Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 1

Its been a long tedious week for three friends, just out of a college and finding their careers, starting at the bottom of the totem pole of the life and jobs. They decided to go out for the night, they heard of a little bar outside of the city they live in that is supposed to be a real dive named Totems, it was exactly what they were looking for. Cheap drinks, no large crowds, and a place they can relax and be themselves again.

Abby went to go pick up her two friends, she works for a large fashion branded clothing company that deals with high end dresses and purses as an assistant to one of the main designers. Looking to be a designer herself she takes the abuse she is given every day from her boss so that she can finally climb the corporate ladder. Everything from dressing up to standards, keeping fit, overtime hours after everyone has gone home, and taking verbal abuse all day. Out of her friends she was one of the smartest of the three and at work she had to play the most intelligent and strong even if her boss belittles her every chance she gets.

Abby was very average all around for a few exceptions, very curvy in all the right places with short brown hair, piercing greenish blue eyes. Her light complexion was very fair, as for her height she was average and her body was considered thick to most men with her bodacious curves. In the industry she is in it is very unacceptable to be over weight, trashy, and ditsy so she had to make sure to look the part twenty-four seven. Most men find her very cute like the girl next door, and tonight she was dressed as such with blue jeans and basic women’s style tank top.

The first stop was Meaghan a cute short Caucasian blonde that had the look that most men wanted she is not as busty or curvy as Abby but proportion to her slim shape. Long sandy blond hair that reached the small of her back, beautiful brown eyes, and very sexy. Dressed in a long black cress that accentuated her curves with high heels so that her shortness did not seem too obvious. After college she knew she had the looks that drove men crazy and women to admiration and it was easy for her to to get a job right out of college as a nutritionist because what woman would not take dietary advice from someone who looked liked her. But like all starting off jobs her pay was terrible and her bills were higher than she could afford but with a little time she could get to where she needs to be. It had been a really long week for her and getting out with her friends sounded marvelous.

“Hey Ab’s!”, and Meaghan jumped in the front seat of Abby’s car, a little white Volkswagen Jetta.

“Hey girl, whats up? Let’s go little miss hard ass.”

AS they both drove up to another house, out came Ashley. Out of the friends she was the most determined, she was never the smartest or the most beautiful but where she lacked in those areas she had the most ambition. Hard work had landed her a internship to one of the top law school in the country, getting her to come out with her friends was usually impossible but after losing a big case this week with her firm she decided she needed a break. She came out in black slacks with a button up shirt and suit coat, thin wire frame glasses and her long brown hair up in a bun. Even her walk was more straight and professional, as she went straight to the back car door, opened up and got in. Her taller height and thin frame usually gave her a waif look but with the suit jacket and broadened her a little more, any man would be intimated by this kind of look in the office or in casual settings.

“Are we going to work or out to relax?”, Abby said snickering.

“Sorry, I guess I am so used to these types of suits I forget how to dress normal anymore.”, Ashley replied.

“It’s all good, lets just go, I need a drink bad.” Meghan interrupted.

When they got to the bar, it was indeed a dive bar and lounge. A little white rustic bar with a wood deck in the front where many locals were out smoking and drinking, and it seem to stretch towards the inside. When all three women got inside it was about as small as it looked from the outside, one bar stretch across the back and many little tables and bar stools around the place with just enough room for one pool table on the side. The deck had more space, but the girls didn’t care it was what they really wanted, no overwhelming crowds or responsibility. They sat at the nearest table that had just enough room for 4, took a seat on the bar stools and waited for the waitress to come by.

The waitress came by, a short little tanned girl who was not the most great thing to look at, she was a little over weight and a short five foot two inches tall. She has a very average face with a mole under her nose with a few hairs growing, greasy pimpled skin, overweight with a very hour glass body.

“How can I help you?”, she asked

“We will take a round of a shot of Tequila, and a round of beers!.”, Abby answered.

“Akay! Anything you neeaad, ask for me, Candi!”, the waitress responded is a very high pitch almost Valley girl response.

The waitress turned around and went to go to the bar to retrieve the drink.

“Ummmmm… That was unexpected.”, Abby, talking about the waitresses high pitch almost ditsy voice.

“Well if your fat you have to be jolly.”, Snickered Meaghan.

“That, was mean Meg, you are not mad at her are you? It has nothing to do with her poe dunk intelligence?”, Abby joked and laughed. “I mean all those tits and ass, you really don’t need to think much. Do You?!”, Abby giggles harder as the rest of the girls laughed with her.

Meaghan always being the more reserved one laughed out loud, until she spotted an older woman with a dark complexion much like the waitress with a lot of the same features. She stopped laughing immediately as the older woman stared coldly at her. They both exchanged glances the woman got up and walked over to the table. As she got closer to Meaghan she noticed this woman was in her eighties, about four foot eleven with white hair and extreme wrinkles.

“I give you this one chance and apologize to my niece Candi.”, the woman spoke with authority to the 3 shocked girls.

“Get away from us you old bag!”, Ashley replied.

Meaghan put her head down, she was embarrassed but did not want to confront the woman or her friends to stop.

“I am sorry your niece is a ditsy fat bartender.” Abby said with a smile.

Meaghan finally spoke up, “Hey guys just chill out.”, she turned to the woman, “I am sorry we had a stressful week and I guess my friends are a little out of control.”

“My name is Amria, I will accept your apology girl but be careful your mean words, they may come back to you in fear.”, as Amria turned and walked away.

“we will.” Meaghan said. This woman gave her the creeps, something was really off.


“Opps, guess my hand slipped.” Abby yelled sarcastically.


“Opps, guess mine too.” Ashley copied.

Amria turned around to see 2 broken beer bottles at the three girls feet and Ashley and Amber smiling, waiting for poor Candi to come by and clean it up. Amria reached into her pocket and walked back to the girls and pulled some type of powder out and blew it in their faces. The powder hit them in the face and made them all flinch their eyes closed, when they opened them back up Amria was gone and so was the powder. Not a single trace of Amria or the powder at all.

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