Taylor Made Clips: Big Sexy Balloon Skin – Savannah Fox


Body Inflation Interactive: Big Sexy Balloon Skin -  Savanna Fox

Body Inflation Interactive: Big Sexy Balloon Skin – Savanna Fox

Taylor Made Clips Presents: Savannah Fox in Big Sexy Balloon Skin. Savannah puts on her big blue inflatable sweat suit for you. She knows how much it turns you on and she wants you to jack off and cum all over her growing body. She realizes that her skin is changing into latex and strips off her suit and shows off.

You can get this video at Taylor Made Clips: Catalog Number vdo-125-1050

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Review: Probably one of the best Taylor made clips that is more vocal than visual, for only $10.00 dollars (USD) you get Savannah Fox’s sexy voice describe what she is feeling while being inflated and lets the audience know how much she loves it and wants you to get off. As of acting is concerned she does a great job pulling it off and it feels natural and very sexy. The Special effects are very average but then again for the low price you get this extra ordinary video for you can not beat that price.

She does not get nude, but she does feel herself up and then when the blue suit pops and the latex suit is in view, her acting really does pull it off and you are more in tune with her then the distracting suit. Her voice is sweet, sexy, and sultry, I can listen to it all day.

Great video for the price and Savannah Fox is extremely hot! And great for inflation fans on a budget.

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