My Beautiful Wife – Chapter 2 (WG, AG, BE, REALISTIC) by Kaine


A few weeks past and our sexual relationship got stronger, more than ever before. the best way to describe it was an addiction, her body was blooming outwards and I could not get enough of it. She even noticed that my hard-ons were much thicker, longer, and stronger when we were making love.

She even decided to eat more during the next few weeks, not as much as the first day she found out about my little secret but instead of counting calories and eating raw vegetables all the time she decided to change her diet. Instead of cold salads, she would cook vegetables with butter and Parmesan cheese, instead of her normal six-ounce portions of proteins they were increased to eight ounces to twelve ounces, loaves of bread became a new standard food group on the dinner table. I could never see what she was really eating for breakfast and lunch because of my work schedule but I did notice our fridge was a lot more full of foods.

I came home after work and she was wearing the same outfit that fateful night. She was drinking a smoothy when I walked in.

“Hello, beautiful.” I greeted her.

She downed the drink quickly and wiped her mouth with a paper towel. “Hello, yourself.”, she smiled a flirtatious grin.

“What were you drinking?”

“A quick smoothie…. With some extra proteins and calories.”

I instantly got excited, “Really? If I had not known any better I would think you are trying to gain weight now.”

“Well, I am married to this totally weird guy who wants me fatter, so the least I can do for him is to show him a good time.”

“I love you so much”, as I rushed around the counter and planted my lips on hers.

I could feel the difference a few weeks can do to a body. Her short five foot, five frames was quick to increase in girth. I could feel her belly rub against me, and my arms needed to reach out further to grab her in. Her breasts were humungous now, I could feel them pressing against my chest as if large round pillows were pushing against me. I grabbed her waist to pull her in tighter into my kiss and found a little roll pouring out her shorts, I cupped it with my hand and massaged both sides with my fingers.

She pulled up her arms and pressed my hand away, embarrassed by what I had found.

I put my hands quickly in the same space and grabbed her sides squeezing her fat and giggling a little, letting her know I found it sexy. She could feel my erection slowly crawl up my leg and hers as I groped her.

Even her lips through our kiss were better, much softer and juicier.

I reached my hands towards her ass and placed them on each but cheek, finger flared outwards. I grasped each butt cheek firmly, my fingers sunk into her spongy half spheres.

Now I could not control my erection at all, it was straining to get out.

I grabbed her ass even hard now.

“Ouch!” Janessa surprised scream came out and broke off her lips. She stared at me in fear, and I stared back like an animal in lust with its prey.

“Grrrrrrrr….” I growled she smiled, I picked her up by her glorious ass and brought her into the bedroom.


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