Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 10

All three women were now in desolation of their future, even Abby was able to grasp what had happened when Amria did her magic once more.

“Please don’t let her do this to us, I can’t get any dumber. Its… its… so hard. To think, I cant think good.” Abby cried in absolution of her situation.

Ashley took Meaghan home to drop her off, she then took Abby to her house to pick up some clothing and bring her back to her house. Tomorrow was a work day and each one needed time to think about what they were going to do and if they were going to go to work at all.

Ashley had already made a decision for Abby, and was going to have her stay at her house for the time being. She was still going to go to work but she did not think leaving Abby all alone at her own home would be a good idea.

They had figure out where the changes had come from, if Meaghan and Ashley eat it seems to make their changes more rapid, they had to find a away stay away from it. And Abby was a no brainier at this point they had to keep her from getting off.


Meaghan woke up in the morning, she did not get much sleep and decided the night before to throw out all of her junk food. She got up from her slumber and headed for the bathroom for a shower, she took off all her clothes and starred at her plump body, she felt fortunate that most of the fat she accumulated settled in her breast and ass, her belly poked out a bit and the part she was most depressed about was her face. It looked puffy and fat, the small double chin rowing between her chin and neck was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. She poked it upward to see if it was stay, then when that did not work she tried to stretch her own neck out to see if it would subside, nothing worked. She would have to live today with a more cherub face.

She peeked at the scale, scared of that fortune it may tell. Being naked made her feel that maybe the number it gives will be much lighter than what she expects.

She stepped up on the digital scale once again, this time the weight number was starting much higher.

135… 137… 139…

He heart felt heavy.

142… 145… 149…

She felt her eyes well up again, she was tired of crying.

152… 157…. 162….

She felt like a pig, a cow, nothing can be worse than this, she worked so hard to be thin.

165… 168..

“Are you kidding me?” one tear dropped on her cheek, she sniffled hard and stepped off the scale.

She then pulled herself in the shower and felt terrible about what she said to Amria, she feared how it could get much worse?

She was able to put on a pair of large sweats that hid her body the best she could, very embarrassingly to wear,  they were a pair of men’s large sized grey sweats that were left at her house years ago. They still fit tight across her chest and even more around her ass, there was nothing she could do about it, she had to go to work, being so new to her job she could not miss a day. She was so desperate for money and now loosing the weight, going to the nutrition office and going for a work out sounded like the best thing for her.

She got into her car and had to move the seat back, and her plumped up thighs now touched the steering wheel and clicked it up so that she had room to drive. She slid her seat belt around her body and let the strap lay in between her larger breasts. After grumbling she headed to work.

She arrived at her office where her job was a personal nutritionist consultant she walked through the door as all heads in the office turned on her. Many of the men and women there would of smiled or greeted her, but this morning was different it was a sea of faces she was not used to, some confused, others disgusted. She usually wore items that were a lot more sporty and in this case more professional, something collard that was slim fit to accentuate her figure with a pair of slacks, but being seeing in a pair of old sweat made her look more like a slouch than someone who was going to help someone get into shape.

The office she worked out of had lots of personal offices where they can meet with clients one-on-one and a gym attached to get the double sale of vitamin or work out nutrients while offering gym memberships.

She moved quickly to her office and waited for her appointments to get in.

Diane a slim Latino woman, Meghan’s boss, who looked like she worked out daily with her defined muscles and always carrying an energy drink came into her office.

“Hey Meghan! How are you… ” She paused, looking over Meaghan. “Are you okay?”

“I think I am a little bloated is all, I just need to get through the day and get a work out in.” crossing her arms trying to hide her body.

“Ummmm, okay… I will be honest you look like shit. Have you been snacking on stuff again, or are you depressed? What is going on?” Diane said, trying to understand what she was looking at.

Meaghan looked so bloated and fat, and her sweater really did not hide much, if anything it made her look bigger.

Meaghan took offense, but calmed down, at this point it was understandable. “I think I am just retaining a lot of water and I have been really puffy, I am sorry.”

“Well Meg, you need to get it together, you are a pretty good earner here but you are also brand new, if you do not get your look under control then i will need to let you go. We can’t profess fitness if my consultants look overweight themselves.”

Meg sunk in her chair, she had never been so humiliated since she was a kid. All of the memories of being a fat kids reached back into her brain, she remembered kids calling her fatty, piggy, cow. How she had a hard time making friends they acted as if being overweight was a disease. She always felt like people starred at her and even when they were nice to her she felt like a joke was about the be played on her. Years of her confidence was erased in seconds.

Her first appointment came in just for a quick menu development. It went smooth but other times awkward when Meaghan had to explain about unhealthy decisions, she felt her client was judging her. But she was able to lie and say that sometimes water retention when you are fit looks more magnified. She did not think her client bought the lie, but she was able to get her consult quickly.

After the consultation she had about and hour and felt she needed to get a quick work-out in before her next appointment, maybe she can look smaller if she sweats out some of her excess water.

She walked over to the gym area. It looked more intimidating than it ever did, she decided to start on an exercise bike. She stepped on the petal and pushed her body over the bike seat, it felt foreign and snug digging into her newly padded butt. If she didn’t know any better it was actually embracing her ass crack as a piece of clothing than a seat.

She began pedaling setting the bike to an easy level to get her heart rate going first.

Without Meaghan knowing Diane entered the gym and watched her.

Meagan petaled faster and faster, she felt she was doing well and upped the hardness of the bike allowing the petal to give more resistance to each petal stroke. She started sweating and even breathed hard, she had not felt this out of shape since high school and forced herself to petal harder.

Her body jiggled, her breasts swayed from side to side, any heavier and Meaghan could imagine the bike falling over. She was grateful these bikes were bolted to the floor with heavy metal screws. She could feel her belly sag slightly and jump up and down like jello, every part of her body felt like loose pudding fluctuating all over the place. Her ass took the blunt of the motion, her knees and legs moved up and down with every stroke and each ass cheek was dancing an alternative jump motion as if two basketballs collided and mirrored each other, as one went up the other came down and vice versa. Her thighs felt warm rubbing against each other, she looked down to see the flab on her thighs shake with her pedaling rhythm.

Within 10 minutes her grey sweat top and bottoms had sweat marks all the way down her chest and back and in between the crack of her ass. Her Grey top pulled up a little and her pants slipped down a little showing off her larger ass with pink thong sticking out the top like a tramp stamp tattoo.

Now Diane could see the truth that Meghan was lying as she could see her plump ass sticking out the top like marshmallow. The thin G-String surrounding her curves were pulled tight and moved with the waves of skin motioning along with her pedaling legs. Her muffin top poked out from either sides of her sweat shirt and wiggled east to west.

Meaghan pulled her sweater top down and her pants up feeling the air breeze on her skin she know parts of her were showing. As she pulled them up and sat firmly back on the seat she felt a small breeze still on her butt crack.


She stopped biking immediately.

Diane could see Meaghan’s full butt crack, the grey sweat bottoms had given out along the seam and a eight inch slit hole ripped down the middle.

Meaghan immediately got off the bike and waddled toward her office, hoping there was something she could put on and save her from this embarrassment. She saw Diane and locked eye contact. Diane made a “B” line straight to Meaghan.

“You need to leave now.” Diane whispered to Meaghan sternly. Meaghan was about to argue back but Diane interrupted her, “And please do not come back until you look like a professional consultant again.”

Meghan was still sick of it but her feelings were now scared her eyes got red again, she felt like that picked on little girl from years ago. She put one hand to cover her ass and briskly walked out of the office, got into her car, and drove straight home.

On the way Meaghan did not care, there is nothing more that Amria could do to her anymore. Meaghan was broken all she wanted to do was now let what was going to happen, happen. On her way home she called a local pizza place near her home and ordered 2 large pizzas with the works, along with a 2 liter bottle of soda.

When she got home she was depressed and liberated at the same time.

“Fuck you Amria!” she yelled to herself in her home, she tossed the grey sweats off and threw them in her dirty clothes pile in the closet and put on a pair of loose yoga pants, now a little snug, and a tank top.

Both pieces of clothing pulled into her skin and gave her a very voluptuous hour glass figure the tank top tightened across her breast and across her belly, but sucked in her stomach. She looked into a full sized mirror.

I still look sexy, she thought to herself.

She turned to admire from the waist down her ass was round and plump, two perfect spheres stuffed into her yoga pants with not much dimpling or cellulite. A full 3 inches from her waist and rotunded out and connect back in just above her hamstring muscle that started out thick on top and slowly smoothed down to the knees and then bowed out again at the calf attached to her ankles and still cute pretty feet.

She slipped her feet into a pair of pink fuzzy slippers, brushed out her hair, and waited for the pizza man to arrive.

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