Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 5

Meaghan was dropped off at home the dress she was wearing felt as if it could explode off of her any minute the stretchy fabric felt as if it was restraining her blood circulation. She opened the door to her home and immediately went into her room and pulled the dress off of her over head in front of a full length closet mirror. The dress fought her coming off, clinging on to her curves and skin. As the dress passed her eyes she could see her whole body in clear day light.

Her body was definitely different from this morning, the large breakfast she ate had a toll on her stomach. It pushed out 2 inches from her waist with no over hang but much like a bloated beer belly. She turned to the side to see how much it pressed out and when she did that she could see how much of her ass had also plumped out. Her breasts more full and pouring out on top of her bra.

“It must be water retention.” She thought going to her personal scale and weighing herself. It slowly rose to 139 pounds and stopped, she shook her head slowly thinking there is no way possible this could of happened.

She took a quick shower and put on a pair of baggy sweat pants and tee to hide her own body from herself.

She received a text from her boyfriend, to make sure she was okay from the long night of drinking. She respond a quick , yes I am fine. He asked if he could come over. She was too depressed and wanted time alone, embarrassed about her body, 115 pounds to 140 was a big jump over night, it was a 25 pound difference and she did not know how to handle it. But he missed her and wanted to come over. She couldn’t fight him off and decided to let him come over, he was only 15 minutes away and maybe he could make her feel a little better.

She lounged on the couch, she was starving but her goal was to stay away from the kitchen. Her plan was to go to the gym later after her boyfriend left. She drank water to get rid of the empty stomach pains and turned the Television to a movie she knew could keep her attention on instead of her weight gain and food.

The doorbell rang, she jumped up to answer it.

There stood Chad, a six foot one inch tan manly man. He was much older than her in his mid thirties with short black hair and goatee. He looked a lot like Robert Downy Jr. with a darker tan and much more tall and muscular. He was married but she didn’t care she loved him even if he was emotionally unavailable she would do anything for him. She had met him at the gym she went to and he was into being in shape as much as she was. The minute she saw his face her eyes teared up, being overly depressed and emotional she was happy to see him, she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself towards him, she needed to feel his body against hers and she needed to feel comfort.

He wondered what was wrong, he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up to give her a big teddy bear hug, as he lifted her up she felt heavier and was surprised how long it too him to lift her off the ground. He held her up for a few seconds and put her down.

Her tee shirt lifted a little and she immediately pulled it down so he couldn’t see her little belly but it was too late he quickly had a glance before she could wrestle the shirt down.

“Everything okay hun?”, he asked

“Yes.”, she lied, he gave her a wincing look, “Okay! No! Nothing is fine I have gained weight all in one night of drinking, I know it is just water retaining, it must be, but this is too fast and weird.”

“Maybe you should go to the doctors, That is a little odd.”

“I will if it get any worse, I just feel like a fucking cow.”, tears ran down her cheeks.

As the tears fell he noticed her cheeks did look bigger and a small double chin had formed under her chin that he did not notice right away when she opened the door initially.

He knew what would make her feel better.

“Babe it is okay, I am sure everything will be fine.”, Chad picked her up and cradled her in his large muscular arms carrying her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He did not know what else to do, she was always so full of confidence, bubbly, and energetic around him and now she was this sad depressed girl. He wanted the old Meaghan back and maybe if he did what he does best with her she will feel confident again.

He jumped on top of her putting his legs over her waist in a kneeling position and pulled his shirt off, showing his ripped chest and abs, she brought her hands up and rubbed his muscular chest. He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled this zipper down letting the flaps down, teasing her eyes. He grabbed her shirt with both hands from the bottom and pulled it up over her head, she bent a little at the waist upward so he could easily remove it.

Topless and bra-less her body flopped back down on the bed after the shirt was pulled completely off, as her body fell back her breasts jiggled around and her belly slightly waved up and down.

With her head on the pillow her double shin was a little more evident it did not surround her face, it was just more of it. Her breast were small and perky, now they were much bigger almost one or two sizes by his guess and instead of staying in one place they sagged slightly to either side of her body. Her belly flattened out by her sides and hid her old smaller curvy waist, she was much plumper than he imagined. With her clothing off he could see real damage that the extra weight on her body has caused.

He paused for a second, surprised on how much she had changed one week prior since he saw her.

She brought an arm across her breasts, and another across her belly.

“I am sorry I am so fat!”, she tried to roll over to cover her body but with Chads position it was not possible.

He giggled, “Awww is my fat little piggy sad.” he poked her belly.

“Oh, my god you are such and asshole!”

“Listen hun, this is a temporary thing, I know you work hard on your body and I am sure you will be back on pace and getting this little chub back to your hard fine body, lets just have fun.” he said with a big smile, usually he was never into big or fat girls but temporarily this can be fun as long as she gets back to normal but in his mind this did spike a dark side he had never thought possible. He wanted to punish her a little for gaining some weight and this was a great and fun opportunity.

He rolled her over, she could not fight back he was too big and strong for her and pulled her sweat pants off and throwing them away from the bed. Her ass stuck out like a little swollen muffin and rounder before with small dimples forming on her butt and just below on her legs. He brought both his hands over each ass cheek and massaged it like dough.

She was completely embarrassed on what he was doing with it, she knew how much larger it was and here he was playing with it like a toy.

Her brought up his hand and slapped her ass quickly enough to sting and enough to make her ass fat jiggle and sway.

She was in shock!

She hated it but if this made Chad happy she wanted to at least try it.

She got on all fours and stuck her ass up and out, “Fuck you douche bag, you hit like a bitch!”

He slapped her ass again little harder and tore her little pink panties down her legs and threw them off the bed swiftly. He then removed his pants and boxers and mounted her from behind. Rubbing her ass, then spanking it hard and playful.

He flopped down on to her other side back first so that his hard long cock was at full attention pointing toward the sky. He then grabbed the back of her hair and led her cute pouty face towards his cock.

“Come my little chubby princess show daddy if you still know how to suck.”

It stung her that he was talking to her like this but kind of sexy too, she was so confused. All her younger life she was the fat girl and she was beginning to feel like it again. At one time her confidence was beyond low, she would do anything to keep or be with a guy, but after she lost the weight her confidence was high, she could pick and choose who she wanted and what she did with them. Now she felt she had no choice, they used to be equals in the bedroom, now he was the alpha and she must serve him because now she was that fat girl and he was the hot stud. She could not bare to loose him to her weight gain.

She pressed her tongue between his balls and shaft and licked upwards towards his tip. His cock was about nine inches long and it felt like a lifetime for her to lick all the way up it. She began licking away all across it, up and down smearing her lips on it. She teased his cock washing it with her tongue and kissing it all over, with her hand she cradled his nuts in her hand and rubbed them, once in a while changing her rub to a massage alternating techniques.

His dick got even harder, she was so hungry for food and some how she was now hungry for his cock instead, she engulfed his cock into her mouth, an expert at blow jobs her teeth never touched his cock buffered by her plump lips and used her saliva as lubricant pushing and pulling her mouth up and down his throbbing dick.

“That’s a good girl.”, He whispered and moaned. He put his hand across her back and laid it there feeling her body go up and down as dipped down and rose up on his member. “Is my little fat girl happy?”

She stuffed as much of he cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue all around to wash more of his cock with her spit while it was in her facial orifice. She used more of her saliva and let it trickle down his shaft and then brought her other hand on it and jerked him off up and down in synchronization with her lips and mouth on his cock.

“MMhhhppppphhhh.” her muffled moaned came through her mouth.

“Since you have been such a good little girl I am going to feed you what you want.” Chad changed positions on her and turned her over back down and pulled her up so her head was back on the pillow.

He mounted her missionary style, spread her legs with his knees and grabbed both her wrists pressing them to either side of her head.

He pressed the tip of his cock into her wet pussy slowly easing it into her. She was always so tight for his big cock so he needed to be careful.

His cock pushed in.

It felt different, softer, more cushy. Had her weight gain even added a little fat around her sweet vagina?

“Ahhhhgghhhh.” she squealed.

He slowly pressed his cock in all the way passing the lips into her awaiting canal. Slipping it in deep her started pumping her back and forth slowly.

She moaned in pleasure.

He gained speed, grabbing her ass pulling her up and putting his knees underneath him using his strong core to pump her harder and faster. Her ass felt so soft like soft sooth skin filled with jello.

He looked at her body quiver, the extra weight she gained was more apparent, her breasts jumped up and down every time he punched his cock into her. Her small paunch belly wiggled up and down.

Faster, longer, and harder he fucked her.

She moaned in agony as she felt pleasure to the point all of her senses were going out of control in lust. Event her chubby body was no longer an issue for her in this point of time she needed more of his cock in her body, she needed it harder, and she needed it faster. His hard body pumped her more quickly, faster than she felt possible until….

“Ahhhaaaaaaa!” she screamed, she had cum hard, her body so sensitive she tried to push away from Chad because it was too sensitive. He teased her and grabbed her soft ass harder knowing she was trying to get away, until she screamed for him to stop.

“Oink for me baby.”

“Screw you Chad, please let me up, please its too much I already cummed, please, its so sensitive it tickles.” She begged.

“Give me a grunt.” He pressed his cock in her harder.

“Stop, please, ahhhhggg.” she cummed again her pussy was throbbing she needed a break from orgasming.

It was torture.

“You know what to do then…” he said calmly

“Oink… Oink… Squeallllll.” she defiantly exclaimed, loudly.

“Good Girl.” as he pumped her one last time and released his seed into her.

He rolled off.

She slapped him across the face hard.

“Your a dick!” she yelled at him,

“Yeah I thought it was really good too…”, as he passed out. She put her arms around him and fell asleep right behind him.

Chad woke up a few hours later to an empty bed, it was only 11:00pm at night. He was used to waking up a leaving the house before Meaghan did so it surprised him a little. He heard rustling in the other room so he figured it must be her.

He got his naked body up and put on his boxers to see where she was.

He walked through the small hallway into the living room and kitchen area.

Megan was at the kitchen counter with a whole pis in front of her eating it with a spoon. Her eyes were glazed over watching TV from across the room section.

“Hey hun, I thought you were gonna loose the weight.” he asked.

She looked at him in surprise, her mouth full of some type of custard pie. She looked at him, then looked at the spoon, and then looked down.

In shock to see there was an actual pie in front of her as if she just woke up from a dream.

“Chad…”, pie fell out of her mouth and onto the pie tin, her words in fear. “Helppp meee….”

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