Worst Fear of the Gypsy: Chapter 11

< Ding Dong >

Meaghan opened the door to see the pizza delivery man awaiting her arrival with 2 large pizzas stack on top of each other above his shoulder in his hand perfectly balanced. He was a taller white man with blue eyes and brown hair, he smiled at Meaghan.

“That will be twenty-two fifty miss.”

She smiled back, she knew that smile, it was a smile that has always been familiar to her. She thought he was cute, maybe a little younger than she wanted but very handsome in a boyish kind of way.

She handed him thirty dollars cash, “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” he turned around and walked away.

“When you get off work you a more than welcome to stop by here again.” she yelled at him.

He stopped and turned around, “I might just do that.” as he turned back and walked to his car.

She felt better about everything, she was not going to let that terrible Gypsy ruin her day anymore and having this guy smile at her like he wanted her was enough to give her inner strength.

She put the pizza on the coffee table, grabbed a plate with napkins in the kitchen, and lounged sideways on the couch with her back and elbow resting on the sofa arm. Her breast slid to the side as gravity took over and her belly squished out more along the same lines. Her belly stuck out a little on the bottom of her tight tank top as she pulled it down to cover soft pale flesh, she giggled to herself in her new motivation not to care.

She made herself a three slice plate, it oozed with everything on it vegetables, meats, and even cashews. She bit into a slice using her teeth not allowing the grease to touch her plump lips, pulling back the slice and chewed slowly allowing her taste buds to swarm into pleasure. She relished each bite, and every taste feeling overwhelmed by the baked crust and soft cheese. She ate at her regular pace being absorbed into her lust of each bite, each chew.

She shifted her body, feeling constrained by her clothing. She looked down at her form to see if her expansion was happening again.

This time she was not surprised, in fact she no longer cared about her body image, she was free to do as she pleased. No longer constrained by a healthy lifestyle, her job had run her out of the office, and she felt happy that Amria could no longer threaten her anymore. She would be happy with her new body form, as long as she could still move she could be herself.

Her yoga pant stretched around her pelvis area as her butt developed into two sphere pillows pushing her away from the back of the couch and spread out at the hips. Her curves exaggerated into more of an hour glass plumping around the ass and flowing down to her thighs, her bottom fabrics thinning as her thighs and waist distend inch by inch.

Her hips took on a new widening of their own and became the most pronounced part of the growth the inches piled on both sides distending away from her waist and rounding out smoothly like a curve of a sports car. Increasing in size they bowed out into a luscious Greek goddess form.

Her thighs thickened and her inner thighs pressed against each other building a small fold in between her bikini line. the leg calves lost the hardened curve and settled into a bow like shape that met at the ankle. She scissored her legs slightly away from each other allowing the new girth settle in a more comfortable position.

She took another bite of pizza in delight, every bite in anger against Amria’s controlling curse and allowing Meaghan to embrace her predicament with pride in stead of fear. She swallowed as she reached for another bite, time time a larger one, chewing then swallowing.

Her mind broke from being scared, “Fuck Amria, that bitch gypsy. Who cares if i get fat.”

Again another bite, “I still look good and sexy unlike her old ragety face.”

Another swallow, and another bite, “I hated my job anyways I have a college degree I can find another job anywhere.”

She thought about her boy friend, how will he react when he sees her now?… “Fuck Chad too, he is still married and I am done with him!” she yelled to herself in confidence. “That asshole ran out as soon as i was in trouble!”

She finished a piece and threw the crust onto the empty side of the pizza box, she hated the end crust. Grabbing another piece this time she bit ripped into this one with her teeth savagely as if in anger. She chewed violently thinking of how stupid her life was always worrying about her weight.

Her arms moved away from her body slightly as her breasts poured outward like a mushroom growth in quick time video they ballooned outwards pushing her arms away from her body. Her breast flesh was super soft and fell into a tear drop shape her nipples hardened as the tank top fabric rubbed them into erection. Her nipples enlarge with the swelling flesh pointing towards the ceiling, even her areaola pressed out from diffuse puffing out and spreading more outward. Her tank top stretch and pinned her bust into a more molten shape, the soft tissue was bending into the tank top mold the middle of her shirt had fatty flesh pinning to each other and pouring out squishing against each other like molding into an extra set of breasts. Her breast then increase and spread more poking out the sides of her tank top as globular skin pressed out each open arm hole.

Feeling uncomfortable she folded her arms around them pressing them down to yield, but the flesh was too much and the plush mounds were able to push her forearms back one more inch before slowing. She pressed her tits up towards her face and nuzzled her cheeks across on boob.

“They are so soft, and they are mine.” she smiled using her own chest as a pillow.

A gurgle rumbled in her belly she bent over using her arms to push down her huge breast to see what was going on below. Her belly bloated out more only to stop and extra inch.

“At least my belly didn’t get bigger.” she smiled.

The growing inflation of extra fat stopped she felt normal again her body strained a little more that usual from the extra weight but still very mobile and active feeling. She devoured more of the pizza until she was stuffed, liberated.

After she had her filling of pizza she moved down the length of the couch and turned on her back putting a throw pillow to the back of her head. Her breast flopped up to her face quickly lightly punching her in the nose.

“Ummpphh, that was unexpected.” not used to having such massive breasts that could reach her chin. She propped her self up a little more allowing gravity to pull down on her tits away from her chin.

She patted her belly thanking to herself that it did not give her a pregnant look or that is was too big and flabby, it was spherical but not enough to sway or look like mush. Just a slight round globe that was just another curve on her beautiful big body. She reached down further and put her hands down her pants to feel her puffy smooth ass seeing if there was dimpling but to her excitement it felt soft but round tight she did not feel any unsightly cottage cheese or uneven lumps just two round puffy spheres that she laid upon. She brought her hands up giving her hand senses the best for last sliding under her cantaloupe size mammaries. She cupped her round orbs and played massaged them feeling the soft texture of her skin and feeling her over sensitive nipple giving them a pinch.

“eeeepppp.” a high pitch cry came out of her plump mouth and lips.

My fantasy Meaghan model

My fantasy Meaghan model

She removed her hands from underneath her shirt allowing her tank top to mold the fattened flesh into a distorted form that the tank top supplied.

She needed to go shopping for new clothes.

She was falling into a food coma, closing her eyes and resting her hands on her breasts thinking of what new dreams may come.

She passed out, falling asleep into relief.

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