Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 6

Meaghan could not believe what she had done, and in front of Chad. She did not even remember getting up and going to the fridge to eat. She felt hopeless and pathetic, she knew what Chad was thinking too, that she was just a fat pig.

“Hun, I think we need to get you to the urgent care.”, Chad said with a worried voice.

“Please take me, I am so scared. I do not remember anything about what I was just doing. Like I blacked out or something. I have never even sleep walked before.” she hoped he believed her. Then like a bolt it hit her, the other night she was making fun of that girl Candi. Could this be a karma thing? But that was just stupid, nothing supernatural could be at work. Maybe it was drugs. That old woman poisoned her! Her mind raced to every scenario she could think of.

They both went into the bedroom and threw on clothes. Chad put on what he was wearing before their sexual encounter and since he threw her clothes everywhere she decided to grab the quickest thing, a black beater tank top and sweat pants. Her belly stuck out even more from eating a whole pie on her own she resembled a woman who was 3 months pregnant.

Quickly Chad guided Meaghan to his car, opened the door for her and pulled the seat belt over her body. Frantically he shut the door and ran over to the other side jumping in making his way to the closest hospital.

“This is really weird hun, I never seen you act like that.” he said

As dumb as it sounded she explained everything that she remembered from the night when her and the girls went out. Everything from the large amount of drinks to making fun of the waitress and the odd woman who blew powder in their faces.

“Did your friends act weird too?” he asked. “The only reason i am taking you is because it is not normal to black out and because I believe you that something might be wrong.”


“What was that?” Chad peeked over at Meaghan.

It came from her stomach, she quickly grabbed her belly. She held it tight thinking it was just some digestion thing.

“I don’t know it feels like my stomach is empty or digesting.” she cradled it to see if would happen again.

Chad shook his head, this was just really weird to him and he thought maybe this was just an act she was pulling.

Her stomach gurgled again, she felt her stomach rumble this time. With her hands still placed on the little half sphere that was her belly she shook it. This time her stomach felt like it was shrinking.

“Oh thank god, maybe it was gas, my bloated belly shrunk a little.” she sounded more relieved, and her stomach made sounds again, and little by little she could feel it go down until it was about the size that it was when Chad came over earlier.

“Well that is good but I still want to take you over to urgent care to get you checked out.” he replied

She felt her seat shift forward, she thought maybe she was accidentally hitting a seat control. She looked down looking to see if she was touching it.

Her breasts began to swell a little stretching her tank top forward. She realized the seat was not moving forward! Her ass was growing! Pushing her whole body forward making her back arch more to accommodate for the swelling. Freaked out, she put one arm around her breast and another one immediately over her belly and tried to squish her body back smaller.

“Chad something is wrong!”

He looked over to see her body slowly swelling.

“What the fuck is that?”

Her breasts got bigger and bigger up to a “D” cup oozing out of her arms, she could not contain them. Her bra-less tits forced her hand out and spread her fingers allowing the fat to separate them while pushing out like dough.

She felt her other hand on her belly also move, more gurgling could be heard coming from her stomach. Her belly expanded but unlike her breast it was not pushing out as forward as much as it was spreading out as it pushed out an additional inch outward but 2 inches to the side she could see her new formed love handles blow out while her sweat pants elastic band cut her sides shaping into a muffin top.

Tears well up in her eyes again, she was scared, tired of crying, and worst of all embarrassed to be seen. She pulled her legs up, knees to her chest to hide her body from Chad.

Her ass spread in the car seat pushing her up another inch filling up her sweat pants quickly. Her ass was winning the battle of the bulging body forming to fat spheres jutting outward. Her thighs thickened to the point her inner thighs were now touching.

Chad had his eyes on the road,pressing on the car accelerator, increasing the speed to get her to the hospital faster. He pulled up to a stop light where he could turn his head to see her without worrying about running someone over.

She buried her face into her knees, she was going crazy.

“Hun, look at me. Are you okay?” he asked

She pulled her face up and looked at him, her narrow face widened a little, her cheeks fattened giving her beautiful large blue eyes a slight squint. She tried to cover more of her face with her flowing blonde hair but her cheeks pressed the hair out a little giving her a more cherub look. Ever her nose thickened slightly and turn a little up giving a more snout like look than her normal pointy skinny one. At the base of her face a second chin developed as the skin stretch outward and down.

Meaghan pulled down the passenger sun visor to see herself in the mirror.

She almost did not recognize the face in front of her until she remember what she used to look like in elementary school. She was a thinner and older version of that overweight little girl in Elementary school. The girl she never wanted to be, she worked out day and night at the gym, ate healthy to avoid that fatty sow and now in one day the fat little girl caught up to her.

Chad was really worried about Meaghan and did his best to race to their destination. But in all honestly he felt less attracted to her as well, his wife had gained weight over the years, if he wanted a big girl he wouldn’t be cheating on his wife. But he couldn’t just leave Meaghan on her own right now. Just because he was shallow it did not mean that he was a jerk. But honestly in his heart he could not wait to get away from whatever this thing is that Meg is going through.

He drove into the first parking slot he could find. He opened his door quickly and got out slamming the door behind him, jogging over to the other side of the car and opening up the door for her.

She got out like a pregnant woman pulling her legs out first and using the door safety handle to pull her self up. Her new found weight was alien to her. Her center of gravity was shifted all over the place, she took a step and wobbled a little like a new born deer. Her new chubby fat shifted and swayed as she moved. She guessed she had gained 15 more pounds but with her small frame that was a lot to carry.

Chad put his arm around her to help her regain her barring. The damage to her body was incredible, going from skinny to average body shape to chubby her frame had bowed out into an hourglass. Her breast were large fat tear drops drooping into perfect “D” cup breasts, her waist filled out and her little pot belly protruded but was over shadowed by her tits and full hips. Her ass took the most beating as it spread out three inches past the small of her back stretching the fabric of he sweats the outline of her panties was showing.

She was still very sexy to him but not compared to other women he could have.

He walked her briskly to the urgent care entrance, pausing to allow the automatic doors to let them in the sterile white office. The front desk attendant asked what they were here for, and they gave her a quick synopsis of what was going on. The nurse was confused but took their information quickly and informed them take a seat.

They sat in the uncomfortable waiting room chairs next to each other and waited. Chad put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her a little. He squeezed her shoulder to feel her skin as to gauge how much weight she had gained. It was foreign to him, what used to be a bony shoulder was now a pudgy ham hock.

A woman was sitting across from them looked like she was having just as bad as a day they were having. Her hands were cradling her head and face, maybe she had been crying for a while. She had toilet paper coming out from her top and bra. She grabbed a handkerchief from her bag and blew her nose, raising her head to look out from her palms.

“Is that you Ashley?”, Meaghans eyes widened in horror.

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