Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 8

Ashley and Meaghan raced to Abby’s house thinking the worst, both of them had gained weight in different ways is it possible that Abby was also having the same type transformation. They wondered if they got there would she just be a huge blob of fat, or could it be something worse.

As they drove there they talked about their night at the bar a retracing their steps. They came to the conclusion it must be something the old woman did to them. Maybe it was just a poisonous toxin, any other way sounds like insanity. There are no such things as curses and magic, yet there was no other possible answer to what was going on.

It was late evening when they arrived at Abby’s home, they had tried to reach her by cell phone the whole way and received no answer. Walking up to her door they feared the worse, ringing the door bell and waited.

No answer

Meaghan pounded on the optional door knocker a few times.

“be right there.” they heard Abby say cheerfully from behind the door.

After a few second she opened the door, saw her two friends.

“How may I help you?” she asked, seeing Meaghan first then turning to Ashley, “Oh hey Ashley! Looks like you had a big lunch!” closing her eyes and smiling like a cute doll obviously making a joke about her little belly.

“It’s me Abby…” said Meaghan solemnly.

Abby, opening her eyes with her mouth open she stared at Meaghan, “huuuuhhh!”, she bent over and looked at Meaghan’s pot belly. She poked it once watching her finger sink in making sure it was real, then poked again feeling how soft and squishy it was verifying the reality of how fat and unrecognizable she had become.

“Stop it.”, Meaghan mumbled in embarrassment looking away from her friend.

“We need to come in now!” Ashley exclaimed.

In disbelief Abby stood back up and opened the door wider and stood to the side allowing the two women access to her home, standing back by how much wider the two women had become.

Both walked in and stood side my side closely examining Abby, but she looked exactly the same this morning. From the night before to this morning they did see that her hair was a little lighter and she did look a tiny bit younger but nothing to really separate herself as being changed.

Both bombarded her with what happened from the night before till now. Every sentence and paragraph that came from their mouths they could tell that Abby was skeptical about it being real. But then again Abby seem to get confused in conversation easily.

“Sooooo….. Why you two?” Abby asked.

“We don’t know.” Ashley responded.

“I think I know what causes it.” Meaghan quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed some ice cream in the freezer and put in into a bowl, pushing it on to the dining table. Secretly she hoped that Abby would get just as fat if not fatter than herself, this way she didn’t feel so alone Ashely gained a little weight but nothing like Meaghan.

“So if I eat this I will change?” she asked

“Hopefully not.” Meaghan lied, “But at least we will know for sure.”

Abby looked down at the bowl filled with Neapolitan Ice Cream up to the brim. “Pretty”, she said admiring the colors of the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream all put together. She picked up a fork from the table and stabbed the ice cream with the prongs.

Ashley and Meaghan looked at each other in confusion, why a fork they both thought.

Abby ate the ice cream as the other two starred at her awaiting something to happen. Eating the bowl quickly she was trying to scrape up the last of it with her fork until she realized it wouldn’t work, finally picked it up and allowed the melted ice cream to pour down her lips and throat. She moaned a little as the ice cream touched her lips and she could feel the cool slimy liquid run down he throat. She put down the bowl and licked her lips loving the feel of it. She rubbed the last of it off her lips and face with her finger and then sucked it off clean.

“mmmmmmpppphhhh” a soft moan escaped her tonsils.

“How do you feel?” asked Meaghan, hoping Abby would swell up with fat like rising dough.

“I feel good. Nothing out of ordinary though.”

“Well it took some time for my belly to stick out, so maybe it is the same. Maybe it’s the food or calories that activate a poison that changes the body.” Meaghan said, since she was kind of nutrition expert she thought maybe it was food calories that activate what happens, some type of metabolic enhancer. The ice cream dished out was 600 calories per serving, the bowl was about six serving for a total of 36 hundred calories, so if it was going to happen it should happen quick.

There is one thing both the girls did noticed, Abby was acting very different. Almost a little more perky and ditsy almost ignorant of reality.

While they waited, Abby lounged in front of the TV and began watching shows about celebrities such as Access Hollywood and the Kardashians’. She never watched things like this before but the other two joined her waiting for anything to happen.

They asked what she had been doing all day. After she got home the only thing she did was sleep, exhausted from the late night drinking and her adventures in the shower earlier that morning.

A few hours passed and nothing happened.

“Why has nothing happened to you!”, Meaghan yelled, jealous that Abby had not changed dramatically like them.

“I dunno.” Abby replied.

“Now what?”, Ashley chimed in.

“Guess nothing.” Abby said while staring at the television, watching her show. She flipped the channel and found a movie with one of her favorite actor Tom Pitt, and tossed the remote back on the counter. “Don’t you think this guy is hot?”

Meaghan was irritated,  ” Don’t you think there are more pressing matters right now?”

“Meh.” Abby’s body felt a little warm, she loved this actor, his chiseled facial features, his rock hard body. Her legs were crossed and folded over each other, adjusting a pillow over her lap inconspicuously. Her hand found its way down to her crotch and began massaging herself.

Ashley and Meaghan were discussing what they should do now and how to find a way to fix their bodies. The only thing they could think of was to find the old woman who blew the poison into their faces and beg her to change them back, and if she didn’t they would need to get rough with her.

To Abby the girls conversation might as well been a whisper, she tuned them out focusing on the TV. Seeing Tom on the screen was making her horny again, she imagined fondling his body, pressing her body to his, and sucking his large cock. She rubbed her clit faster and faster through her sweats and panties pressing on her vagina until it was damp and wet.

Her face turned flushed pink and she would intermittently close her eyes imagining Mr. Pitt kissing her all over. She threw her head back rubbing herself up and down ferociously, faster and faster. A small moan escape her lips then a quick squeak as she hit a spot that sent her body into a spasm.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled her hand up and plunged it down her pants by passing her panties. Sticking two of her fingers past her pussy lips by passing them straight into her G-spot and flicked up and down on her vaginal bean.

She squeaked again, her voice high pitched as she rubbed it and massaged it feeling her vaginal juices flowing and waves of warmth spreading across her body. She needed Tom right know, thinking about how rough he would be with her tossing her body around and slapping her ass as she sucked his cock. Her other had reached upwards towards her breasts grabbing them hard and tight then pinching her nipples.

“unnnggghhhh!” she groaned her voice even more high pitched than before.

Her breast size increased pouring into her hands and stretching her shirt outwards. While pinching her own nipple she could feel it get thicker and longer but she could not let go, it was a blissful feeling, her nerve endings getting more sensitive, pouring her pleasure mode into overdrive.

“What are you doing?!” Ashley yelled at Abby, but she did not hear her cry. Ashley and Meaghan starred at Abby who seemed to ignore them completely while masturbating in front of them on the couch.

They could now see the changes happening before their eyes. The most noticeable was that Abby’s hair got longer and fuller pulling a little past her shoulders brightening to a shade of blonde. She was moaning more loudly which got higher pitch every couple of seconds. And her breasts we blowing up right before their eyes pulling her shirt up and stretching it further way from her shoulder plumping up to round orbs and flowing bigger and fuller keeping round without much sag.

The pillow flipped over to the side. Both the other girls were in shock seeing poor Abby in such a trans state masturbating right in front of them. Even a full view of how wet she was through her own sweat pants.

Both watched intensely as Abby kept going, they could see her hand working her own pussy and her muffled squeaks and grunts were more loud and high pitch sometimes sounding like a piggy sow, others like a mature woman, and sometimes like a cute teen it kept changing like she was going through puberty adjusting every few second.

The transformation followed down south her humongous breasts filling up defying gravity so huge on her little frame it was cartoonish. Down to her waist that tighten up thinner and sucked in which shortened her height and torso a few inches. She went from five foot seven to a meager five foot five.  Further down her body her ass plumped up and spread out raising her in her seat and even her thighs causing her masturbating hand to squish between the extra curves and skin. Her legs slimmed up forming into more svelte softer shapely legs ending down to her feet that also slimmed and shrunk.

Abby’s skin became more pale and her body blemishes, freckles, and even scars began to disappear as if she regressed in age little by little.

Ashley couldn’t take it anymore, getting up quickly not able to stand up normally she wobbled from the side to forward because of her new pregnant belly being in the way. She was able to wobble into a stance and threw her body into Abby’s for a full tackle.

“Ouch!” the new Barbie sounding Abby yelled.

“Stop it!” Ashley grabbed Abby’s hand from in her pants and pulled on it hard tugging it out.

Meaghan just sat there stunned, not knowing what to do allowing everything around her to happen in full speed.

“Let go of me!” Pulling away from Ashely, “You are just jealous you don’t have big boobs like me, you fatty!” Her voice was now completely high pitched almost like a child’s voice.

“Look at yourself!” Ashley yelled.

For a second Abby shook her head and tried to clear it out, she looked down at her body only seeing her humongous tits in the way, bending over to see her feet and her wide hips flaring from her smaller waist. She estimated she must be a “C” cup on her short and smaller frame engulfed most of her torso, she still had a little belly that stuck out about an inch but nothing as close to her tits and ass, even her hips would be described as “child bearing”.

“What happened to me?” Abby said in fear, grabbing her own throat disbelieving that was her own voice.

She stood up from the being tackled from the floor. Everything looked bigger and taller, she only shrunk two inches but it was enough for her to notice how big her home was. Starring at her huge tits she grabbed them hard and tried to push them in or yank them off. All they ended up doing was bounce back and jiggle, so much softness and flesh cupping them easily oozed thorough her fingers.

“What am I supposed to do with these things? I cant even see my feet.” she said sadly, walking towards the other side of the room she tripped over the couch arm forgetting it was there. Her feet ran back and forth as her body doubled over and her head down by the ground the weight of her breasts kept most of her body doubled over and her now fat round ass up in the air.

her ass was massive, the other two were in shock, they had not seen it but it stood out 4 to 5 inches from her body like two basketballs attached at the waist. It could only be described as an ass, or ghetto booty.

She finally was able to get her balance back as she stood tall and tried to walk to her original destination not able to walk straight her body swayed so much her center of gravity was off. She made her way to her room as the other two were still stunned in belief Abby ended up running into the side of the door way and finally tripped over her own two feet stumbling forward into and on top of her bed.

Ashley and Meaghan quickly followed her into her room.

They found her laying on her side, on the bed laughing hysterically. “God I am such a klutz!” she yelled to herself.

Meaghan and Ashley stared at each other again… In fear.

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