her normal firm tone. It dwindled into her body her hand closed with the deflation of her round bodacious ass.

She stared into the mirror that Bridgett once focused on.

Her face blended with her body skin, faded the tan color away that was once hers, replaced by her best friends flesh tone. Her eyes turned deep bright blue and then she had to squint to focus properly. Her lips got smaller and thinned, as her nose grew slightly loosing her upturned cuteness her ears popped out a little and her hair grew longer turning into the same dark brown as Bridgett’s. Her sexy face vanished and molded into a girl next door cuteness in a shorter smaller body.

She was exact in every way of her friend, they had switched bodies directly.

“Oh my gosh, I cant believe this happened!” Amber yelled, terrified.

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