Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 7

“What are you doing here Ashley?”, Meaghan asked in full confusion.

Ashley rose her head, her eyes red and tired looking. “Do I know you?”

“It’s me Meaghan!”

“Sorry you look different to me, let me put on my glasses.” She reached into her purse and put them on. “Ummmm Meaghan?” with a quizzical look on her face.

“yeah…. “, realizing that why would Ashley recognize her, she was now a blubbering whale.

“Are you getting…. ummmm.” Ashley stopped in mid sentence, they had been friends for years if she said fat she knew Meaghan may get really upset.

Chad was already confused as well, not only did his beautiful blonde girl friend on the side got chubby but now coincidentally her friend she went out with the other night was also in urgent care. Ashley and him made eye contact for a second, this was a perfect opportunity to beak the ice on a embarrassing situation.

“Hi, I’m Chad.” getting up and reaching his hand out to shake hers.

She put one arm around her breasts and pulled her right hand away from her stomach to shake his hand. As she reached out to his Meaghan screamed.

“You are getting fat too! It is not only me?” pointing at Ashley’s stomach. With her yelling a few people began to stare at the group.

“Shut up…” Ashley put her finger up to her mouth to hush her.

She pulled her hands away from her body to let Meaghan see what had happened to her. Ashley was sporting a small pot belly it was a complete sphere and stuck out about three inches, on her slim frame her body now looked like a peanut. She was wearing black yoga style pants, the band was pushed down to expose a little of her pale white belly skin hanging out the bottom of her shirt. Her breasts looked slightly bigger but mostly because of the toilet paper stuffed in her bra that stuck out off the top of her red tight tee shirt that did not flatter her new figure, it accentuated her breasts and belly even more.

“Oh my god, are you getting fat like me.” Meaghan frantically whispered. “And why do you have toilet paper sticking out of your top.”

Ashely, still shocked to see the plumper version of her friend, not to mention a bunch of strangers eyes staring at them after Meaghan’s out burst, she took a deep breath to calm down.

“I have toilet paper in my bra because my breast seem to be…. excreting milk.”she kept her tone low.

“Are you serious!” Meghan tried to whisper but it came out so quick that it came out louder than expected, people in the waiting room peeked again at the group many of them with scowls on their faces as if they were being interrupted from their own worries in the hospital.

Ashley stared at some of them back, waiting for many of these patients to turn their heads away and mind their own business. She turned back to their original conversation.

“Yes, I am serious after I dropped you guys off i went home and started getting my stuff ready for work on Monday and I couldn’t stop day dreaming about having a family.” Her eye brows frowned, “That is something I never wanted until my career was bigger, and then I kind of blacked out and when I snapped out of it I realized I was at the kitchen table eating a meal. My breasts started to ache and when I went to check them out, one slight squeeze and milk dripped out, since then I couldn’t get them to stop. As i drove here to see if I was pregnant I thought I had gas or something because my belly swelled out. I look like I am 3 months pregnant! ”

“Can I touch it?” Meaghan pointed at her belly.

“Umm sure I guess.” Ashley said apprehensively, Meaghan got up and poked Ashley’s belly, it was soft but as she poked further into her skin is felt hard underneath the thin layer of fat.

At this point Chad had enough, this was just too weird for him. Two people in one day have some weird extreme thing happen to their body within hours. Now he was worried he was going to catch whatever these two women had.

He picked up his phone and looked at his text messages then acted surprised. “Dammit hun, I am sorry, I have to go. Work just messaged me to go in. Can your friend drop you back off at home?”, he lied

“Sure.. I can do that.” Ashley said knowing this prick was lying.

“You can’t stay?”, pleaded Meaghan.

“No, sorry… you know I am really busy with work lately.”

“ok…..” she responded and put her head down, she knew he was lying but let him go anyways, what choice did she have, in case this transformation was not reversible at her present state she looked like a chubby little hog. What guy would want her now? She needed to do whatever it took to keep Chad, he was the love of her life.

He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and walked at a quick pace out of the hospital.

Both women were immediately called into individual offices, told each doctor what had happened and were asked to wait in the rooms for the results.

The first doctor came into Ashley’s exam room first.

“Well there does not seem to be anything wrong with you, except your body thinks you are pregnant. We checked the body scan and the uterus is clean there is nothing in there. The only thing odd is that instead of anything in there there seems to be a hardening of fat around your belly so that is why your belly feels like it is pregnant. I have never seen that before, as for your lactation it must be a part of the oddity but I have seen cases where a woman’s body thinks it is pregnant and begins lactating. Sometimes it is hormones, other times it is just over active glands. For now you are in good health but until we get the blood test back we will not know for sure.”

“When will i know? Are you going to give me anything for it?” Ashley asked.

“For right now there is nothing we can do until we get the test back in hopefully 30 days. I do not know what to prescribe you until then because this is such an odd case. My suggestion, go home, get some rest maybe take a few days off work and see if you get better.”

She was happy it was not something that could kill her but she was no where near okay. 30 days to wait, and so much work she needed to do, and she looked like a teenage pregnant mom.

In the other room Meaghan waited patently alone as she got more and more nervous about the news she began poking her belly, watching her finger sink in and her belly fat and skin pop out as she removed it. So many things raced through her head but her only goal was to get her old body back by any means possible.

The doctor came in to let her know that all of the tests that he made only confirmed that she was healthy and that it was impossible for her to of gained weight so quickly. There was nothing he could do until her blood test sample came back. She tried to argue with him but he did not seem to care or thought she was lying because he ended up calling security to get her out of his office.

Ashley was already patently waiting for Meaghan to come out of the room and when she saw her friend being escorted outside she followed them out.

“I can’t believe my doctor did not believe me.” following Ashely to her car.

“Yeah my doctor has to wait for blood tests to come back he said my body thinks it is pregnant but I am not actually carrying a baby.”

“My doctor said i have to wait for blood tests as well.”

Both girls got into the car in dead silence, with everything going on both of them seemed to space out and worry about their own future. Was this a virus thing? Was it a karma thing? Did that old woman really poison them or was it real magic.

Both of them allowed reality to hit them at the same time each one turning to each other.


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