Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 3

Abby rolled out of the bed, her head pounded and foggy from last night drinking binge. She went into the bathroom and threw ice cold water on her face to wake up. She admired herself in the mirror, she had been working out and eating right to keep fit and in the reflection she could see it was paying off quickly. But she questioned it a little since she did not look like herself, or at least not what she was used to.

Her face was a little different almost younger and her lips plumped and pouted out more. She scanned herself downward and cupped her breasts, they felt huge compared to yesterday almost a full cup size she felt her body downward and the small pudgy fat around her stomach shrunk over night, plus her hips flared outward more. It felt good to feel herself up and caught herself moaning to herself.

She shook her head frantically. “Why did that feel so good?” She thought.

She looked back into the mirror, her hair was a lighter shade of brown and even her eyes looked bigger like a doe.

“I look so cute.” she giggled to herself. Shaking her head again. Why did she just blurt that out? She sounded like an air head.

She just needed a quick shower to clear her head more. Luckily she had a change of clothes, so a shower sounded brilliant.

She turned on the water, waited till it was hot and jumped in, it felt wonderful having the water hit her in the face and down her body. It was a cold night and morning, her body warmed up quickly. She ran her hands through her short wet hair and massaged her head with shampoo allowing the water to spray her in the face. She took a loofah and squeezed body wash soap into it and began rubbing her face and neck scrubbing down the filth from the night before.

She washed across her breasts and down to her smooth belly and back up to her breasts and softly rubbed the soft loofah across her nipples. They felt amazing, the tingling sensation of pressing the loofah against them put her into lust and pleasure.

“Hee hee titties…”, she squealed. Her voice higher pitch than before.

She shook her head again hard to get the air headed thoughts to shake away.

What am I doing! She thought. Her other hand crept down towards her groin and into her wet pussy. She got more wet and more slippery with the water running down her body, she couldn’t help it she needed to get off. With her left hand she imagined a man washing her body down and with her right she rubbed her pussy softly up and down.

“Mmmmpppphhhhhh.”,she moaned silently. Allowing the water rush into her mouth and down her face.

She picked up the pace on her vagina rubbing in a circular motion her body sending waves of pleasure all the way through her body. All she could think about was sex and a good dick to stuff her mouth and pussy with. Rubbing faster and faster, deepening her touch allowing her index and middle finger to sink into her pussy she bent at the waist and squatted slightly to have more arm slack and give her hand more room to work her ever gushing pussy. Sticking out her ass awaiting someone to grab it from behind or better yet fuck her from behind.

Harder and longer she stuck her fingers in plunging them hard into her canal. All she could think about was the orgasm coming, her left hand dropped the loofah and began probing the rest of her body it need to be some where to contribute, it went straight to her breasts where it grabbed her fat tits and squished them and squashed each one individually, and then rubbed her nipples sending more pleasure to her already shuttering body. It had a mind of its own going all over her breasts feasting on her skin and rubbing frantically knowing what Abby really needs.

It found a home and went up to he mouth where she imagined it was a good size cock she sucked on her own fingers and licked them. She needed a cock in her mouth to tease and her fingers were then next best thing in this lonely shower.

She sucked on them rubbing her lips across her knuckles and slowly synchronizing her lips with her other fingers burying in her pussy as her finger left her mouth she pressed her other fingers into her pussy. Back and forth they fought for position to find out what part of her body was getting to most pleasure.

She moaned with her fingers muffling the sounds coming from her throat as the sensation she was experiencing from her pussy and clit were winning the war of pleasure lust.

She took her had away from her mouth and spanked her own ass once as she grabbed it wishing it was a strong man’s hand and pressed her other hand into her body even longer and harder.

“Aaahhhhhh!!!” She yelp as she cummed, squirting down her inner legs. Her body trembled out of control her breasts jumped and her ass jiggled immensely. She was frozen as the natural water fall spraying her body increased her orgasm even more.

She crouched down and soften her clit rubbing to a light massage.

It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had and she was all alone in it.

She let the water run all over the body and increased the hot water to relieve the stiffness and sore muscles that her orgasm caused. She then picked up the loofah and decided she should wash her body a little more in case the stench of sex was still on her body.

She he picked up the shampoo and squeezed it into the loofah and began scrubbing her body. She realized she made a mistake.

“Hee hee, stupid.”, she giggled.

She finished washing her self correctly and got out of the shower and dried off with a towel.

She stood in front of the sink about to brush her teeth, picked up a toothbrush that was not hers and proceeded to put hair gel on the bristles.

She shook her head again.

“What the fuck am I doing!”, she washed the tooth brush off and used the toothpaste and began brushing normally. Scared of what just happened, this was not her and defiantly not feeling like herself this morning.

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