Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 9

Chapter 9:

“How the hell do I get fat and you get better looking!?” Meaghan yelled, she began to cry into her hands she was loosing her mind, “This is not fair!”

Ashley put her arm around Meaghan trying to coddle her, “Calm down, I am sure everything will go back to normal”

“Your just mad because you are a fatty, and I am hot.” Abby replied in her annoyingly high pitch voice giggling at her own joke.

“Shut up you cow!” Meaghan yelled staring at Abby’s huge breasts.

“The only cow I see is you… Oh sorry, I mean… Piggy.” Abby said bending over at the waist taunting Meaghan. Then she purse her lips as to give Meaghan a little air kiss then winked her left eye for good measure.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Meaghan got up from the couch, throwing a punch at Abby. “I’ll kill you bitch!” lounging forward but caught in mid step by Ashley who grabbed her from the side and held her in place.

Abby just stood there and starred at Ashley with her hands balled up and up ready for a fight.

“Stop it! this is what we are going to do, first we are going to get ready, then we are going to the bar and find that old woman, if she is not there we will find the waitress, if I remember that was her niece, then we are going to ask NICELY if she will help us.” said Ashley, taking control of the situation.

Still sobbing, tears still running down her face Meaghan asked, “And if She doesn’t help us?”

“Then we have have to get rough with them.” Ashley looked out the window coldly.

Quickly they got ready, Abby being in the fashion clothing business had all types of clothes in storage so it was not very hard to pick up casual tops, bottoms, and dresses. She even had some stuff that was maternity and plus sized for women.

Meaghan picked out a red sweater and jeans to hide her larger plump body, but the sweater made her breasts look huge but did hide her stomach more. Unfortunately with he sweater and jean pants the illusion made her butt stick out more not being used to bigger pants she put on a pair that was a little tight and showed off her now curvy assets.

Ashley had found a nice dark blue maternity dress that was loose around the belly area and flowed downward it only hugged across the chest giving the illusion of larger breasts. She inserted 2 square gauze’s into her bra over her nipples to stop her slow milk leaking breasts

Abby on the other hand was having difficulties, her mind was not what it once was in fact she had the hardest time selecting an outfit, her closet wardrobe was way too conservative for her new tastes. She put on shirts and would take them off angered that they were not tight enough or did not show off her curves. Finally she resorted to an old baby-doll capped sleeve tee shirt that she had not worn since she was 16 it was bright pink with the Brand name juicy across the top. She then put on a short plaid skirt that she had worn on Halloween years ago that went with a catholic school girl outfit.

When she came out of her room both of the other girls were appalled.

“Are you kidding me? You are not even wearing a bra or shoes!” Meaghan exclaimed inquiring a distaste for Abby she was getting more annoyed and jealous of Abby as the night was going on.

“Bra’s and boots are dumb, and hard to get on.” Abby replied sticking the tip of her thumb under her upper teeth and swaying her shoulders coyly.

“Give me a break, seriously.” Meaghan got up again from the couch with her new found weight she couldn’t stand as long as she would like and pulled Abby back into her room. Grabbing a black D-cup bra she pulled the shirt off Abby and told her to stick out her arms. Meaghan then pulled the bra over Abby’s new huge breasts, accidentally brushing her arm across Abby’s nipples.

“Ahhhhaaaa” Abby shuttered in ecstasy her body quivered a little placing her lips on Meaghan’s neck and kissed it, then licking it lightly.

“Stop it! Are you out of your mind.” Meaghan pressed Abby’s face away from her and continued to hook the bra from behind.

Meaghan then made Meaghan sit on the foot of the bed and began putting on Abby’s long knee high boots on her, it was the only thing that did not have a tall heel and would cover her legs. She slipped them on her friend and zipped up the sides and as she pulled up the zipper realized Abby was not wearing any panties.

“Fuck…” again Meaghan rummaged through Abby’s closet and grabbed a pair of panties and threw them at Abby. “Put these on!”

Abby looked confused, she pulled them out and stretched them and stared at them as if they were foreign. She put one leg in and pulled them up, then pulled them back down and tried to put her other leg in as they got tangled on her heel.

“Help me.” she said pathetically like a little girl who had never put a pair on before.

Meaghan went over to her and violently put Abby’s legs through both holes and pulled them up for her. “There, lets go!” she yelled annoyed again on how dumb Abby was now.

All three women jumped into Ashley’s car and rushed to the Totem’s bar where they met up with the old Gypsy.

When they arrived at Totem’s both Meaghan and Ashley rushed to get out of the car while Abby seemed to be still a little dazed and forgot why she was there in the first place. But as soon as Abby saw the bar all she could think of what kind of cute guys might be inside. Just before opening the door to the hole in the wall dive she looked back to see Abby taking her sweet time and rushed over back to her and grabbed Abby by the arm to pull her in with herself and Ashley.

The bar was just as dead as they left it the other night a few people at the bar and stragglers on the sides. Candi was serving a sweet man and woman couple in the corner but Amria was no where to be found.

All three friends decided to take up the same table and stools they had from the night before and wait to see if Amria would be there or if at least the could get information from Candi.

“How ya guys doing, can I get you something?” Candi asked coming up from behind Abby.

“I’ll take a shot of Fireball!” gleefully Abby answered.

“We will not take anything!” Ashley jumped in, Abby looked like a sad puppy. “Actually maybe you can help us, we are looking for an older woman named..” she had forgot the old lady’s name “Ambe.. Amy… Ameth…”

“Amria!?” Candi finished Ashley’s sentence for her.

“Yeah her!” Ashley lit up.

“She usually doesn’t come in much.” Candi looked confused, “Why are you looking for her?”

Meaghan couldn’t take how long everything was taking. “Because that stupid witch did something to us!” she quickly pulled her hands up and covered her mouth, she could not believe how rude she was just now.

“You do not remember us, do you?” Ashley asked.

“I see a lot of customers I am sure it will come back to me.” said Candi

“Well we looked much different from the other night.” Ashley looked ashamed of herself, if they had not made fun of this nice woman, maybe they would not be in this situation.

“Oh, I see… I will call her and see if she will come down, my Auntie is really nice usually but she has a temper, let me see what I can do.” Candi walked off into the back bar area into a liquor storage cabinet and pulled out her phone as all three girls waited.

A few hours passed the group had a few drink and a lot of water to make sure they could stay as well as if Amria shows up they we in complete soberness. They did how every had a tough time keeping Abby on a leash, every time a cute guy came in the bar she did her best to try to go meet him.

Finally Amria showed up and walked straight over to the girls.

“I see you guys are back and are ready to apologize to my niece in the correct way.” Amria poked Ashley’s round belly and then squeezed Meaghan’s chubby arm, admiring her own handy work.

“Yes…” Meaghan replied looking down at the floor. Meghan followed with a nod and Abby just looked confused.

Amria understood why Abby did not comply and walked over to Candi, pointed at the three women and Candi walked over to the table again, Amria right behind her.

Both Meaghan and Ashley gave a sincere apology and apologized for Abby, since Abby was having a really hard time concentrating for more than ten seconds at a time.

“Now ladies I am ready to lift my curse. Once I blow this powder in your face it will stop what has happened to you and in four months time you may return to normal depending on how well you can control your desires.”

“Are you kidding me you old hag!” Meaghan yelled. “Turn us back to normal I can not be seen like this!”

“You insolent little pest I was ready to give you back you lives and you treat me like trash again!”

“Wait she does not speak for all of us.” Ashley chimed in.

“Huh? What?” Abby was confused.

“You women have learned nothing.” Amria reached into her bag and pulled out pouch of powder and blew it in their faces. Again she had disappeared right before their eyes.

To Be Continued

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