My Beautiful Wife – Chapter 1 (WG, AG, BE, REALISTIC) by Kaine

Janessa_01Janessa and I have been married for three years, and she has been my muse the entire time, but I felt like there was something missing in our relationship. My name is Keith, and I have the perfect life with the perfect wife. She is an amazing woman in every way, she has a great career, her own money, she takes care of me when we both get home from work, and the house is spotless most of the time. I could not ask for a better wife, a dream that most guys want, I have. Even sex… Oh, the glorious sex!

She is a Donna Reed in the kitchen and a dirty whore in the sack.

So why did I feel like something was missing?

Janessa was gorgeous, she had medium length brown silky hair, her face would be considered the girl next door type and very bright with smiles. At five feet, and six inches tall she was average height with a curvy figure. Her breast was huge at a “C” cup with a shrunken in waist and  flared out hips with a bubble butt round ass. Her legs were a average length and lacked a little tone but mostly because of her hip to ass thickness ratio that seem to travel down to her knees and ankles.

A little background on myself, I was a star athlete in high school, decent grades, got into a good University, and popular with my classmates. My relationships with women were always good, I dated a lot, most of them the cheerleader type. Usually, blonde hair, athletic to curvy bodies, the usual popular jock type girlfriends but usually lasted a short time because of this empty feeling. I was always missing something, something that I could never tell anyone because of popularity standards and social ridicule.

I was into bigger women! Large, fluffy, luscious, fat, glorious, rotund, women. They type of female body that the Greeks admired with wide child bearing hips and soft cushy skin.

There were many times I would cook a huge meal for my girl, Janessa loved to eat but was always watching her portions and I could never tell her what I really desired without feeling shame.

I went to satisfy my own needs, scouring the internet for beautiful naked big women. But again I felt empty, sure this helped me with my sexual desires but again it was empty.

I came home one day and as usual, my beautiful wife made everything perfect from a long day’s work. After dinner we lounged in the living room and watched some television, randomly talking about our day or news. Janessa got tired and went to be early. I sat there watching TV until a commercial came on about a woman who was on a new miracle weight loss pill and showed a before and after photo. The TV actress looked much better before the weight loss, she had a very voluptuous body with a little bit of tummy, huge breasts, and a big round ass.

This got me a little hard and stiff so I decided to go into our home office, turn on my computer and glance at some big naked women doing sexy bad things.

After my dirty escapade, I went to take a quick shower and wash off my sweat and shame. Got out, threw a towel around my waist and walked down the hallway to our bedroom to put on some pajamas.

The office door was open, my heart started to race, did I forget to turn off my computer, did I leave porn on my screen?

I turned the corner….

There Janessa was sitting at my desk, looking into my computer history and looking at everything I was just browsing through for the past half hour. She turned around swiveling the office chair towards me, her eyes were red with sadness about to cry. I could only stare back like a deer in headlights, my jaw dropped low.

“What is this?”, Janessa said as a single tear dropped from her eye.

“I… ummmm…. I… am not sure what to say.” I responded.

“I want to know what I am looking at?”

“Well, that is my computer that you are looking at… ” I stupidly said, trying to buy some time to an explanation that didn’t sound like a lie that would not freak her out.

“NO! SHIT! It is your computer, what the fuck are you looking at.”

This is why I love her, she knows me well enough to know I am just buying time to come up with a really bullshit lie. “I am going to be completely honest with you hun, please just calm down.” I rubbed my forehead while squinting my face, this was going to be a long night. “So I am into women, with a different figure.”

She stared at me blankly, the blinked her eyes twice. “Huh?”

I got closer to her and kneel down on one knee making sure my towel didn’t fall off. I grabbed her hand and covered it over her knee. “Hun…. I am into bigger, fatter girls.”

He eyes welled up, even more, tears jerked from her ocular canals and now began to stream down her beautiful cheeks, her face turned pink. “Do you not like how I look?”

“I think you are beautiful Janessa… I just wish you were a little more…”, I had to use a flattering word, “Plump…”.

She half giggled and cried at the same time. “Oh my god, you are a perv.”

“Hun… I am sorry, can we just not talk about it anymore… I am sorry I will not look at that stuff again, you are beautiful and I will stop.”

She got up, completely silent and walked out of the room, pulling her hand away from mine slowly.

I followed her into the bedroom, she got into bed, pulled the covers over her and rolled to her side showing her back to me. I put on a pair of athletic shorts to sleep in and headed for the living room to sleep on the couch, I knew when she needed space.

She will never understand, and maybe never forgive me, but I will do anything to keep my wife so I will stop dreaming about bigger women.


The next morning, I woke up and headed straight to the shower, washed up and again with a towel around my waist went into the bedroom to grab my clothes to go to work. Going down the hall I noticed a smell, it smelled like breakfast, but very different, almost like a weekend breakfast. During the week we usually just eat some cereal or a bowl of fruit and head out the door, weekends are reserved for eggs, bacon, pancake, style breakfasts. I hurried into our bedroom and threw on some clothes quickly and walked quickly to the kitchen allowing the food aroma to guide me to its position.

I found Janessa cooking french toast, her back to me as she was cooking. The dining table was laid out into a feast there was a bowl of scrambled eggs with cheese on top, about a pound of sausage links, a gallon carton of milk, old fashioned breakfast potatoes with green and red bell peppers, and a 2 tall stacks of 16 pieces of french toast made from Kings Hawaiian Bread sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon next to a large ladle of warm syrup.

Janessa turned around wearing an army green tank top and a pair of short jean Daisy Duke style bottoms.

She looked straight at me, then used a spatula to grab the last of the french toast off the pan and placed them on the stack of the current French Toasts then grabbed a shaker of Cinnamon and Powered sugar and shook them on top of the newly sweet pieces.

“Hi, Keith, why don’t you sit down and enjoy a great big breakfast before you leave for work hun.” Pulling out the chair in front of me opening up her hand to it as to pointing me exactly where she wants me to be. I immediately looked up above the chair for an anvil and looked underneath for spikes or a cut chair leg. She was acting overly happy and a little creepy with this huge breakfast after “the happening” the night before.

She sat down across from me, quickly placing things on her plate and pouring a huge glass of milk, she was acting insane. I watch her grab quickly a heavy portion of eggs, almost half the bowl, about a pound and a half of breakfast sausages, a big scoop of the breakfast potatoes all on one plate.

“Oh, I forgot!” She got up quickly and grabbed a plate-sized shallow bowl and placed 4 french toast pieces in it and smothered it in syrup. She took a huge gulp of milk and set it down and stared at me. “Are you not going to eat?”

I was staring at her intently and didn’t move a budge an inch while she covered her plates in food. “To be honest I wanted you to take the first bite in case the food was poisoned. You are acting very strange.”

“Don’t worry, I did not poison it, in fact, most of this food isn’t for you, it is for me.”

“Excuse me?”

“I am obviously not sexy to you, so if you like fatter than I am going to make myself fatter.”

“Janessa, I do not want you to be fat.”

“Really?!”, she said in a soft creepy happy voice, “Because last night you spent over 30 minutes looking at women who were literally one-hundred pounds bigger than me.”

“Janessa you are perfect to me, I just have a weird fetish thing going on, it will go away.”

“No, it will not! I actually have noticed when we are out together your eyes wander towards other women, at first I thought maybe you detested them or were in awe of how big they were. But now I realize it was lust. It all made sense to me last night.”, she took a huge bite of eggs chomping and biting down furiously. it was one of the largest bites I had ever seen her take chewing away as if in anger, her eyes like daggers. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk and it was comical how long it took her to chew enough of the eggs to swallow without choking. “You want fat? I am going to give you fat.”

“Okay babe, you have officially lost your fucking mind. I am going to work now, so I am not sure what you are doing. I guess I will just come home, whenever I am done.” I walked out the door without eating a bite of the food I was starving and stopped by a convenience store for a quick bite and coffee.

After work, I came straight home, after a long days work I had calmed down a lot. I have decided to be completely open with her and tell her everything about what I love about larger women, and how she is my soul mate just in a smaller body. I stopped by and grabbed some chocolates I know she loves, and some deep dark roses.

When I arrived home, things were really off, all the lights were dimmed or off but Janessa’s car was still home in front of the garage. It had not moved since yesterday and this morning.

I unlocked the front door and shuffled into our home.

“Hey, hun? Are you home?” I spoke loudly, taking my shoes off at the door and turning on the hallway light so I can see where I am going.

“Over here…” Janessa said from the living room, sounding sad.

I walked over to the living room where she was laying across the couch, she was hugging a pillow and watching television.

“Here go you hun.” Handing her the flowers.

She took them in her hand, sniffed them and put them on the corner table within her arm’s distance. I could tell she was holding back a smile, she was still mad at me but I knew she still loved me. I then handed her the chocolates.

Her eyes welled up and got a little puffy.

“Aww do not cry hun, please do not cry, I am really sorry.” I immediately apologized.

She nodded her head from side to side. “It’s not that, Kevin.”

“What is it then?” Worried something else happened.

She pulled the pillow back behind the couch and let it drop, she was wearing the same exact outfit but I could see a little round bulge pressing out from her stomach area. “I want the chocolates but I am so full still. I ate so much!”

“Awww babe, it is okay.” I smiled.

“It hurts so much, I can’t believe I ate so much.” a few tears left her eyes.

“It is okay hun, here let me help.” I pulled up her shirt and began rubbing it in a circular motion as if I was trying to help her digest from outside of her skin. I massaged the side of her waist, kneaded her round belly with the palms of my hands. I put my face against it to feel her smooth warm skin against my face flesh.

“unnnnnggggghhhhhh…” she moaned lightly, then a small burp came out.

My head popped up quickly and faced her.

“Opps…” she brought her hand up to cover her mouth, “Excuse me.” her voice a little high pitched like a cute school girl.

My god, this was so hot to me, rubbing her little belly. She had eaten so much she was helpless. I needed her now, I got up and pulled her up by her arms, she flung her body forward into my own arms and held me tight as I returned her grasp. I held her tight as my cock grew hard feeling her waist against my cock.

She let her grip go a bit so we could look into the eyes of each other. We pressed our lips together, kissing in passion holding each other even tighter, wandering our hands to explore each other body I dipped my hands under her ass and pulled her pelvis into mine so she could feel just how hard she was making me. One of her hands wandered downwards into my crotch as she massaged my ball and stroked my shaft through my pants.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I swung her body around and led her towards our bedroom, her hand in mine as she took the lead


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