Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 2

After a long night of drinking the girls decided to pack it up for the night and head home. They were a little too drunk so they decided to stay over at Ashley’s house since she had the large condo and an extra room. It only took each of them a few minutes of getting home to pass out, Ashley in her room, Meaghan on the couch, and Abby in the extra guest room.

Meaghan woke up first, the night on the couch was not very comfortable, so the first thing she did was stand up and reach her arms in the air for a big stretch. Her head was still a little groggy from the obscene amount of alcohol. She stretched hard and reached for the sky , stood on the tips of her toes and forced her head down to get her neck a little less stiff.

She felt different like her body was not in the correct position, she looked down and her body was foreign to her. Her breast filled out more, her stomach has puffed out a little and her thighs jutted out more than usual. Meg came down off her toes and reached up to her breasts and squeezed them to see if they were real. There was a mirror to her right and she looked at herself to see if there really was anything different and to her surprise her small frame looked like it was carrying an extra 10 pounds.

She got closer to the full sized mirror, lifted her dress that she slept in and saw a little pot belly sticking out. She poked it and saw her finger press in a good half inch, she slouched a little to make it bigger on purpose thinking it was just an illusion but as she bent a little the sides of her waist plumped out like a muffin top and over her lacy panties. She used both her hands and squished her belly together and tried to push it back in hoping it magically would go away but as she let go a little jiggle popped it right back out. And her thighs seem to puff upward straining across the bottom lace of her underwear.

“What the hell… Oh no!” Meaghan immediately turned her body keeping her face towards the mirror to see her biggest worry. Her family was known to have fat plump asses, even for being Caucasian the whole family looked like all they did was sit on it all day. Her biggest fears was already true her ass looked like two spherical Dough breads coming out of her little thong even the g-string disappear higher above her ass that usual.

Quickly she shoved her dress down and saw the dress straining to be let out, her usual slim shape fit in the dress perfectly but this morning it looked like two sizes too small and all of her skin bulged out. Ssh always made fun of women who would wear clothing a size to small and now she looked exactly like that girl.

She went to the bathroom, she knew Ashley has a scale in the guest bathroom, Meaghan got in, closed the door, and quickly stepped up on the scale. Her usual weight was about 115, pressing her feet down on it and thinking as light as she could the scale digital meter spun frantically the numbers increasing quickly then slowing down. It passed 115 and slowly counted up 117, 118, 119. She panicked and closed her eyes. She pressed them closed hard and after a few second had the courage to open them slowly.

She saw the number fluctuate back and forth…. 135, 136, 135, 136.

Right away she felt like a cow, her eyes teared up a a little but then she got her wits about her. She was about to cry because she is emotional, that can only mean she was on her period.

“There is nothing to worry about I am just retaining more water than usual because of the night of drinking”‘ she said to herself. In the back of her head she knew that no one gains 20 pounds to retain water, but it was the only explanation there could be.

A single tear ran down her face.

Growing up she was always the overweight fat kid until she had her growth spurt in high school and it event things out but she was always making sure to eat healthy and never too much. Now people will think she looks healthy which is a crappy way of saying you are fat.

Her thoughts went from fear, to sad, to depression maybe if she goes back to bed everything will go back to normal if she sleeps it off. She walked slowly into Ashley’s room, they had been friends for years and curling up together sounded good to her.

Ashley was curled up in a fetal position, with a low quiet snore. On the clock it only read 7:00am, they had gotten in from the bar at 2:00am so no wonder Ashley was still curled up. Meaghan did not know what to do about her predicament maybe it was just a dream, she hopped into be with Ashley and hugged her from behind, Meaghan stretched out a little awoken by Meaghan’s touch.

“Everything okay?” Ashley mumbled.

“Yeah..” Meghan lied, “Its just cold on the couch and uncomfortable.”

“Meahh… Okay.”, as Ashley crashed out quickly and snored again.

Meaghan wrapped her arms around Ashley, she needed comfort and since her boy friend was not around cuddling up with her best friend was the next best thing. She hugged her tight and brought her hands down to Meaghan’s waist and pulled her friends’ warm body close to her, spooning her body.

Her hands felt Ashley’s belly…. It felt hard and bloated….

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