Helena Strong (Feedee / Weight Gain / Fantasy)

Helena Strong

Feedee / Weight Gain / Fantasy

Helena Strong is a big part of Taylor Made Clips and has been seen in the weight gain community for years. She has inspired many gainers that weight gain can be sexy and have made many videos for people who enjoy the feedee, belly rubbing, and weight gain erotics.

Her curvy body puts her into the BBW bracket and her acting skills are top notch, other than her many videos she has done eating in front of camera and showing her belly on stage she also has done some very specific fantasy videos for select kinks not widely known.

Helena has done Oiled up bellies, eating, Cheerleader, Cow transformation, inflation, Blueberry, revenge, and even a hulk out video. She makes everything sexy and fun. she is a goddess on screen!

You can view her videos at:

Taylor Made Clips - http://vidown.com/cgi/store2.pl?site=taylormadeclips.com&keyword=Helena&vcart=tlp04282015170952-69&pagelimit=25&pagenumber=1

Fetish Fad - http://www.fetishfad.net/search_result.php?search_id=Helena