Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 4

Ashley awoke feeling nauseated, she must of had too much to drink feeling sick to her stomach she got up quickly removing Meaghan’s hand from her side and rushed to her bathroom. She felt dizzy and disoriented even the smell of her own left over alcohol breath made her feel sick.

Stumbling to the bathroom quickly she was able to find the toilet, lifted up the top lid and pulled her hair back throwing up into the bowl on her knees. Resting her elbow on the toilet seat and with her other hand making sure her hair never got wet she puked violently into the awaiting cold white bowl. She let everything out until a dry heaving started and after her stomach settled she got up and went to the sink where she turned on the faucet and put her hand underneath allowing the water to flow from the faucet nozzle to her mouth.

First she washed her mouth out and swished water around to get rid of any excess waste then drinking some of the water to clean out her throat. Then splashing water on her face to clean up more and proceeded to brush her teeth furiously with 2 mouth rinses with mouth wash until her mouth felt clean.

“Grahhh, that is the last time I drink that much!”, she exclaimed, knowing it probably was not the last time she will drink that much again. But after this little episode she did feel much better, in fact she kind of felt great and overly motivated.

She turned and went back into the room where Meaghan laid sleeping.

“Wake up buttercup!”, she said to Meg shaking her shoulder.

Meaghan yawned and saw Ashley above her. To Meaghan Ashley looked a little different, nothing major her skin seemed to glow. Or maybe she just looked like she was glowing in a natural way.

“You are way too happy to be up.” Meaghan said turning over and pulling the covers over her head, she took her other hand and felt her body under the covers and realized earlier this morning it was not a dream and she could pinch some fat on her belly. This sent depression through Meaghan and now she did not want to get up and face the world, her fat ass was staying in bed for now.

“I feel great this morning, come on let’s go get some breakfast.”

“Not right now.” Meaghan mumbled under the covers.

“Okay, I am going to get ready then.”, Ashley said taking off her clothes and going back into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Ashley took a quick shower and walked back into the bedroom naked to put on some clothes. Starting with her under garments she quickly found a cute pink pair of panties with matching bra. She stepped into her panties quickly and pulled them up as they slid across her legs the elastic strained going up past her thighs and over her ass, a little tight than last time she wore them. Maybe they shrunk a little in the wash she thought.

As she got them completely up she looked down to see her belly descended a little. She patted her belly, it was a little softer but still hard, she poked it and her finger barley sunk in. She disregarded it as gas or maybe still carrying extra fluids from drinking last night and grabbed her bra.

Her cute pink bra clipped in the front, she always bought cute bras that pushed up on her breasts since she had a lack of cleavage her whole life. She strapped the bra from the back and using her shoulders shrugged forward to press her tits together for an easy fastening. Her soft breast flesh squished together, she used her hands to clip the front but as she brought both ends together she strained to clip it. Her small “B” cup breast grew a little over night, enough that she was putting a lot of force to join the two clips together.

“Come on.” Ashley exclaimed, her fingers hurt, barley getting the hooks into each other and once fastened she let go as the bra strained against her chest and her boobs flowed to the top like 2 muffins rising. The bra cut into her skin and she used her hand to stuff her breast back into her bra. She starred down into her cleavage.

“I must of grown a full cup size.” she said puzzled. She peeked at her closet mirror, her butt and thighs did look bigger and her breast were straining to be released from the confines of her bra but what really got her attention is that her belly looked swollen, enough to notice naked. She threw on a regular tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants. Once the clothes were on she looked more normal but her breasts did press out more than usual.

Her stomach growled. Throwing her hands down she could feel it rumble.

She went into the kitchen passing by the living room and saw Abby lounging on the couch watching cartoons.

“Aren’t you a little old for cartoons?” she asked Abby.

“Huh?”, She replied. “Oh, yeah.” as she changed the channel to a movie and spaced out.

“Ummm okay.” Ashley went to the fridge and pulled out some eggs, potatoes, and fruit to make some breakfast for everyone.

She cooked a feast more than enough for three people but the spread looked like it was for ten. She let Abby know it was breakfast time and shouted down the hall for Meaghan to come as well.

Meaghan woke up again to her name being called, she smelled breakfast from the kitchen. At first she was thinking of going back to sleep but the smell of food was too much for her, she had to have it. Still in her same clothes she got up and walked quickly barefoot into the kitchen and sat at the dining table her ass spread across the chair and awaited for the other girls to sit with her.

Ashley sat down at the table, followed by Abby. Ashley was cheery humming away a tune, Abby seemed to space out a little staring out the window, and Meaghan tried to shrink her body by slouching and bring in her shoulders.

Each plate was already made with 1/3 portions of scrambled eggs, potatoes and fruit with extras in bowls in the middle.

“Dig in!”, Ashley cheerily commanded, digging her own fork into the eggs and chewing away.

Meaghan played with her food a little thinking about the little weight she gained and stabbed at the mixed fruit, she only wanted to eat a little of the fruit as to lose the extra weight quickly.

Abby on the other hand ate at a normal pace starting with the eggs then to the potatoes, until she got to the fruit. It looked pretty, and so juicy. She would put a grape in her mouth with her fingers and play with it with her tongue rolling it around in her mouth, picking up watermelon and sucking on it allowing her lips pout over it leaving fruit juices across her lips.

“Everyone have fun last night?” Ashley asked, she had a chance to really look at everyone at the table and was a little shocked about what she saw. Abby’s face was a little different, hookerish in a way, or sexier there seemed to be a fine line even Abby’s hair was a lighter shade of brown.

“I wished we stayed longer, there was a lot of guys we didn’t even get to talk to.”, Abby replied.

Meaghan’s face looked red and puffy like she was crying. Her cheeks were a little swollen and her body was pushing the limits of the dress. Ashley did not notice how tight it was on her last night, she thought.

“Anything weird happen last night?” Meghan said “I feel so odd this morning and I can’t remember everything, maybe we just drank too much.”

“Not that I can remember, there was the old lady who blew powder at us but I think it was just some magic trick.” Ashley replied.

“I need some dick today.” Abby chimed in.

“HUH!?”, both Meghan and Ashley exclaimed.

“Oh, Nothing!”, Abby shook her head completely embarrassed, she was thinking it but then it just came out of her mouth like it was automatic. She was still having problems thinking straight even though she had just ate.

Meaghan caught herself reaching for eggs and potatoes. But she didn’t remember eating any of the food that was already on her plate, just the fruit.

She looked down to see all of the food that was on the plate was gone. How did she not remember eating all of it.

“You are like me this morning Meg, I am starving too.” Ashley scooped up more potatoes.

“What are you trying to say!?” Megan yelled defensively, “I am just a little hungry this morning I am not Fat so mind your own business.”

“Ummm that is not what I said…”, Ashley slowly dished herself and starred at Meaghan with a puzzled look on her face.

Everyone got silent.

“I’ll take you guys home, I think we all drank a little too much last night.” Ashley said and began cleaning up the table and kitchen.

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